Bachelorette Party Game Guide

While the bridal shower is usually the more traditional time to play organized games, there's no reason you can't do it at the bachelorette party too. The key to pulling off a few fun, organized games at the bachelorette party is to keep them short, make the rules easy to follow and ensure any game you choose can be played with a glass of champagne in hand! Find inspiration below.
by Rachel Torgerson
Bride-to-be playing lingerie game at bachelorette party
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The Game: Bachelorette Categories

The Gist: It's a play off of the game Kings, except with wedding- or bachelorette-related topics.
What to Prep: Come up with several (5 to 10) wedding or bachelorette-related categories and write them down on separate note cards. Make them as easy or difficult as you want. Your topics could be anything from wedding dress designers to types of flowers and famous wedding movies. If you want to go more R-rated, add a few (ahem) sexy categories.
How to Play: Everyone takes turns choosing a card and then they have 10 seconds to name an item in that category. If the player can't think of one item for that category, they're out and they have to drink!

The Game: Finish His Sentence

The Gist: It's like The Newlywed Game, but without the groom there.
What to Prep: Ask the bride's fiancé to write down some things about her, with your help. For example, "I love when I come home and [bride's name] is ______." or "My favorite thing to do with [bride's name] is ______ because ______." See where we're going with this? Once you have all of the sentences, write or print out the standard parts on cardstock. Make enough extra cards for each guest to fill in how they think the groom would complete the sentence. If you want to make the game into more of a game show, buy a couple whiteboards and dry-erase markers and have everyone write down their answers at the same time.
How to Play: Read each of the groom's sentences aloud, emphasizing the blank. Then have all players write down their fill-in-the-blank answers and take turns reading them out loud to the group. Keep a score of the guests who get the answers the closest to the truth.

The Game: Lingerie Guessing Game

The Gist: Everyone brings a piece of lingerie they feel describes their personality to gift to the bride, then the bride guesses who gave each present.
What to Prep: Let each guest know ahead of time to bring a bra, panties, a teddy -- whatever! -- to the party as a gift. Distract the bride while you hang each one around the room.
How to Play: Once all the items are on display, have the bride walk around surveying each piece and write down who she thinks brought it. See how many she can get right! Have her take a drink for each one she gets incorrect.

The Game: Never Have I Ever

The Gist: Each player takes a turn completing the phrase "Never have I ever…" with a true statement. The rest of the group has to take a drink if the statement isn't true for them.
What to Prep: Nothing!
How to Play: Take turns coming up with deeds you've never done. With this game, the more scandalous, the better! For example, "Never have I ever had sex at the zoo!" If anyone actually has, they take a revealing drink. If only one person drinks, the rule is she has to reveal all the details. Obviously if it's an all-ages party, tame the tone a little so no one feels embarrassed.

The Game: A Sexy Treasure Hunt

The Gist: A saucy take on the traditional scavenger hunt.
What to Prep: Hide sexy items, like fuzzy handcuffs, body paint and lacy panties throughout the house, backyard or wherever you're throwing the party.
How to Play: Divide guests into teams and give them a list of items to find. The team that finds the most items wins. Up the challenge (and fun) and gives guests clues instead of item names, such as "something adventurous for the bedroom."

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