Wedding Gown: Finding a Plus-Size Wedding Gown?


I'm a size 20. Will I ever be able to find a beautiful wedding dress that flatters my body? I only have six months until my wedding and doubt that I'll be able to lose much weight before then. What should I do?


First of all, forget the wedding diet. You have more important things to think about. Brides should eat healthfully and exercise, especially before the wedding -- can you say stress buster? -- but the D-word just creates stress. Fortunately, designers have caught on that not everyone is a size 8, and they've created some beautiful, figure-flattering wedding dresses to fit you. Not only does your dream wedding dress exist, it's available in your size! Look for gowns by designers like the Diamond Collection, Jasmine, Alfred Angelo, Jim Hjelm, and Sweetheart. These are just a few of the many designers whose wedding lines include size 20 -- and some even go up to size 44. Ask your bridal salon for details on specific designers. And, don't fret, you have terrific options!

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