Who is Sydney Sweeney's Fiancé? All About Jonathan Davino & Their Relationship

The star of Euphoria and The White Lotus is set to tie the knot soon.
Sydney Sweeney pictured with boyfriend Jonathan Davino
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Updated Mar 22, 2023

With the success of smash-hit TV shows like Euphoria and The White Lotus, along with a highly-anticipated rom-com in the works, Sydney Sweeney has a lot to celebrate. Not only is her professional career thriving, she's also in the midst of planning a wedding. (Dare we say, we have never, ever been happier for her?) Although Sydney Sweeney and her fiancé Jonathan Davino tend to keep their romance out of the spotlight, the two have been linked together since 2018—and following rumors of a proposal last year, it was confirmed that Sydney Sweeney and her boyfriend were excitedly planning their nuptials. Here, we break down everything you need to know about Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino, including when they met, what their wedding might look like, and their plans for the future.

  • Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino first sparked dating rumors in 2018.
  • Although Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino don't post about each other on social media, they've been photographed at events and on vacations together.
  • Sydney Sweeney's engagement to Jonathan Davino was confirmed in March 2022 after she was photographed wearing a large diamond ring on her left ring finger.
  • Although Sydney Sweeney's wedding date isn't public, she'll likely tie the knot within the next year.

Is Sydney Sweeney Engaged?

After dating for about four years, Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino got engaged in early 2022. The Emmy-nominated actress was photographed wearing a large diamond ring on her left ring finger on February 28, and a source confirmed the proposal news to People Magazine on March 2.

All About Sydney Sweeney's Fiancé, Jonathan Davino

So, who is Sydney Sweeney's boyfriend-turned-fiancé, Jonathan Davino? Here's what we know about the 39-year-old entrepreneur.

Jonathan Davino is a Restaurateur

According to Crain's Chicago Business, Jonathan Davino was once the owner of Chicago restaurants Mista Pizza and Pompei Xpress, which are now closed. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs, as they also owned the famous Chicago pizza business Pompei and the design and packaging companies 14th Round and Final Bell.

He's Based in Chicago

Given his business ties to the Windy City, Jonathan Davino is based in Chicago, Illinois. In a 2019 interview with Elite Daily, Sydney Sweeney discreetly referenced her then-boyfriend's hometown, saying it was a city she enjoyed visiting. "I have a place there," she told the publication. "It's like my getaway place." When she was asked if she knew anyone in Chicago, she said simply, "A friend."

Jonathan Davino is Sydney Sweeney's "Best Friend"

In her cover story interview for the 2022 Love Issue of Cosmopolitan, Sydney Sweeney spoke candidly about what she looks for in a romantic partner. "I look for a best friend. I need to be able to be with someone who I can literally hang out with 24/7 and never get sick of and we laugh every single day," she mused.

He Stays Out of the Spotlight

Jonathan Davino lives a private life. He doesn't appear to have public social media accounts, and Sydney Sweeney has never posted about him on her own.

Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino's Relationship Timeline

Sydney Sweeney and her boyfriend sit courtside at a basketball game.
James Devaney / Getty Images

We can trace Sydney Sweeney and fiancé Jonathan Davino's relationship back to 2018. Here are the biggest milestones they've celebrated together.

Fall 2018: Sydney Sweeney is Linked to Boyfriend Jonathan Davino

Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino first sparked romance rumors in late 2018 when they attended a handful of events together. He first accompanied Sweeney to Hulu's 2018 Emmy Party. The next month, the couple was spotted at a dinner party hosted by InStyle and Kate Spade

October 2019: Sydney Sweeney and BF Jonathan Davino Sit Courtside at a Basketball Game

The following year, Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino sat courtside for a New York Knicks basketball game at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

December 2019: Sydney Sweeney Talks About Living in Jonathan Davino's Hometown

In December 2019, Sydney Sweeney told Elite Daily that Davino's hometown of Chicago was her "getaway place," adding that she had her own pad there.

