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3 Things You Should Definitely Avoid Mentioning in Your Vows

Just don't go there.
Sophie Ross
by Sophie Ross

Writing your own vows is an emotional, daunting and—most of all—exciting journey. You have free rein to get as heartwarming or as humorous as you want (have fun with it). But there are some things you should definitely steer away from while penning your promises to your partner. Below, find three subjects you should try to avoid mentioning in your vows.

Breakups or Rough Patches

Maybe you took a quick break years ago, only to reconcile a few months later—it happens. But don't feel like you need to mention it in your vows. It's borderline awkward, and the bottom line is, your vows are about the future—not the past. It's okay to reference the storms or challenges you've weathered together, but don't focus too much energy or time on the difficult moments of your relationship. Instead, make it about the beauty and excitement of what's to come.  

Sexual Stuff

Yes, this should go without saying, but keep the innuendos to a minimum. Your physical attraction to each other might be a significant part of your relationship, but a vague allusion to specific body parts might make everyone (especially the older relatives in the audience, or even your partner's parents) slightly—or majorly—uncomfortable.

Too Many Inside Jokes

It's totally okay to sprinkle some in here and there—after all, your vows are written for each other, not the rest of the room. But if you spend too much time talking in your own secret language, you'll lose the attention of your guests. Try to keep it as coherent as possible for the sake of keeping your friends and family engaged (and likely, extremely moved) by what you're saying.

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