Video Guest Books: What You Need to Know & Where to Buy

Here's our intel on this hot guest book alternative, including five companies leading the trend.
Taylor Carson - The Knot Contributor.
Taylor Carson
Taylor Carson - The Knot Contributor.
Taylor Carson
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Dec 19, 2023
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Are you looking for a modern wedding guest book alternative for your reception? Look no further than the video guest book. In the age of streaming and social media, video is everywhere. So it's no wonder this accessible format for communication is now entering the wedding guest book industry. Below, learn all there is to know about this trendy option, including what it is, how it works, how much it costs and where to buy one online.

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What Is a Video Guest Book?

A video guest book is an alternative to a traditional wedding guest book. It is a compilation of video messages guests record during your wedding day. These messages may be heartfelt, funny or entertaining (perhaps all three!).

While video guest books aren't mainstream just yet, in the digital age, they very likely will only grow in popularity in the near future. If you're looking for something different than a physical memento for your guests to write on, this option is a step above the norm as well as audio guest books.

How Does a Video Guest Book Work?

Today, video guest books work in one of two ways: via guests' phones or via a video kiosk. Vendors offering either option can be found, so it depends on your budget and preference.

The option in which guests record themselves via their phones typically entails the marrying couple displaying a QR code or a link at their wedding. Then, guests access this code or link, which will bring them to a webpage to record a video of themselves that is immediately sent to the couple's video library. (This option is great because those who can't make your wedding can also participate.) After the big day, the couple or the vendor can compile all the footage into one larger video—the video guest book.

Video kiosk rentals are also available from select companies. In this case, the company sends the equipment to the soonlyweds a few days prior to their event. This equipment can be set up easily by a family member or an event planner at your wedding. Throughout the day or night, your guests can have fun recording themselves at the kiosk. Afterward, the vendor may professionally edit the footage for you, creating a video guest book that features all (or the best) clips from the night.

How Much Does a Video Guest Book Cost?

The cost of a video guest book ranges from affordable to a bit pricey, and it really depends on which video guest book method you choose. Virtual video guest books (those that use links or QR codes) can be extremely cost effective because you are not actually renting any equipment. On the other hand, rentals that include a video kiosk are going to come in at a higher price point, ranging from a few hundred dollars to $1,000-plus.

Where to Buy Video Guest Books Online

While video guest books are still up and coming, five companies are paving the path forward with their offerings. Learn more about each—including pricing details—below.

Memento + Group Video

Memento is a company that "makes it easy to request and combine video messages to create a group video for someone special." You can utilize the company to create a video guest book by requesting, collecting and then organizing video clips from wedding guests.

What Couples Love:

  • Easily share a link through which your wedding guests can record a video message.
  • Clips can be recorded on a smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet.
  • With a low-priced Platinum subscription, you can remove advertising and download your finished video. Video Guestbook

With the video guestbook from, couples are provided with a QR code to display during their special day. Then, guests can scan the code at any time throughout the event and record a video message for the newlyweds straight from their phones.

What Couples Love:

  • makes it very easy to create your QR code, and they offer professional designs to help you create a QR poster for your event.
  • You can view, edit and download videos instantly.
  • The package includes unlimited guest submissions.

Voast The Video Kiosk

Voast ("video toast") offers customers, including soonlyweds, video kiosk rentals delivered straight to your door two days before your event. Personal event packages also include hassle-free setup, shipping both ways, up to six story prompts to get your guests talking, a "story" video edit by Voast's team of professionals and all raw video clips.

What Couples Love:

  • A "Virtual Voast" add-on is available so guests who can't make your big day can still participate.
  • The included "story" edit will result in a two- to four-minute finished product that features some of the best moments shared by your guests.
  • For even more customization, you can upgrade to the "pro" edit, which includes direct communication with a senior editor, custom editing requests, custom branding and soundtracks.

Virtual Video Guestbook

Virtual Video Guestbook is an affordable, easy-to-use video guest book option. You simply set up your personalized video guestbook, obtain your unique link and then share the link with your friends and family before your big day. After your event is over, you'll be able to access every video file in a private gallery and pick which to include in a compilation video.

What Couples Love:

  • You have the ability to share your compilation video—or individual clips—via a link, email or social media.
  • Friends and family members who can't attend your special day can still participate and send their well wishes.
  • The price includes up to 2,000 videos, 12 months of hosting, and customer support.

SpeechBooth Wedding Package

SpeechBooth sends a rental kit to you two to three days prior to your wedding so you can set up an interactive video guest book station at the event. The wedding package also provides you with all raw footage, a one- to two-minute highlight reel and a professionally edited video compilation set to music.

What Couples Love:

  • The rental kit arrives in a 10-pound "briefcase" carry box, making it easy to transport, and the equipment can be set up in five minutes or less.
  • Your professionally edited video will arrive within 30 days.
  • Guests can self-serve at the station, no attendant required.
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