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Monitlio's Baking Company can help you design the perfect gourmet wedding cake for your special day. High quality ingredients and impeccable workmanship go into every wedding cake Montilio's creates. During your consultation, you can sample many different cake flavors, fillings and frosting and choose decorations and styles. Your possibilities are endless when you choose Montilio's Bakery to create your gourmet wedding cake.


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$$$ - Moderate


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134 Spark Street, Brockton, MA

SO beautiful

Reviewed on 2/15/2014 Samantha L

Our cake was amazing! Four Tier's, Four different flavors. It came out beautiful and perfect. Can't wait to eat the top in 1 Year. Cake tasting was a blast as well....

Perfect wedding cake

Reviewed on 1/25/2014 Elizabeth

A cake from Montillio's was part of the wedding package from our wedding venue. Having been born and raised in the Boston area we were very excited to hear this as they have an excellent reputation. Not only was the cake, exactly, what I had pictured, but it was amazing! All night and for weeks after guests were telling us how delicious the cake was! I am unable to comment on value as I don't know what the price was separate from our venue.


Reviewed on 1/02/2014 Kathleen D

The cake was amazing. We went with a few layers of delicious lemon cake with orange zest and a few layers of spice cake with marinated apples. Our guests loved it and there were not many slices left on the tables at the end of the night.


Reviewed on 7/03/2015 Jennifer M

Oh the cake. It was the most delicious,beautiful dessert I have ever had. All of our guests were commenting on how good and different it was. We had originally ordered 4 different flavored tiers, but then I had someone attend with an allergy. My top tier was the olive oil cake with almond mousse and I needed to switch it out. Debbie knew it was my favorite so she sent me a small cake to take home with me so my husband could try it. All of the flavors are amazing

Reviewed on 6/12/2015 Mary M

Our cake was not only beautiful but so delicious! The Cassata filling with chocolate chips was amazing! Since Montillio's has been in business for so long this was one vendor I never worried about or felt I had to follow up with and sure enough the cake was there and looked better than I had imagined!


Reviewed on 1/23/2015 Christa L

There are no words to adequate express what an amazing job Montilio's did with out wedding cake! I had a very specific vision of what I wanted, and their wedding cake consultant, Debbi, did an incredible job of sketching out what I wanted and turning that vision into reality. On the day of our wedding, our cake looked gorgeous and tasted even better! That moist white cake, cut with crisp raspberry and finished with a delightful butter cream frosting, still makes my mouth water just thinking of it… Montilio's is the best of both worlds -- incredible flavor and beautiful artistry. We will be recommending Montilio’s to everyone for years to come!

Amazing wedding cake!

Reviewed on 1/19/2015 Kimberly L

I am so happy with how our wedding cake turned out on NYE! We went with the lemon/orange cream cake and it was fantastic. I am most impressed with how they were able to take our picture from Pinterest and make it even more beautiful than the original plan. The flower details and silver beads were just amazing. I would highly recommend them =)


Reviewed on 1/05/2015 Sarah D

Our cake from Motillios was delicious! The tasting was awesome and everyone that we worked with was great. They quickly understood our vision and our cake was gorgeous!

The cake was the best hands down

Reviewed on 10/30/2014 Noelani C

I absolutely love Montilio's. The cake tasting was so good, and there are so many flavors to choose from. They were professional and very accommodating. Our cake was gorgeous, and everyone said how great it was. I can't wait until our one year anniversary to try the topper!

Our guests loved the cake!

Reviewed on 10/30/2014 Sarah G

Our package included a cake from Montilios and we couldn't have been happier! Guests were raving about the cake and how good it was. Our consultant at a our cake tasting, which was at a satellite location, was rather pushy when it came to her suggestions with our cake design but we had a much better experience when we went to the actual bakery and told them our design. It was beautiful and they matched the color perfectly!

Simply Elegant!

Reviewed on 10/21/2014 Laura M

I gave this Braintree bakery a single photo of an inspiration 2 weeks before my wedding, and I couldn't believe how amazing it turned out! By far the easiest experience I've ever had with a vendor of any sort. The woman (Oceania?) was patient, set up a delicious cake tasting session, which was very well assorted and thought out. It literally took me 10 minutes to pick out my flavors. Wedding cakes are usually all for show and don't taste good, but this cake was the highlight of my reception, im still receiving compliments of it being the best wedding cake anyone has ever had, I would highly recommend this punctual, detailed, talented and delicious bakery to anyone looking for that high class item

There's always something

Reviewed on 10/17/2014 Liz F

The cake tasted amazing (and I don't even really like cake), and our experience with cake tasting and ordering was pleasant. Something happened in the delivery process though. It wasn't a disaster, but the cake topper was place on strangely and the frosting had clearly been patched badly. Something always has to go wrong at a wedding.... really glad that that's as bad as it got for us.... it certainly didn't keep us from eating it all.

