Inside NFL Player Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch's Viral Love Story

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Updated Oct 05, 2023

If you've been on TikTok in the last three years, you're probably familiar with Isaac Rochell and his wife Allison Kuch. The NFL defensive end, who currently plays for the Las Vegas Raiders, and his wife, an interior designer and content creator, have become one of the platform's most beloved couples thanks to their endearing love story and their fun sense of humor. The duo became household names amid the rise in popularity of Allison's videos documenting what life is actually like for NFL families. In fact, she made such a name for herself that people now often refer to Isaac as "Mr. Kuch" or "Allison's husband" (two monikers he proudly embraces).

Amid the exciting news that they're expecting their first child later this year, fans can't enough of the Rochell-Kuch love story—and neither can we. We break down Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch's romance, including their adorable college meet-cute, details from their secret elopement and destination wedding, and their growing family.

  • Isaac Rochell's wife is Allison Kuch, an interior designer and content creator.
  • Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell met in 2014 at a college party. They dated long-distance for five years while he began his career in the NFL.
  • Isaac Rochell proposed to Allison Kuch in July 2020. After eloping in December 2020, they hosted a second destination wedding in Mexico on April 11, 2021.
  • In 2023, Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell announced that they were expecting their first child, a baby girl due in December.

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Who is Isaac Rochell's Wife, Allison Kuch?

If you're familiar with Isaac Rochell, you probably know his wife, Allison Kuch. The NFL player's wife—whose full name is Allison Kucharczyk—has been in his life for a decade. Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch met at a college party in 2014, while he was attending the University of Notre Dame and she was studying at Michigan State University. After a romantic first date at Starbucks, they embarked on a long-distance relationship for four years.

Though Isaac is known for his career in the NFL, Allison has an equally impressive resume. After graduating with her art degree in 2018, she began her career as an apprentice in Los Angeles. She went on to launch her own interior design company, Vesta Home, and has pursued a variety of creative endeavors, from graphic design to photography.

She's also a successful content creator, as evidenced by her three million followers on TikTok. Her account rose to viral fame as she began posting candid videos documenting life as the wife of an NFL player. She's become such a beloved figure that many have jokingly started referring to her husband as "Mr. Allison Kuch" and "Allison's Husband." When asked about the nicknames on the Making Moves Podcast, Isaac said, "I really am super proud of her, so I don't care. My teammates are like, 'How do you feel about the Mr. Kuch thing?' I'm like, boy, I'm not going to be playing football forever. I would rather my wife be super well-known. When this is all over, that's going to last a lot longer."

Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch's Relationship Timeline

2014: Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch Meet at a College Party

We can trace Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch's relationship back to 2014 when they met at a college party. Allison opened up about their first encounter on the Fun on Weekdays podcast. "I ended up taking a train from Michigan State to Notre Dame to visit my sister because I was like, I need my security blanket," she recalled. "I was at a Notre Dame party and a guy came up to me and started talking to me, and I was like, let's take a shot. And at that time, Isaac didn't drink. Then, we got to talking and literally our first conversation was about love."

Not long after, the couple went on their first date… to Starbucks! "We were there for four hours," Isaac shared on the Making Moves Podcast. "And then we started dating two weeks later. And ten years later, here we are."

2017: Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch Date Long Distance

The couple went on to date long distance as Allison finished her degree while Isaac was drafted to the Los Angeles Chargers in 2017. (He would go on to play for the Indianapolis Colts, the Cleveland Browns, and the Las Vegas Raiders, where he currently is.) On the podcast, they revealed that they took a short break due to the stress of living so far apart. "We had literally started dating when we were 19," Allison remembered. "You change so much from 19 to now, I'm 28. Taking a break set us up for success because we didn't talk the entire time. So we broke up, but we had a trip to Bali planned." Isaac added, "We went to Bali as a broken-up couple."

Though they didn't reunite by the end of the trip, Allison landed a job in LA, where Isaac was playing. Not long after, they started dating once again—and the rest is truly history.

July 2020: Isaac Rochell Proposes to Allison Kuch

Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell got engaged on July 26, 2020, and the entire experience was documented on their YouTube channel. The sweet moment occurred while the two were taping a podcast episode for the Chargers. "She's given me laughs, fun and she's given me time," Isaac said during the recording. "Allie always takes the time to really care about me, she cares. And so, Allie, I want to know, are you free the rest of your life?"

Allison, of course, said yes, and shared her own touching tribute on Instagram: "I could say I'm surprised he proposed but that would be a lie. To be honest, I've known I was going to marry Isaac since the day I met him, 5 and a half years ago at Notre Dame."

She continued, "The past 5 years have been the most amazing years of my life...I can only imagine what the next 5, 10, 15, ect. have in store. I love you so much isaac - I could keep talking but I think I'll save the rest for the vows ;)."

December 2020: Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell Elope

Unbeknownst to the public, Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell eloped on a beach in December 2020—a secret that was revealed in a TikTok video shared on their *actual* first anniversary. "Secrets out #elopement," she captioned the fun surprise.

April 2021: Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch Get Married in Mexico

Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch's wedding took place on April 11, 2021, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The bride called the dreamy destination wedding the "best day of my life"—and we have all the details on their modern nuptials below.

June 2023: Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch Announce They're Expecting

Just over two years into married life, Isaac Rochell and his wife Allison announced that they were expecting their first child. The parents-to-be shared the happy news on June 11, 2023, posting a TikTok video documenting their reactions to seeing the positive pregnancy test. They also posted a photo with their sonogram on Instagram, writing, "baby coming december👼🏽🤍."

Inside Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch's Wedding Day

It's hard not to swoon over Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch's wedding day. The destination celebration took place on April 11, 2023, at Acre Resort in San Jose del Cabo. The event, which was planned by Fawn Events, included 60 of the couple's closest loved ones.

Given Allison's career in interior design, it's no surprise the aesthetic was perfectly executed. The couple leaned into their tropical venue by decorating with airy florals, dried palms and pampas grass, rattan accents, and a neutral color palette. The bride wore a beaded lace fit-and-flare gown by Essence of Australia and kept her hair natural in a flowy half-up, half-down 'do. The groom opted for a thematic beige linen suit. The wedding was officiated by the couple's close friend, and the couple recited personalized vows to each other.

String lights and tapered candles decorated the earthy outdoor reception space, where the couple enjoyed their first dance before cutting into a tiered white cake.

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