Who Is Al Roker's Wife? All About Al Roker and Deborah Roberts' Love Story

Here's what we know about the news couple, who tied the knot in 1995.
Al Roker and Deborah Roberts' Love Story
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Updated Mar 06, 2024

Al Roker and Al Roker's wife, Deborah Roberts, have recently celebrated 28 years of marriage together. Roker, a staple on NBC's Today show, has been an anchor and weatherman on the program for decades. He's won multiple awards throughout his career and is known for his efforts in raising awareness about climate change and environmental issues. He's also written several books, including cookbooks and works about his personal life.

Roker's wife, Roberts, is an accomplished journalist in her own right. As a senior ABC News correspondent, she has reported on a wide range of topics, from health and family issues to domestic and international news stories.

The pair met on the set of Today back in 1990 and tied the knot five years later in 1995. With two children, successful careers and a long-lasting relationship, they're a couple who are easy to admire. Here's what we know about their love story and journey together.

  • Al Roker's wife is Deborah Roberts. They met in 1990 on the Today show.
  • Al Roker and Deborah Roberts got married on September 16, 1995 in New York City.
  • Deborah Roberts and Al Roker are still married and have been for 28 years.
  • Al Roker and his wife, Deborah Roberts, share two children together: Leila Ruth and Nicholas Albert.

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Who is Al Roker's Wife? All About Deborah Roberts

Al Roker's Wife, Deborah Roberts
Photo: @debrobertsabc / Instagram

Born on September 20, 1960, Al Roker's wife has worked for several major networks, including NBC and ABC News.

Roberts graduated from Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Journalism in 1982. Ten years later, she was awarded the University of Georgia Distinguished Alumnus Award for her rapid success as a journalist.

Roberts won an Emmy Award and a Clarion Award for her reporting, and also authored a book she wrote with her husband, Been There, Done That: Family Wisdom for Modern Times.

How Al Roker and Deborah Roberts Met

Roker and Roberts met in 1990 when Roberts joined NBC's Today as a general assignment correspondent.

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts' Relationship Timeline

1992: Al Roker and Deborah Roberts Start Dating

Deborah Roberts and Al Roker on the Kelly Clarkson Show
Photo: @alroker / Instagram

During an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Roker explained that he and Roberts were just friends for the first couple of years of knowing one another. However, while Roberts was away covering the Summer Olympics, she asked him to look after her apartment. It seems that it was the way he took care of her apartment that landed him his first date.

"A day before she got back from her trip, I stocked her pantry, I stocked her refrigerator and left some flowers on the table and a note, 'Welcome home,' " Roker recalled. "And then I got my first date with her a week later."

January 1994: Al Roker and Deborah Roberts Get Engaged

Roker popped the question on New Year's Day during a business trip in Arizona. Apparently, they were looking out onto the Grand Canyon when it happened.

"I thought, what a great place. On the rim of the Grand Canyon. And if she says, 'No,' one of us isn't coming back," he joked in an interview with People.

September 1995: Al Roker and Deborah Roberts Tie the Knot

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts on their wedding day
Photo: @alroker / Instagram

On September 16, 1995, Roker and Roberts got married in Manhattan, at St. Thomas Episcopal Church.

November 1998: Al Roker and Deborah Roberts Welcome Their First Child

Deborah Roberts and her little girl
Photo: @debrobertsabc / IG

On November 17, 1998, Roker and Roberts welcomed their first child together, their daughter Leila Ruth. While she is Roberts' first child, she's actually Roker's second; he also shares a daughter, Courtney Roker Laga, with his ex-wife Alice Bell.

July 2002: Al Roker and Deborah Roberts Their Second Child

Al Roker and his son
Photo: @alroker / Instagram

Roker and Roberts welcomed their second child, Nicholas Albert, on July 18, 2002.

November 2020: Al Roker Opens Up About his Cancer Diagnosis

The NBC anchor announced on Today that he'd been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Luckily, he had caught it early, and was able to have a successful surgery that left him cancer-free.

November 2022: Al Roker Has Another Medical Scare

Al Roker has a medical scare
Photo: @alroker / Instagram

Toward the end of 2022, fans of Today were left wondering what happened to Al Roker after he was absent from the show for two weeks. He explained in an Instagram post that he was admitted to the hospital for blood clots in his leg and lungs.

Unfortunately, this medical issue led to him missing his first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 27 years.

He returned home on December 8 and shared with his Instagram followers that he was grateful for everyone's thoughts and prayers. Roberts shared a similar post of her own.

September 2023: Deborah Roberts and Al Roker Attend the US Open

Roberts and Roker attended the women's singles final match between Coco Gauff and Aryna Sabalenkaat at the 2023 US Open in New York.

"What an amazing time witnessing Coco Gauff win her first major title …the US Women's singles championship at age 19. First teen to win since Serena did so at age 17," Roberts posted to Instagram. "She and Aryna Sabalenka played and slayed for 2 hours to a jubilant and jittery crowd."

September 16, 2023: Deborah Roberts and Al Roker Celebrate 28 Years of Marriage

Deborah Roberts and Al Roker celebrate 28 years of marriage
Photo: @debrobertsabc / Instagram

For their 28th wedding anniversary, Roker took to Instagram with a celebratory post dedicated to Roberts. Along with a carousel of photos, he wrote:

"28 years ago, @debrobertsabc promised to be there for better, for worse, thick and thin. Good times and Bad. But the greatest gift is the family she has given me. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart."

Roberts also shared an anniversary post, with cute photos and a caption that says:

"Wow! It's been 28 years. Beginning with a few jitters, great excitement and hearts brimming with hope , we embarked on this journey. And it has been one great adventure. This last year has taught us to cherish each moment. You are mine….I am yours. And where you are, I am too. Happy anniversary my dearest. Let's keep making memories."

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts' Wedding

On September 16, 1995, Roker and Roberts were married in front of family and friends at Manhattan's St. Thomas Episcopal Church. According to People, Barbara Walters and Katie Couric were some of the guests who attended.

For their 25th anniversary, Roker posted a clip of the couple walking through the church hand in hand on the day of their wedding. Roker wore a classic black tuxedo, while Roberts wore a gown with a halter neck, white gloves and an elbow-length veil.

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts' Children

Deborah and Al's family on Christmas
Photo: @alroker / IG

Roker and Roberts share two children; Leila Ruth (25) and Nicholas (Nick) Albert (21). Leila is a content creator, often traveling between New York City and Paris. Nicholas started college in 2022.

In a 2018 interview with People, Roker and Roberts opened up about their son's developmental delays. Roberts said that after her son was born, "it was pretty apparent that he was facing some challenges, and we weren't sure what his world and what our future would be."

"We wondered, was he going to speak? Was he going to walk? And in no time, he was running and talking more than I thought he would ever do," she added. "He eventually began to go to school, and to learn, and to read, and to do all those things that we dreamed and hoped he would do even with all his challenges. He began to dream, he became a swimmer, he joined Taekwondo and three years ago, he became a black belt."

Al Roker also has a daughter from his previous marriage, Courtney Roker Laga (35). She recently gave birth to baby Sky in July 2023, making Roker a grandpa.

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