Great service!

Reviewed on 10/09/2014 Lindsay Y

We got married at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA. If you choose Montillio's from their preferred vendor list, your cake is included in the Saturday prime time package! We had no problem with this because Montillio's had awesome reviews, and the "basic" cake that is included in the package was more than enough for us (150 guests)! Debbie was great to work with, we were able to schedule a tasting on a Saturday morning and walk through our design ideas for the cake. We wanted a ribbon around the base of each tier and Debbie was very upfront in telling us we could buy the ribbon ourselves for cheaper and mail to her instead of her buying it - which we did! The cake was so delicious too. We had vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and cream filling. The top tier had a raspberry jam filling, as Debbie said the fresh strawberries would not freeze well to eat a year later. My only request was that they provided some better packaging for the top tier. It was just placed in a cardboard box at the end of the night. Luckily my inlaws were able to take it home and package properly for freezing. We also used Montillio's for our favors. I love chocolate chip cookies and wanted to give them out as favors at the end of the night. Montillio's packaged them in plastic gift bags tied with bows, and we also mailed to them thank you stickers that they placed on each favor for us - very kind of them to do that! The cookies were delicious too - lived up to my high cookie standards :)


Reviewed on 10/07/2014 Michelle T

The tasting alone just proved to my hub and I that this is a superior bakery! Konditor Meister may look nice but there cake is sub par. During our tasting at Montilio's, we felt guilty leaving anything left on the table with how amazing it was! You really cannot go wrong with any flavor. Their cake is super rich, as well as their frosting. I gave them a picture of what I wanted my cake to look like and they did a great job matching it, it came out beautiful. We went with marble, red velvet and chocolate for each tier and they were all amazing, we got several compliments from our guests. Not only are their wedding cakes beautiful, but I stop in often to the bakery in Quincy for blueberry muffins (to die for!) and other goodies. Love them!

Dream cake

Reviewed on 9/30/2014 adma a

Went to their Brockton location. Debora helped me , she was so nice and helpful. I showed her a picture of what I wanted my wedding cake to look like and she helped me and worked with my budget. All my guests said it was the best cake they have ever seen ! Thanks montilios !


Reviewed on 9/11/2014 Rebecca F

Their carrot cake is wonderful! They were willing to make the cake to our picky specifications(no raisins) haha. The cake came out beautiful and everybody loved it!

Elegant and delicious!

Reviewed on 8/28/2014 Tissy O

I had been looking forward to cake tasting since we started planning the wedding and selected Montilio’s for one of our trials based on their amazing reputation. Our experience at Montilio’s blew us away! My fiancée and I came prepared with a picture of what we were looking for and with Joyce’s expertise and guidance we quickly identified how we could achieve our dream vision (all white 4 tier cake with gold ribbon and flowers). The cake tasting was just what I had hoped it would be as we were instantly impressed with their delicious flavors. Joyce even brought us pieces of fondant so that we could try them before committing to using it for our wedding. Montilio’s was very helpful in directing us with the width and the length required for the gold ribbon and ensured that it was beautifully secured on the cake. We also loved their recommendations about dressing up our cake table and having our servers alternate each flavor at our guest tables. Thank you Joyce and Montilio’s for creating an amazing experience in selection our wedding cake and delivering an absolutely beautiful and delicious dessert!

Wedding Cake

Reviewed on 8/14/2014 Nikki M

I love this place! This bakery is amazing..it's a family owned place and there cake and food is amazing! We got 4 full sample cakes to try when we were deciding between bakeries. Once we decided on them and went in for our design consultation, we got 10 more slices of cake to determine the flavors we wanted. Everyone was so friendly and great! In addition, for your one year anniversary, they will recreate the top layer of your cake for $20! Highly recommend.

Wedding Cake

Reviewed on 8/08/2014 Laura S

Our cake was exactly what we wanted and it was beautiful, but more importantly- it tasted fantastic!! All of our guests could not get enough of our wedding cake it was perfect!

