Wedding Ceremony: How Can Our Friend Get Ordained For Our Wedding?


How can we get our friend ordained so he can officiate?


We love the idea of having a friend officiate your wedding -- it's both budget friendly and personal. It's important to know that rules vary from state-to-state, so check if an online ordination is considered a legal way to become a minister. If so, your friend will want to get ordained online or at the local county clerk's office, which is often a quick and simple process. Check with the local office for details on specific requirements, such as filing the marriage license, the ages of consent and if they need to take a blood test. Also, some states require the wedding officiant to file additional paperwork before the county clerk will allow them to apply for a marriage license. Finally, on the wedding day, the officiant's time to shine will be when he conducts the ceremony (according to the couple's wishes), signs the marriage license and returns it to the office of issuance.

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