11 Unique Wedding Vows to Steal for Your Wedding Ceremony

Here are some of our favorite memorable wedding vows.
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Updated Aug 15, 2022

If you're writing your vows, most likely, you want them to be heartwarming and memorable. We know there's a lot of pressure around the vow exchange since it's one of the most personal and emotional parts of your wedding day. But crafting unique wedding vows doesn't have to be a hassle. No matter if you decide to deliver your vows privately or publicly, it's a special moment between you and your partner where you both communicate your love for each other and how you will continue to stay committed in your relationship. So if you're having writer's block, look at these unique vows from real weddings to help get you started.

Tips for Writing Unique Wedding Vows

Before you start writing your unique vows, it's good to know what you should and shouldn't include in them. Here are a few tips to help guide you later during the writing process.

Collect cherished keepsakes for inspiration.

To help inspire your unique wedding vows, you and your partner should grab mementos that remind you of special times you've shared. Lay out things like movie tickets from your first date, wrist bands from your and your partner's favorite concert or a photo of you and your partner at your favorite travel destination to get the creative juices flowing. Gathering your cherished keepsakes not only helps you during your vow writing sessions but also gives you and your partner a reason to travel down memory lane.

While you're looking at your mementos, reflect on their meaning, what emotions you get from looking at them and how each memento adds to your and your partner's love story.

Don't only talk about what your partner does for you.

Your unique wedding vows are supposed to express your love for your partner, what you love about your partner and your commitment to your marriage together. So, this isn't the time to write about how much you love that your partner makes you delicious pancakes every morning. Instead of talking about what your partner does for you, talk about what you hope to do and be for your partner during your marriage.

Include jokes and personal stories.

Adding beautiful stories and funny jokes is a great way to make your vows unique and memorable. Including a couple of inside jokes for you and your partner is fine, but remember to keep them at a minimum if you're delivering your wedding vows publicly. You don't want your loved ones to feel excluded from the ceremony or that it's okay to tune out.

Commitment to Love Unique Vow Example

Lena's unique wedding vows to Thomas were a beautiful declaration of commitment. Lena also included a powerful quote from author and activist, bell hooks, which is a great reminder that using quotes from your favorite writers can be really impactful.

Lena to Thomas: With our losses, we've committed to being there. With our gains, we've committed to being there. bell hooks wrote, "to love somebody is not just a strong feeling––it's a decision, it's a judgment, it's a promise." I promise to do the work—the work of treating you with care, and kindness. I promise to love you.

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Lock and Key Unique Vow Example

In this unique wedding vow example, Christopher spoke about how his partner has helped him become a better person. At the end of his vows, Christoper even added a funny joke that his partner and loved ones could both laugh at.

Christopher to Drew: I believe a soulmate is someone who has keys to your locks. You have the key to making me calm when I'm anxious. Motivated, when I am uninspired. Passionate, when I am downcast. You unlock every aspect of me that is good. I vow to support your growth and celebrate your wins while getting you to celebrate your accomplishments. I vow to only make my carbonara once a month.

Holding Hands Unique Vow Example

Johnny's unique wedding vows were short, but were also sweet and overflowing with love for his partner, Taylor. Taylor said that this line from Johnny's vow exchange was the most memorable and something she will hold close to her heart every day.

Johnny to Taylor: As I have given you my hand to hold, so I give you my life to hold from this day forward.

Unity-Centric Unique Vow Example

For their unique vows for their wedding, Jenn and Roque did joint vows expressing their commitment to their union. Writing and delivering your vows with your partner is a great idea if you're nervous about public speaking or want to ensure your and your partner's vows have the same tone. Just remember to practice saying your vows together before the wedding day so the vow exchange sounds as natural as possible.

Jenn and Roque: Even though the future is uncertain, today I commit to our future together, and trust that the rest of our lives will fall into place around that union. I promise to keep that union, and never take it for granted, knowing that love exists because we make it exist. Love lasts because we choose to make it last. I promise to keep making that choice, even as we change and grow in those bounds, and even when it is a difficult choice to make.

