14 Brides & Grooms Tell Us How They Knew They Found "The One"

(We're already getting emotional just thinking about it.)
rachel torgerson the knot bridal fashion expert
Rachel Torgerson
rachel torgerson the knot bridal fashion expert
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Some sweet brides and grooms shared these "aww"-inspiring stories of how they knew they'd met "the one" in this Reddit post, which made us think: How did The Knot couples know they'd finally found their match? Was it a certain look your significant other gave you? Was it the way they took care of you when you were sick? Do they have a quirky laugh that always makes you smile? Did they see you at your worst and find you endearing anyway? We've rounded up the very best answers below, so prepare your feelings, because it's about to get emotional up in here.

1. When He Was at the Movies

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

Kristen Weaver Photography

"Out to the movies with a big group. Stupid movie, but there was only one other person who laughed at what I laughed at. I figured out who she was. We went out. We continued to laugh at all the wrong spots in life. We have been married almost 25 years. Still laughing when no one else does." – Reddit user dellpepper

2. When He Took Her Hunting

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

Julius Photography

"I knew she was the one when she agreed to spend a week hunting and hiking with me in the rough terrain of the Arizona wilderness, and shot a bull elk with a .270 rifle at 300 yards." – Recently featured The Knot groom, Todd

3. When They Did Exactly the Same Thing, at the Same Time, Without Thinking

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

KT Merry Photography

"We had been dating for about three to four months. We were holding hands after walking out of a store and reach the curb. Without skipping a beat, we both jump off the curb, the same thing I have done since I was a little kid. My daughter and I now do it regularly. If you are still a kid at heart, find someone with a similar heart." – Reddit user razorace1

4. When He Realized He Didn't Ever Want to Leave Her Side

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

Rachael Foster Photography

"When I realized I always wanted you by my side no matter what I did and I was sad when you weren't around." – Twitter follower

5. When He Tasted Her Cookie Recipe

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

SNAP! Weddings

"Before I formally knew my wife she baked cookies for a mutual friend who played in a band with me. I took one bite and jokingly said, 'I'm gonna marry [her].' We met officially six months later and married two years after that." – Reddit user MistaMistaT

6. When a Life-Changing Surgery Went Wrong

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

Kelly Lane Photography

"We were already engaged but this experience solidified it for me. I had a surgery go wrong and ended up in a medically induced coma for five days. All I remember after leaving the surgery was being rolled into an elevator and all of a sudden I was in a dream I couldn't wake up from. Everything was black and foggy and I could see my wife and son off in the distance, so I started walking toward them, but when I got close they disappeared into the darkness. I was capable of thought in this dream and eventually just accepted it as death. I figured that this was what death was like and I wandered around for what felt like years, but eventually I woke up. When I woke up my wife's hair was glowing and she looked like an angel and everything was slow. It was insane, especially since I had seen her disappear into the darkness and I thought I would never see her again. I was sure it had been years, but she told me it was only five days. I just broke down and cried my eyes out. The feeling of seeing her disappear and living without her was so awful I can't even describe it." – Reddit user fshifty

7. When She Was the Only Girl Who Ever Made Him Nervous

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Kortnee Kate Photography

"She was literally the first and only girl that ever made me genuinely nervous in every way. I was normally so self-assured, so confident, so cocky, but something about her made all of that fall away to the point where I was a bumbling, nervous wreck. Thankfully, she apparently found this 'cute.' I knew pretty much immediately." – Reddit user Djaesthetic

8. When He Realized She Made Him a Better Person

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

Eclectic Images

"She makes me a better man, I realized I wanted to make a family with her and be happy forever." – Twitter follower

9. When Her Nerdiness Outweighed His

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

Heather Funk Photography

"When she corrected me when I mispronounced the name of Gandalf's sword. God I love this woman." – Reddit user A_Sickly_Giraffe

10. When He Couldn't Imagine Life Without Her

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

Andria Lindquist

"There wasn't one moment—there was almost 13 years of moments. She's like my right arm. I can't imagine what this would all be without her." – Reddit user SasquatchPhD

11. When He Realized How Much She Cared

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

Artstar by Laura Stone

"When her car was damaged in a parking lot while under my care (not at fault) and her first words to me when seeing the damage was, 'Are you okay?' That moment when you discover the woman you're dating cares more for you than an expensive inanimate object is the moment you know." – Reddit user aNecessaryAsshole

12. When He Had No Good Reason Not to Marry Her

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

Katelyn James Photography

"My very good friend at the time asked me, 'Then why don't you marry her?' And I couldn't come up with a single reason not to. We just celebrated our seven-year anniversary today." – Reddit user BashIsFun

13. When He Realized She Made Him Feel at Home

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

Arielle Elise Photography

"One day, I was visiting home and was talking with my mother. I was updating her about how college was going and just began to talk about my (unbeknownst to me) future wife. I shared how comfortable she makes me feel, how hilarious she is, how I have never felt more comfortable and at home with someone in my life. I went on for about 15 minutes and when I finished, my mother just kinda sat there for a minute in silence. When I asked her what was up she said, 'Well, I think there's something to be said for someone who makes you feel that way.' And suddenly, everything clicked, and I knew she was the one. It was like a light bulb." – Reddit user F4FFYW4FFLE

14. When All the Small Moments Added Up

How Grooms Knew They Picked The One | blog.theknot.com

Heather Roth Fine Art Photography

"It was a bunch of small moments that accumulated and one day I just knew." – Twitter follower

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