6 Creative Ways to Serve Beer at Your Wedding

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Champagne toasts are fairly standard at weddings, but what about toasting with a beer instead? Whether you're brewing your own or selecting a favorite local craft beer, consider these ways to incorporate beer into your reception or after party. (I personally love the idea of serving beer out of a wooden canoe for a unique touch at a rustic wedding.)

1. Get Crafty with Your Container
Photo: Millie Holloman Photography / Featured: The Knot Blog Photo: Leah Lund Photography / Featured: The Knot Blog
Left: Millie Holloman Photography; Right: Leah Lund Photography

From whiskey barrels and canoes to more traditional vintage bar carts, match your drink presentation with your wedding style.

2. Re-think the Standard Beer Options

Photo: Courtesy of Samuel Adams/ Featured: The Knot Blog

Courtesy of Samuel Adams

A wedding isn't the place for canned Bud Lights. Re-think your beer options and consider more artisanal brews (maybe from a local brewery) like an IPA or stout. Keep in mind, you may want a few options for your more picky guests. If you happen to live in Boston, Sam Adams actually brews their own “Brewlywed Ale" sold in wine-sized bottles with a cork. (There are only 300 cases of this limited release beer available on June 26th at the Sam Adams Brewery, so if you're hoping to buy some for your wedding, and you're Boston-bred, take note of the date!)

3. Class Up the Keg

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Kegs may not be the most “luxe" option for serving beer at your wedding, but they certainly are cost effective. Instead of hiding it behind the bar, make it part of the display. Ask your caterer about keg barrels like these.

4. Home Brew Your Own and Give it a Custom Label
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Looking for a fun weekend activity? Brewing your own beer isn't particularly difficult and multiple breweries sell beer-making kits now so you can customize the taste to meet your palette. Not your thing? Some breweries also offer packages for couples to have a taste consultation and hands-on brewing session. The Four Points by Sheraton LAX offers a “Hoppily Ever After" package for two at Enegren Brewing Co. in L.A. and you walk away with 30 gallons of beer for your wedding! (Hint: Custom brewed beers are also a great idea for cute favors or groomsmen gifts.)

5. Serve Up a Shandy

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Liz Banfield Photography

Mix half beer, half lemonade and you have yourself a delicious summertime drink. It's refreshing and it's also a good way to cut back on your bar tab since it's one to one alcohol to lemonade. Another amazing combination is to use ginger beer, or even apple juice for a fall wedding.

6. Accessorize Your Table with a Beer Centerpiece



Sounds a little weird, but if done right it can prove to be super cute! One potential logistical issue: if it sits out too long, your beer may get warm. Offer guests chilled beer glasses to compensate or have servers place them on the table as a welcome drink once guests arrive.

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