Wedding Child Attendants: Can I Have an Adult Flower Girl at My Wedding?


My fiance and I were planning on having a family only wedding party (my sisters would be my bridesmaids, his brother and a cousin would be his groomsmen). I was worried, however, that my best friend would be upset at not being a bridesmaid. It turned out that she wasn't unhappy at all -- she said she'd rather be a flower girl. Can I have a flower girl who's my own age?


If she hadn't suggested it herself, this definitely wouldn't be the way to go (in any other situation, a grown woman would likely take offense to being handed a role normally reserved for a five-year-old). However, since she wants to do it, if you're okay with it there's no reason she can't participate in your wedding in this way. Just one caveat, though -- while she may still toss flower petals, you probably shouldn't ask her to wear the type of frilly, floor-length get-up a child attendant would wear. Instead, try a white or light-colored dress in a similar style to your bridesmaids' with a sash in the color of their dresses for a more grown-up look.

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