How Much Does Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost? Here's the Answer

Hiring a pro comes with extra charges, but it's definitely worth it.
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Updated Feb 28, 2023

Assembling your dream team of professional hairstylists and makeup artists is crucial to achieving your ideal beauty look. Wedding stylists put in hours of training, work within demanding timelines and spend hours on their feet, all while managing the pressure of making sure you look and feel your best. In our opinion, they're well worth the money—and we're not the only ones who think so. Of the nearly 12,000 couples surveyed for The Knot 2022 Real Weddings Study, 74% said they hired a beauty professional.

So, what can you expect to pay for wedding hair and makeup? Read on to learn more about the average cost of bridal hair and makeup, so you can budget appropriately and hire the glam squad of your dreams from The Knot Marketplace!

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What Is the Average Cost of Wedding Makeup?

The average cost of wedding makeup in 2022 was $120. Keep in mind this number is an average, and pricing will vary depending on where you're located. For instance, you may pay more for makeup in Los Angeles than you would in Cleveland, where the cost of living is higher. For couples having a destination wedding, you can expect there to be travel expenses like airfare, hotel, and car transportation if you are flying them to your location. You may also pay a higher rate if you want to hire a senior makeup artist, as opposed to booking a newer stylist or visiting a makeup counter or salon.

Why is it worth it? Well, makeup artists curate their kits with the best-of-the-best products that will not just make you look beautiful, but have long-lasting finishes that can stand up to high temps, humidity and happy tears. They spend hours learning new techniques, testing products, and researching skin prep to give you the look you've been dreaming of. You are paying for their knowledge and expertise, as they know all the best bridal beauty tricks. They'll make sure that your lipstick doesn't flake off mid-ceremony or that your mascara doesn't streak down your face as you tearfully recite your vows.

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What Is the Average Cost of Wedding Hair?

According to our study, the average cost of wedding hair in 2022 was $130. Much like with makeup, the cost typically includes the beauty professional's time and travel fees (if they'll be traveling to your wedding location or hotel) too. Occasionally, the bill will include a wedding hair and makeup trial, which is a step we highly recommend taking. Sometimes a trial will incur an additional cost, so make sure you ask ahead of time before you book if you're tight on budget.

Hair and makeup pros also tend to bill hourly, so the longer they need to be there, the more expensive it's going to be. (For those with a larger bridal party or who would like touch-ups throughout the event, this may be important to consider.)

Bridal hair is typically styled dry, which means that your hairstylist will ask you to arrive with clean, dry hair on the day of your wedding. From there, your stylist will create your desired look. If you're interested in a blow-dry, be sure to discuss this with your stylist in advance as there may be an extra charge.

Professional hairstylists also have access to salon-quality products and styling tools, so whether you're dreaming of an intricate braid, a classic chignon or loose waves, a pro will ensure that your gorgeous locks look absolutely perfect.

How Much Does Bridesmaid Makeup and Hair Cost?

The average cost of bridesmaid hair and makeup is around $170 total for both services. This breaks down to about $85 for hair and $85 for makeup. However, determining who pays for bridal party glam is not so simple. To help you navigate who covers what, check out our cost breakdown here.

Additional Hair and Makeup Costs

Now that you know how much wedding hair and makeup costs, consider a few of these popular add-on services before getting your glam on. Note: These may cost you an additional fee.

  • Hair and Makeup Trial: We highly recommend booking a trial prior to the big day to test out your hair and makeup and make tweaks as needed. This will ensure that day-of application goes off without a hitch.

  • Airbrush Makeup: Airbrush foundation is applied with a special machine that gives your makeup a smooth, long-lasting finish. It can take additional time and skill to apply, so artists typically charge more for this service.

  • Elaborate Styles & Extensions: Traditionally more complex styles like fancy updos, elaborate braids and clip-in extensions will cost more than simple curls or a blowout. You'll get a better idea of the exact hair cost once you've completed your hair trial.

  • Falsh Lash Application: If you want long, full lashes for your wedding day, note that strip lashes take additional time to apply. Individual lash application is more tedious and takes even longer. The result is stunning, but may cost you a few extra bucks.

  • Extra Hours: Larger bridal parties or on-site touch-ups may require extra time. Expect to have to pay an additional hourly rate.

  • Gratuity: Don't forget to tip your artists for their amazing work! Plan to budget in around 15 to 25 percent into your final beauty total. Be sure to check your contract to see if your glam team has any built-in service fees already included.

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