Match Your Bridesmaid's Dress To Your Wedding Gown

Match Your Bridesmaid's Dress To Your Wedding Gown. Not only do your bridesmaids need to coordinate with each other, you need to make sure their dresses also work with your gown.
  1. Lovely Lace

    Matching a bridesmaid dress to a lace gown can get a little tricky because of the fabric’s unique texture. You have a couple of options: Either look for a lace bridesmaid dress (it can be made entirely of lace or just have some lace accents) or go for one with embroidery or crocheting, which will mimic the appearance of lace.

    From left: Alvina Valenta, $290,; $1,800,; Quillaree, $380 (with belt not shown),; $275 (with belt not shown),

  2. Romantic Chiffon

    If you’re wearing a chiffon gown that’s as light as a whisper, you won’t want your bridesmaids weighed down in something heavy. Keep the look and feel of their dresses equally airy.

    From left: $250,; $1,200,; Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids, $350,; $195,

  3. Classic Satin

    This material gives off a lovely luster and a more formal feel. If you’re wearing it, your bridesmaid dresses should also look polished. Choose one with a subtle sheen (think: silk, charmeuse or taffeta). Here, the pleated accents throughout help pull it all together.

    From left: $130,; $965,; Pretty Maids, $160,; $228,

    Photography by Devon Jarvis