Q&A: Guest Attire: Can Guests Wear Black or White?

Q: Our reception will be a formal party at an urban photography gallery instead of a traditional reception. My dress is going to be a light gold, with maids and groomsmen in black with light gold accents. Is it okay to ask the guests to dress in black and white only, for a "black and white" party?

A: It's more than okay -- it's a chic and unique idea that your guests will get excited about. A sea of black and white (highlighted with your touches of gold) will look graphic and gorgeous both in person and in the resulting photographs. You're not asking much of your guests, since the men will be wearing tuxedos anyway and black and white are two colors most women already have plenty of in their wardrobes. Just think it over and be sure it won't bother you to have some women in white dresses at your wedding, although when your shimmery gold dress will be the only color in the room there's certainly no risk of them stealing your spotlight.

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