The Top Trending Wedding Dresses for 2025

A glimpse of the future from the Bridal Fashion Week runways.
Collage of 2025 Wedding Dress Trends
Photos, left to right: Cinq, Justin Alexander, Nordeen,Design: Tiana Crispino
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Updated Jun 18, 2024
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Another New York Bridal Fashion Week has come and gone, but it certainly left a lasting impression on our editors this season. And to our delight, this season's trending wedding dresses had something for every type of bride. The elevated basque waist designs at Cinq's candlelit dinner presentation are calling to the romantic bride while those who envy Sofia Richie's wedding look won't be able to take their eyes off Katherine Tash's latest collection of silk gowns and neck scarves. Plus, black wedding dresses and pastel bridal gowns are finally getting the love they very much deserve. Needless to say, we are counting down the days until we see these popular wedding gowns hanging on salon racks.

So whether you've already started wedding dress shopping or just looking for a little bridal style inspo, these are the wedding dress trends you can expect to see at your local bridal boutiques and down the aisle in 2025.

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Get excited, brides-to-be, because there was nothing short of an exciting array of new bridal styles to hit the runway this season. Our Assistant Fashion Commerce Editor, Sofia Deeb, was particularly taken with all the drop-waist dresses, including a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired number by Nadja Manjarrez. I was equally impressed with the fluid, ethereal details and sustainable fabrics used on Nordeen's latest bridal collection. Enough about our favorites, though; let's dive into the top trends that The Knot editors are most excited about in 2025.

Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2025:

Basque Waist Dresses

We attended over 35 shows at bridal fashion week, but one trend easily stood out amongst the rest: basque waist wedding dresses. From Galia Lahav and Lihi Hood to Cinq and Andrew Kwon, it seems as though veteran designers and newcomers alike incorporated the silhouette into their newest collections, and why wouldn't they? Basque waist gowns elongate the body and effortlessly enhance the silhouette. And if that isn't enough to sell you on it, check out Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper's Danielle Frankel drop waist gown.

Off-shoulder Basque waist Cinq wedding dress 2025
Photo: Cinq
Lela Rose Basque waist wedding dress
Photo: Lela Rose
Lihi Hood off shoulder Basque waist wedding dress 2025
Photo: Lihi Hood

Mirrored Dresses

Call it the Taylor Swift effect, but mirrorball-inspired dresses seemed to reflect (literally) all over the runway (and If they looked this good under the show lights, just imagine how these gowns will look under your twinkling reception lights) So if you're a bride who wants to shine a little brighter on their big day, you're in luck. From a tiered silver skirt ball gown designed by Honor to metallic paillettes on a hand-crocheted dress at Alejandra Alonso Rojas, this season gave you plenty of mirrored numbers to choose from.

Katherine Tash mirrored wedding dress 2025
Photo: Katherine Tash
Alejandra Alonso Rojas mirrored wedding dress
Photo: Alejandra Alonso Rojas
Enaura mirrored wedding dress 2025
Photo: Enaura

Black Accents

It's no secret that black wedding dresses have been trending for the past few seasons, and designers are constantly experimenting with new ways to incorporate the hue into their collections. So, as an alternative to the all-black dress, labels like Nadia Manjarrez and Mark Ingram opted to add subtle black accents instead, incorporating elegant black bows, belts and even gloves. It's the perfect way for brides to add a little contrast to their look without compromising the classic white wedding dress.

Mark Ingram Bride wedding dress with black accents 2025
Photo: Mark Ingram Bride
Alejandra Alonso Rojas wedding dress with black accents 2025
Photo: Alejandra Alonso Rojas
Nadia Manjarrez wedding dress with black accents 2025
Photo: Nadia Manjarrez


Florals for spring? Why yes, they are, in fact, groundbreaking, seeing as they are a bridal favorite. Adding blooms immediately ups the romance factor while creating texture and depth, even in the simplest gowns. Brands like Anne Barge, Justin Alexander and Nardos added 3D floral appliques to their gowns, making it look like flowers and vines nearly sprouted from the dresses. On the other hand, Savin London took a different approach, hand painting florals directly onto the dresses to make any bride feel like she is wearing a piece by Picasso.

Jenny Yoo floral wedding dress 2025
Photo: Jenny Yoo
Justin Alexander floral applique wedding dress 2025
Photo: Justin Alexander
Mira Zwillinger floral wedding dress 2025
Photo: Mira Zwillinger

Historically-Inspired Dresses

Bridal fashion has a knack for embracing tradition and modern design; and this season is no exception. Several designers looked to historical precedent and pre-Raphaelite vibes for bridal looks worthy of a Bridgerton-inspired period drama. Soucy's golden hues and rich fabrics paint a scene from a historical masterpiece. At the same time, all-over lace, ruffles and basque bodices lay the framework for the awe-inspiring collections of Galia Lahav and Cinq.

Galia Lahav historically-inspired lace wedding dress 2025
Photo: Galia Lahav
Cinq historically inspired wedding dress 2025
Photo: Cinq
Ines Di Santo historically inspired wedding dress
Photo: Ines Di Santo

Little White Dresses

Little white dresses have entered the chat, and they're here to prove that bridal fashion isn't confined to floor-length gowns anymore. This season, designers from Honor to Francesca Miranda created bite-sized looks for to-be-weds who want a post-ceremony change. Enaura Bridal introduced a collection of LWDs featuring the same detailed hand beadwork and embroidery the brand is known for. And let's not forget the adorable elopement-worthy minis at Watters that were drenched in feminine details from bows to pearls.

