Work Out at Home With These Online Fitness Programs

Between classes at the gym and traditional trainers, there are plenty of ways to work out for your wedding. These five fitness workouts just happen to require less time and money.
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rachel torgerson the knot bridal fashion expert
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They're springing up everywhere because they offer an interesting combination -- stress-free, at-home workouts with accountability. They'll track your progress (weight lost or calories burned over time), give you meal suggestions and even let you train with top-notch celebrity fitness gurus, like Biggest Loser's Bob Harper. We're talking about online workouts and fitnessprograms. They're a really good answer to the fact that you're probably working two jobs (because, yes, wedding planning is basically another job!). Here, five of our favorites you should try and why.

Daily Burn

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Daily Burn is a comprehensive fitness and nutrition program that keeps pace with you and ups the intensity week to week. Choose from over 16 different programs ranging from zero-equipment-needed body resistance workouts, to heart rate monitor classes and kettlebell workouts. On your profile page, you can see your progress on the various challenges (read: how many pushups, situps, burpees, squats or planks you can perform in a given time-period) as well as record your weight journey. On the homepage, you'll see tons of cardio and strength videos for you as well as suggested meals and recipe ideas. If you've been flirting with the idea of a personal trainer, you might want to try Daily Burn's $15 per month fee for one-on-one coaching.

What It Takes To Sign Up: 1st Month Free, $14/Month,


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If combining cooking shows with workout videos is your ultimate fantasy, you need to take a look at Grokker. The best part? Grokker is actually free -- you have access to tons of video content ranging from yoga classes to cooking ideas and heart rate accelerators. What sets this site apart from any others is their meditation videos and the "Q & A Cafe," which allows members to ask Grokker experts (trainers, chefs, etc.) any question they want. You can "love" videos and "follow" experts too, just like any other social media app. Personalize your experience by adding videos to your calendar -- Grokker will then email you to remind you of your schedule and keep track of calories burned. The premium account lets you take part in group live-streaming classes and premium videos, too.

What It Takes To Sign Up: Free for the non-premium account, $10/Month for Premium,


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Need to get fit, fast? CosmoBody is probably the program for you. Their "Wowza Wedding Body Slimdown Plan" is tailor-made for prewedding couples trying to shed a few pounds before the day-of. The Slimdown Plan claims to change your body in just four weeks, so you'll start seeing results quickly. You'll get tons of video content, concentrated on interval training, fun dance moves, toning and strength workouts. Access all your content from anywhere -- laptop, smartphone or tablet. Use our special code below to get 20 percent off!

What It Takes To Sign Up: 10-Day Free Trial, 20 percent off with code "THEKNOT",


Instructors for lined up at the SpiroFIT studio

If you're organized and like to follow a schedule, you should sign up with SpiroFIT. This online program is all about getting the classroom atmosphere in your living room. Tune into live-streamed workout classes with experts and follow along with others as your workout progresses. One thing we love about SpiroFIT is the different payment options. Sign up for the 1-year full member package and you pay $20 a month, but you can also sign up just to take classes with one instructor for only $5 a month.

What It Takes To Sign Up: $20/Month,


Rachel Piskin teaches a ChaiseFitness class inside her NYC studio

This ballet-focused video streaming site is the brainchild of ChaiseFitness, a boutique studio run by mother-daughter figure skater and ballerina duo Lauren and Rachel Piskin. Target specific zones of your body on-the-go by purchasing one, or all four of the ReinventYOU video series. By visiting the site, you can watch the chair series free, then purchase the other videos for a flat fee of $23 for all four, or $9 per singular video. You can use these videos however you want -- if you just want to target your legs, get the "Legs + Butt" video, or if you want a really hard workout, watch all four videos in a row!

What It Takes To Sign Up: Purchase videos separately or in a bundle. $9 per video, $23 for a package of four,

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