Wedding Cake

Reviewed on 8/02/2014 Stephanie L

The cake tasting was very helpful. I got exactly what I wanted at the end and it tasted amazing. I was able to put 4 different flavors and the top layer I got to take home freeze and eat when my 1year anniversary comes along.

Delicious cake

Reviewed on 7/28/2014 Jessica P

Overall I wish my experience with Montillio's could’ve been better because everyone raves about them. I am happy with the flavors and taste of the cake and everyone loved it at my wedding but the service throughout was kind of unreliable and the design in the end was not what I wanted. The tasting was unnecessarily long (2 hrs) and I thought we had gotten everything figured out then, went over the design a bunch of times, drew a picture of my cake and what I wanted, signed a contract and everything only to have them contact me less than 2 weeks from my wedding asking for swatches and colors and telling me they couldn’t find the picture I had sent them of what I wanted. Apparently there was some miscommunication and we didn't realize they REQUIRE color swatches in order to proceed with making your cake, no emailed pictures or anything but that hadn’t been stressed at the tasting. I understand they want it to be to your specifications but even after the hassle of dealing with a bunch of people and being passed back and forth and being promised that it was to ensure I was happy with the final product, I wasn’t. The design didn’t match what we had went over, I paid a lot of money for these “huge” sugar flowers only to have these three tiny flowers on my 4 tiered cake that weren’t even the colors of the swatches I had given them and they placed one of the flowers IN FRONT of my cake topper so you couldn’t even see it, it didn’t make sense and I was very upset. Also, they lost my mother’s credit card information so she had to go back in to give it to them again. I don’t know, the cake was delicious but the hassle and misstep on the design left me underwhelmed with them.


Reviewed on 7/16/2014 Sharon K

The cake was great, they made it exactly the way we wanted.

"Wedding Bliss"

Reviewed on 6/14/2014 Stephanie F

I have always heard how great of a bakery Montilio's was. When it came to my wedding the cake was included in the package and I couldn't have been happier that it was from Montilio's! My wedding was on the Cape so the closest was the Montilio's in Braintree. We worked with Patty who was absolutely amazing. The only thing we had to do was set-up an appointment for the cake tasting and to go over the design. She made me feel at ease and assured me that it would be beautiful! The cake came out more than I could have ever imagined!!! I thought that since it was included in a package deal it may be small, but it was a huge 3 tiered cake! It was just as I envisioned it and was so delicious!! We went with the strawberry marmalade which was a big hit. I wouldn't go anywhere else if you can get to a Montilio's near you!!! Highly recommended!!!

Old World Charm

Reviewed on 2/12/2014 Bernadette T

Hello, I had a great experience ordering my cake with Montillio's. They had great service and help with making decisions. The cake came out exactly how I wanted it and it tasted amazing. All my guests were asking for more.

Not worth it

Reviewed on 1/01/2014 Allison M

Our cake came from Montilio's because it was included in our venue's catering package. I had 3 interactions with the bakery and all of them ended poorly. We were planning our Cambridge, MA wedding from over 3000 miles away, so we did not have a lot of flexibility. We flew into Boston to do all of our tastings at our venue. We had made our cake selections more than a week ahead of time, but on the tasting day the cakes had not been delivered to the hotel for us to taste. At that point, I was willing to believe that the mistake could have been the venue's fault, so I made arrangements to pick up the cake samples the next day. Before I went to the bakery, I called ahead to confirm that the cakes were ready for me to pick up. I get there, and the person behind the counter has no idea what I am talking about and the person that I spoke to on the phone is no longer in. It took 20 minutes for the cakes to be found-- in the pick up area, with my name on them. The woman behind the counter never checked to see if they were in the right place, just said she didn't know anything about it. We tasted the cakes, they were all good, but we chose a lemon cake to compliment our summer afternoon wedding. Fast forward to our wedding day. We cut into the cake together and IT ISN'T THE RIGHT CAKE. It was not lemon, it was some sort of orange liquor. In the photos of our cake cutting, you can see our painful reactions. Several of our wedding guests take medications that prevent them from having alcohol in any form, so we had to tell people to not eat the cake. After we get back from the wedding, I called Montilio's to complain. 10 minutes after being placed on hold, I hung up. If I could give them zero stars, I would.


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