Enaura mini wedding dress 2025
Photo: Enaura
Nordeen mini white wedding dress 2025
Photo: Nordeen
Nardos mini wedding dress 2025
Photo: Nardos


Bustles and boleros have long been a bridal staple, but we're being treated to some truly innovative takes this year. Nadia Manjarrez offered bridal separates of corseted bodices that can easily be mixed and matched with different skirts depending on your style preference. Meanwhile, Andrew Kwon surprised us by transforming one of his floor-length gowns into a little white dress, perfect for the bride wanting to master the quick change on their big day. And yes, the chic hot pants showcased by Alejandra Alonso Rojas are still very much on our minds!

Ines Di Santo separates wedding dress 2025
Photo: Ines Di Santo
Alejandra Alonso Rojas separates wedding suit 2025
Photo: Alejandra Alonso Rojas
Andrew Kwon separate wedding dress 2025
Photo: Andrew Kwon

Maximalist Dresses

The message from several designers this season: go big or go home. And if pushing boundaries is the name of the game, Ese Azenabor came to play. She combined a corset, deep-plunging neckline, metallic embroidery and a voluminous skirt to craft a stunning mini dress reminiscent of Bjork's iconic swan dress – a true statement piece. A more subtle but equally impactful design was a fully sequined empire waist number from Ines di Santo that was topped with vibrant floral embroidery and a transparent black overlay for a glam boudoir effect.

Monique Lhuillier maximalist wedding dress 2025
Photo: Monique Lhuillier
Ese Azenabor maximalist wedding dress
Photo: Ese Azenabor
Galia Lahav maximalist wedding dress 2025
Photo: Galia Lahav

Tea-Length Dresses

When you think of tea-length dresses, you probably think of British royalty or Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn. They're the perfect middle ground if you're looking for a little more than a little white dress moment. While sourcing an authentic 1950s dress might be challenging, vintage-loving brides will be excited to hear that today's designers are embracing tea-length wedding dresses. From Richard Quinn, who created mid-century couture silhouettes, to Sareh Nouri, who debuted a balletcore-inspired dress with a large statement bow on the back. Some contemporary takes even included a design by Bronx and Banco, which featured a corseted lace tea-length dress, making for an oh-so-elegant look with refined visible boning.

Nadia Manjarrez tea length wedding dress
Photo: Nadia Manjarrez
Bronx and Banco lace tea length wedding dress
Photo: Bronx and Banco
Sareh Nouri tea length wedding dress
Photo: Sareh Nouri


You heard it here first: the peplum is back. Known for its ability to accentuate the waist, the peplum gives you volume without the commitment of a full skirt. Francesca Miranda crafted an ethereal peplum gown in delicate lace, while Andrew Kown modernized the classic peplum by creating two separate panels. At the same time, Nardos offered a peplum with a twist with a contemporary design that sculpted the hips. Given the sheer number of peplum dresses featuring the addition this season, we recommend adding one or two to your Pinterest board ASAP.

 Jaclyn Whyte peplum wedding dress 2025
Photo: Jaclyn Whyte
 Francesca Miranda peplum wedding dress 2025
Photo: Francesca Miranda
Galia Lahav peplum wedding dress
Photo: Galia Lahav

How New York Bridal Fashion Week Influences 2025 Bridal Styles

Bridal fashion thrives on innovation and the unexpected. Whenever we think we've seen it all, our editors are surprised with something new. Take, for example, the delightful scene at Enaura, where Sohil Mistry's debut cocktail collection of exquisite little white dresses—each a testament to hundreds of hours of meticulous craftsmanship by Indian artisans—shared the spotlight with an adorably unexpected guest: Mistry's charming petite poodle. Whether it's when a designer known for their classic styles adds a bold black accent or the complete reimagining of a bridal silhouette, there are plenty of moments that inspire and redefine our expectations of what we can expect wedding dresses to look like in 2025.

Justin Alexander 2025 wedding dress
Photo: Justin Alexander

Do the Best Wedding Dresses Show at Bridal Fashion Week?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to the best wedding dresses. Bridal fashion week is absolutely packed with everything from high-end couture to ready-to-wear gems, meaning it's the ideal hunting ground for 2025 bridal trends and inspiration. Designers pull out all the stops here, showcasing a dazzling array of styles on the runway that you can expect to see at your local bridal boutique.

Wait - Why Are 2025 Wedding Dresses Shown in 2024?

The unveiling of 2025 collections in 2024 caters to an important part of wedding planning: the timeline. In fact, the dresses we're seeing now will land in salons at just the right time for 2025 brides. According to The Knot's Real Wedding Study, the ideal time to purchase your gown is eight to ten months prior to your event date. This will allow enough buffer time for things like production and dress alterations with plenty of time to spare. So whether you're currently wedding dress shopping or just looking for a bit of inspiration, getting to know the looks from the runway will easily help you plan ahead for your own big day.

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