20 Engagement Party Guest Book Ideas and Alternatives For Your Special Celebration

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Engagement party guest book ideas including deck of cards and hanging tags
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Updated Jan 22, 2024
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If you're in the process of planning an engagement party, an engagement party guest book should be present on your engagement party planning checklist. The great thing about engagement party guest books is that they often are made to match various engagement party themes so you won't have to worry about not finding the perfect one for your event. And, many of them can be personalized which can be a bonus if you're someone who tends to be very particular when it comes to design or having party decorations match.

If you want an engagement party guest book at your event, you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of engagement party guest book ideas and alternatives that you can review to narrow down the one that best fits your event.

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Do You Have a Guest Book at an Engagement Party?

Although you do not have to have a guest book at an engagement party, we recommend having one as it can be a great way to keep track of who attended your party so you can send them a thank you note afterward. Plus, it can serve as a physical memento from your special day which you can keep in your home and refer back to when in need of some smiles and words of encouragement from friends and family members.

Engagement Party Guest Books

From those decorated with butterflies to those with large and eye-catching letters, read on for some engagement party guest books that you can purchase ahead of your special day.

The Knot Shop Elegant Engagement Party Guest Book

The Knot Shop Elegant Engagement Party Guest Book
Photo: The Knot Shop

This elegant guest book contains a matte laminated casebound cover on which various serif fonts can customize the to-be-weds' names and party date. There are eight different cover color options and the book contains 50 blank sheets along with a grosgrain ribbon that can be used as a bookmark.

  • What Couples Love: Customizable and nine color options to choose from
  • Customizable: Yes (cover color, names, date and text)

Wooden Engraved Shop Rustic Engagement Party Guest Book

Wooden Engraved Shop Rustic Engagement Party Guest Book
Photo: Wooden Engraved Shop

If a rustic engagement party book is what you seek, we love this handmade wooden option on which you can have the to-be-weds' names engraved on the front along with the date of their celebration. There are premade 21 cover layouts to choose from if you don't want to request your own. You can select ivory or white paper in sizes 8.5 x 12 inches or 6 x 8.5 inches depending on your preferences. And, you can opt to have anywhere from 10 to 50 sheets placed inside the book–the choice is yours

  • What Couples Love: Good customer service and fast shipping
  • Customizable: Yes (size and quantity of sheets and paper color in addition to names and date)

Rifle Paper Co. Embroidered Engagement Party Guest Book

Rifle Paper Co. Embroidered Floral Engagement Party Guest Book
Photo: Rifle Paper Co.

This guest book features stunning floral embroidery on its front hardcover. Since it contains both lined and unlined pages, guests can leave you a special message or drawing. Since the book comes with so many pages (144), you can utilize its bookmark to keep track of where the last guest signed or make note of an entry you want to refer to later.

  • What Couples Love: 144 pages and comes with a bookmark
  • Customizable: No

Kid Goo Goo Sand & Ivory Modern Minimal Engagement Party Guest Book

Sand & Ivory Modern Minimal Engagement Party Guest Book
Photo: Zazzle

Keep track of who came out to celebrate your engagement in this modern and minimal engagement party guest book. Its cover can be personalized by selecting one of the six available color options. And, the names of the guests of honor can be edited along with any additional phrases that may be desired such as "our engagement party" or the like.

  • What Couples Love: Beautiful packaging and sharp print quality
  • Customizable: Yes (cover color, names and additional text)

Mixbook Glittered Guest Book

Glittered guest book
Photo: Mixbook

If you want a guest book for your engagement party that is shining, shimmering and splendid, you'll love this glittered one from Mixbook. It is a fully customizable piece from the book type to the finish of each page (you can purchase up to 399 pages from the included 19). And, its front cover contains a glitter design that'll instantly catch your eye–and those of your guests.

  • What Couples Love: Can be entirely personalized and quick ship time
  • Customizable: Yes (fully customizable–book type, size, paper finish and cover finish)

Papier Small Framed Photo Engagement Party Guest Book

Papier Small Framed Photo Engagement Party Guest Book
Photo: Papier

Calling all visual couples: add a small framed photo or QR code to the front cover (or back cover or both) of this guest book. Don't forget to personalize it with your name and date or a quote that means something special to both of you.

  • What Couples Love: An image or QR code can be added
  • Customizable: Yes (image and text on the cover and back cover)

Palm Tree Tropical Guest Book

Palm Tree Tropical Guest Book
Photo: Zazzle

A guest book with palm trees on the cover is a suitable option for those couples who like to keep things relaxed. It is spiral-bound and can even be selected in the shape of a heart for an extra romantic touch.

  • What Couples Love: Very sturdy cover and spiraling
  • Customizable: Yes (names, shapes and dates)

The Knot Shop Cinematic Guest Book

The Knot Shop Disco Love Guest Book
Photo: The Knot Shop

Your guests will feel like superstars after signing your cinematic guest book. You can personalize the front and back of your book to ensure it is picture-perfect ahead of your engagement celebration.

  • What Couples Love: Eight available color options and comes with a ribbon.
  • Customizable: Yes (color, text and font)

The Knot Shop Disco Love Guest Book

The Knot Shop Disco Love Guest Book
Photo: The Knot Shop

For a groovy guest book, consider this Disco Love one from our very own shop. We like its large, bold lettering and vibrant colors–we think your guests will, too.