Quote From Writer George Moore Unique Vow Example

If you need unique wedding vow ideas, getting inspiration from authors is always a good place to start. This is what Ron did for his partner Gavin by using a quote from George Moore in his wedding vows. Warning: This vow might bring tears to your eyes.

Ron to Gavin: George Moore wrote: You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. Other men, it is said have seen angels, but I have seen thee, and thou art enough…Gavin, you are my angel and I love you.

Reading From Tyler Kent White Poem Unique Vow Example

Instead of having traditional scripture readings or writing their own vows, Daniel and Anna ask their officiant to read a poem from Tyler Kent White. The poem, titled "I Choose You," is an intimate piece about choosing to be with someone no matter the circumstances, which is a perfect poem to use for a wedding ceremony.

I choose you

again and again

at the start and the finish

of every single day

no matter the season

no matter the year

I choose you

to struggle and succeed with

to fight and make up with

to love and grow old with

I choose you

knowing there are still trails

we must travel

knowing there are mountains left to climb

I choose you

to always be by my side

Remix of John Legend's "All of Me" Unique Vow Example

Giving a speech isn't the only way you can deliver your unique wedding vows. Think about what talents you have that you can use to show your partner your love for them. To finish off her vows, Erin sang the chorus of "All of Me" by John Legend with some lyric changes to make it more personal.

Erin to Josh: All of me loves all of you

All your quirks and bike obsessions

All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me, I'll give my all to you

You're my end and my beginning

Even when I lose, I'm winning

Because I'll give you all of me, if you give me all of you

I'll give you all of me, if you give me all of you

I love you

Sentimental and Unique Vow Example

Adam didn't stick to a traditional wedding vow template, which typically has "I promise" or "I will" declarations, but instead personalized his vow outline. Adam went with "you are" statements, so he could list everything Paige means to him and how much he appreciates her.

Adam to Paige: I couldn't have dreamed of someone as amazing and special as you. You're my life's joy. You're my delicate rose. You're my life jacket when I feel like I'm drowning. You're my absolute favorite and greatest gift I've ever received. I love you with all my heart and I can't wait to spend forever with you.

Late-Night Food Cravings-Inspired Unique Vow Example

Give your wedding guests a glimpse into your and your partner's relationship through your wedding vows. Quincy paints a vivid picture of his and Mia's late-night routine in just a few sentences and ends his unique funny wedding vows with a cute sentimental statement that brings everything together.

Quincy to Mia: I promise to take you to get cookies and ice cream no matter how late it is. No matter how comfortable I am on the couch rewatching "Breaking Bad" for the third time. This is a silly way of me saying that I promise to be there for you in your time of need because you're always there for me.

"Out of My League" Unique Vow Example

It doesn't hurt to be completely honest in your unique vows because it shows your partner and your loves ones how sincere you are. Take a page out of Elizabeth's book, who was honest about how she felt on the day that she and Heidi first met.

Elizabeth to Heidi: I can lie to everyone and say that I knew from the first time we locked eyes that I knew we were going to marry each other, but that wouldn't be true. From day one, I knew you were way out of my league. That made me terrified of you, but also excited to get to know you. You are the most beautiful and sweetest person I ever met. I feel so blessed that I took a leap of faith and walked over to talk to you.

Laughter-Focused Fun and Unique Vow Example

Your wedding vows are the perfect time to highlight a quality about them you can't live without. The quality can be something silly like what Carter said to Valerie or something a little more serious like how they are a trustworthy friend and lover. Either way, tell your partner what characteristics they have that make you happy and excited to spend the rest of your life with them.

Carter to Valerie: I promise to make you laugh every day. Not the small cute laugh you do when you're in public, but the big boisterous one you do when it's just us two. I don't want to go a day without hearing your beautiful laugh filling every space we're in.

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