5 Potentially Dramatic Bachelorette Party Situations—and How to Handle Them

Because there's always that one bridesmaid who accidentally gets separated from the group in a foreign country.
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When you have an amazing destination bachelorette party weekend planned with your best friends, nothing could go wrong, right? Well, we hope not. But when you have a large group of friends coexisting in a hotel suite for the weekend—and some may not know each other and have very different personalities and budgets—a few drama-filled situations could arise. Here's how to handle each.

1. Alcohol-fueled tears are imminent.

The situation: Real talk—we've all been here. Whether a stranger was rude at a bar, or some of the bridesmaids had a fight, or the bride's having last-minute jitters, drunk tears are inevitable in certain bachelorette party situations.

The fix: If everyone is safe and it's a nonthreatening situation that law enforcement doesn't need to handle, make sure the bride is happy and okay. Whether that means calling it a night and going home, getting pizza or switching bars, this is the weekend to celebrate her and do what she wants to do. You may have to make a game-time decision in stressful moments, but hopefully she'll thank you for it the next day.

2. Someone can't afford to participate in an activity.

The situation: Some of the bachelorette party guests decided where the group is going to dinner that night—and it's waaaay more than one guest was expecting to spend.

The fix: Talking about what you can afford—especially with girls you've never met—can definitely be a sticky situation, but it's best to be straightforward in these instances. If it looks like you're going out to a restaurant or club that's out of your budget, you have a few options: Eat dinner beforehand and just have a drink at dinner; eat dinner but just pay for your share in cash (so make sure to bring enough cash!); or speak with the bride privately and have an honest conversation about how you'd feel more comfortable skipping dinner, then meet up with the group after. (Chances are, someone could offer to pay for you, but it's up to you to take them up on it, based on how comfortable you are with the situation.)

3. Someone gets separated from the group and gets lost.

The situation: If your bachelorette party has a large group, there's a chance that separation could happen at any moment, whether you're at a beach, bar or out sightseeing.

The fix: Make a contingency plan before you leave for the day, and designate a meeting spot if anyone gets lost (this especially goes for bachelorette parties in unfamiliar destinations outside the US) and give out a list of everyone's cell number and the number for a car service. If you all have Wi-Fi and a charged phone, you should be okay if you lose someone, but tell everyone to use the buddy system. If they plan to wander off, they should make sure they're with someone who has cell service.

4. Someone's taking forever to get ready.

The situation: You may deeply adore the guest in question, but you know that if she needs to wash her hair before you go out for the night, you'll show at the bar about three hours after you wanted to. Same goes for anyone who takes an hour to put their makeup on or is just generally late for everything.

The fix: Getting a large group around town—and on time, at that—can definitely be a challenge. But if you know that some people require extra time getting ready before hitting the town, announce at the beginning of the day that the group is departing at a certain time, so if they need to leave the beach a little early and start their hair and makeup, then that's what needs to happen. (Especially if 10 girls are sharing two bathrooms.)

5. The person in charge of the bachelorette party is a little... much.

The situation: You've met the bride's best friend from college once or twice and she seemed nice. But when you get the initial email for the bachelorette party planning from her, a lot is being asked of you. Now you're suddenly in charge of T-shirts, each excursion you're going on is above your budget and you're being asked to Venmo $300 for the hotel within two weeks.

The fix: When someone's in charge of planning the bachelorette party, they're often getting in contact with a ton of girls at once, some whom they've never even met. We know that's a big undertaking, but sometimes that person can assume everyone (and their bank accounts) are raring and ready to plan the bachelorette party. It's completely fine to email them back and say you're really busy with work right now and offer to do something that fits your time or schedule better, or say that the earliest you can pay for what's being asked of you is a month or two from now.

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