  • What Couples Love: Vibrant colors and casebound cover
  • Customizable: Yes (color, size and font)

Papier Butterflies Guest Book

Papier Butterflies Guest Book
Photo: Papier

Butterfly lovers will appreciate this guest book covered with butterflies. Although we like its simple butterfly design, you can add an image or QR code to its front or back cover (or both) if you'd like.

  • What Couples Love: Eye-catching design and ribbon marker
  • Customizable: Yes (text and image)

Papier Peace Poppies Engagement Guest Book

Papier Peace Poppies Engagement Guest Book
Photo: Papier

Complete your engagement party with this traditional guest book. Its cover contains images of poppies in addition to the names of you and your partner and the date.

  • What Couples Love: Simple design and minimalist text
  • Customizable: Yes (text and images/QR code)

Engagement Party Guest Book Alternatives

If you'd still like to keep track of who attends your party but do so in a different way, here are some engagement party guest book alternatives.

Susabellas Signature Guest Book Platter

Susabellas Signature Guest Book Platter
Photo: Susabellas

If you and your partner love platters, look no further than this handmade ceramic one that contains enough room for your guests to sign. After you've collected your signatures, all you have to do is pop the piece in the oven for 30 minutes at 300 degrees and you'll be all set to place your snacks, decor or whatever you wish on top.

  • What Couples Love: Can add a gift box and it comes carefully packaged
  • Customizable: Yes (personalized monogram)

Yetelegant Custom Playing Cards Alternative Engagement Party Guest Book

Yetelegant Custom Playing Cards Alternative Engagement Party Guest Book
Photo: Yetelegant

Ask your guests to leave you and your partner a special message on one of these personalized playing cards. Three card designs can be selected from in addition to several box styles that will create your custom deck. Make sure to send the shop owner your favorite photo together to be printed on each card–you'll be glad you did.

  • What Couples Love: They have the same feel as real playing cards and come in a beautiful box
  • Customizable: Yes (card style, box type and lead image)

SignatureMats Signature Mat Kit With Frame

SignatureMats Signature Mat Kit With Frame
Photo: Signature Mats

Have your guests sign a signature mat (in your choice of color) wrapped around your favorite engagement photo. It even comes with a frame so you can display the love of those who joined you in celebrating your engagement as soon as you return home from your celebration.

  • What Couples Love: Good customer service and nice packaging
  • Customizable: Yes (mat color, text, photo size and orientation)

Memento Video Guest Book

Memento Video Guest Book
Photo: Memento

If you want to keep a digital record of those who came out to celebrate your engagement, opt for a video guest book. You can create a group video or shared album for your special day and send the link to your attendees to record their portion before your gathering. We'd recommend setting the video due date to a couple of days before your party, so you or the organizer can arrange them and have the entire compilation ready for everyone to watch together.

  • What Couples Love: Can edit the video at any time and it doesn't take long for participants to record their portions.
  • Customizable: Yes (different customizations available with plus, premium and platinum packages).

MantaMakesLTD Puzzle Guest Book

MantaMakesLTD Puzzle Guest Book
Photo: Manta Makes Ltd

If you're a couple of jigsaw puzzle fans, this wooden puzzle guest book is a great option. You can customize the centerpiece with your soon-to-be surname and the date of your engagement. Plus, the puzzle can be framed which is a bonus.

  • What Couples Love: Puzzle can be framed and fast shipping
  • Customizable: Yes (puzzle size, font, name and date)

MeganHStudio Donut Signature Poster

Donut Signature Poster Unique Guest Book Idea
Photo: Megan H Studio

If a sweet guest engagement party guest book alternative is what you seek, it's hard to go wrong with this donut signature poster. This poster features a donut that you can customize according to your sprinkle color preferences. With that said, you can invite your guests to pick a sprinkle next to which they can sign their names.

  • What Couples Love: High-quality card stock and many font colors to choose from
  • Customizable: Yes (font style, size and sprinkle colors)

Waveest Rustic Wooden Heart Guest Book

Waveest Rustic Wooden Heart Guest Book
Photo: Amazon

An engagement party guest book alternative can't get much more rustic than this one made with a bunch of wooden hearts. With 67 heart-shaped pieces included, it's unlikely that you'll run out before everyone at a small party has the opportunity to sign.

  • What Couples Love: A photo can be added and perfect for smaller parties.
  • Customizable: No (but you can add your photo)

LifeOnRecord Audio Guest Book

Vintage telephone recorded guest book
Photo: LifeOnRecord

Invite your guests to ring you (literally) when they arrive using this LifeOnRecord audio guest book service. If some friends and family couldn't make it and still want to send over their well wishes, they can do so from wherever they are with the click of a couple of buttons.

  • What Couples Love: Ease of recording and ability to do so from far away
  • Customizable: Yes (recording options, download options and record management options)

HoorayDays Wooden Peg and String and Tag Frame Alternative Guest Book

Wooden Peg and String and Tag Frame Alternative Guest Book
Photo: hooray days

Allow your guests to hang up their well wishes (which they write on tags) with pegs across various strings. Not only will this idea be engaging for your guests, but it will be visually stimulating when you look back at them.

  • What Couples Love: Affordable and can hang the frame on a wall
  • Customizable: No
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