November 2020: Sydney Sweeney and BF Jonathan Davino Vacation in Hawaii

Nearly a year later, Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino were photographed enjoying quality time together on a PDA-packed vacation in Maui, Hawaii.

February 2022: Sydney Sweeney Opens Up About Her Love Life

Sydney Sweeney starred on the February 2022 cover of Cosmopolitan, aptly called the Love Issue. In her interview, she gave a rare peek inside her private life, telling the outlet that she prefers not to pursue romantic relationships with fellow celebrities. "I don't date actors or musicians or anyone in entertainment because I can just be normal Syd that way and it's easiest," she explained, adding, "I have a great support system. I have people who will battle for me and allow me to be on the pedestal and shine without making me feel like, 'Oh no, I'm shining too bright and I need to step back.'"

February 2022: Sydney Sweeney is Spotted Wearing an Engagement Ring

That same month, Sydney Sweeney was spotted wearing a diamond engagement ring. On March 2, People Magazine confirmed that Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino were engaged.

March 2022: Sydney Sweeney and Fiancé Jonathan Davino are Spotted at a Spa

What better way to ring in your newly-engaged status than with some R&R? Shortly after the proposal news broke, Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino were photographed at a Los Angeles spa. Interestingly enough, the actress was seen wearing a white robe embroidered with the logo for her HBO drama series The White Lotus.

July 2022: Sydney Sweeney Reveals Her Desire to Be a Young Mom

Although she didn't comment on her engagement status, Sydney Sweeney did open up about her desire to have a family in a summer 2022 interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "I want to have a family, I've always wanted to be a young mom," she shared, though she went on to address the "stigma" of having children early and how it could affect her career. "If I wanted to take a six-month break, I don't have income to cover that," she continued. "I don't have someone supporting me, I don't have anyone I can turn to, to pay my bills or call for help."

In the story, THR noted that Sweeney did not wear an engagement ring to the interview.

Sydney Sweeney's Engagement to Jonathan Davino

Following Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino's engagement in February 2022, a source revealed to E! News that the proposal was a complete surprise. "Sydney is still on cloud nine over her recent engagement to Jonathan," they told the outlet. "It was a very intimate proposal, and she had no idea it was coming. They are really private about their relationship but are a great couple together." They added that the bride-to-be wanted a "long engagement" given her focus on her career. According to The Knot 2022 Real Weddings Study, the average engagement length is 15 months, which means Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino are right on track with our data.

Sydney Sweeney's Wedding Predictions

Sydney Sweeney pictured on a red carpet.
Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic for HBO

Although not much information about Sydney Sweeney's upcoming wedding is public, we can't help but daydream about what her big day will look like. We share our top three predictions for Sydney Sweeney's wedding below.

Sydney Sweeney's Wedding Will Be Private

If one thing's certain, it's that Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino's wedding will be an intimate affair. Given the couple's choice to keep their romance out of the spotlight, we likely won't know anything about their big day until it's over—even then, they may continue to play coy about their nuptials.

The Couple Will Have Wedding Events in Chicago

With Sydney Sweeney's affinity for Chicago and Jonathan Davino's familial ties to the city, we wouldn't be surprised if the couple swaps vows in Illinois. Plus, we predict that Davino's family businesses might even supply catering for the event. (Late-night deep-dish pizza, perhaps?)

Syndey Sweeney's Close Friends Will Be in Attendance

In November 2022, Sydney Sweeney served as a bridesmaid for one of her longtime friends—so there's no doubt that her own loved ones will have a similar role on her wedding day. In addition to her friends and family out of the spotlight, we wouldn't be surprised if some of Sweeney's famous friends land on the guest list, like her Euphoria co-stars Zendaya and Maude Apatow, her White Lotus co-star Alexandra Daddario, singer Halsey and actress Lili Reinhart.

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