30 Bachelor Party Decorations That Will Make the Groom's Jaw Drop

Seriously, these sign and prop options will keep the party going all night long.
Bachelor party koozie and rustic sign decoration ideas
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Updated Aug 10, 2023
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Bachelor parties are a rite of passage for many guys preparing for their wedding day, but planning such a party or excursion can seem a little daunting sometimes. So, we've pulled together plenty of easy and hilarious bachelor party decorations to make your planning process easier. Whether you're hoping to have a classy whiskey and cigar get-together or want an all-out Vegas-themed throwdown, there's something for you on our list.

Bachelor Party Decorations to Buy Now:

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Where to Buy Bachelor Party Decorations

When it comes to bachelor party decorations for the groom and his close friends, there are many different ways you can go. Some people may want scantily clad bodies surrounding the man of the hour or a fun theme like poker or camping to keep everyone upbeat. There are certain shops that should be first on your list when looking for the best bachelor party decorations.

  • Amazon: Trust us, you're going to want to check out the bachelor party decorations Amazon has to offer. With quick shipping, lots of helpful reviews and almost everything you can imagine, Amazon can easily be a one-stop-shop for all your party needs. There's a reason that many people look for bachelor party decorations on Amazon, as the massive company can get banners, flasks, koozies and confetti to your doorstep ASAP.
  • Etsy: When looking for the best spot to find high-quality, handmade goods, Etsy is the place to be. Artists from across the globe create unique party decorations and can often customize their products quickly.
  • The Knot Shop: We're always up for a little self-promotion, especially when the shop has some of the snazziest bachelor party decor for unbeatable prices. The Knot Shop is a great spot to choose gifts and props for the bachelor party with items that have already been curated by experts.

Bachelor Party Decor: Our Top Picks

Bachelor parties often move about, whether at a bar, house or campground. Keeping this in mind, we've found that many of the best party decorations actually go directly on the bridal party themselves. Here are our favorite things that a solid stag night should never be without.

Embroidered Groomsmen Hats

Embroidered navy and gray groomsmen bachelor party hats
Photo: SwagHouse

These high-quality groom, best man and groomsmen hats bring just the right amount of swag to a bachelor party. This classy snapback has a firm front panel with reinforced stitching on the brim to last long after the party and wedding are over. It comes in 16 colors and multiple design options.

Game Over Themed Decoration Pack

"Game Over" themed bachelor party balloon and banner set
Photo: Amazon

If you're hosting a video game-themed stag night, this Game Over party supply pack is the perfect starting point. The funny bachelor party decorations can work as a welcome station, photo booth props or as a conversation starter with others nearby.

Personalized Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Personalized 6 oz. Stainless Steel Bachelor Party Hip Flask
Photo: The Knot Shop

When throwing down at a bachelor party or wedding reception, many groomsmen like to have a little something stashed in their suits. So, consider gifting groomsmen these classy stainless steel hip flasks that can be personalized with their names.

Buy the Groom a Drink Button

Bachelor Party Buy The Groom A Drink QR Code Black Button
Photo: Zazzle

Many bachelor parties spend time at bars, but that doesn't mean the party has to rack up a big tab. Pin this "Buy the Groom a Drink" button on the to-be-wed to let friends send him some cash for a drink or two.

Poker-Themed Steel Credit Card Size Bottle Opener

Black steel ace of spades bachelor party bottle opener card
Photo: Amazon

These stainless steel bottle openers fit snugly into a wallet for popping open a brew whenever needed. With a poker theme, groomsmen will surely use these gifts at the bachelor party and also for years to come.

Hawaiian Shirt With Photo of the Groom

Custom Face Hawaiian Bachelor Party Shirt
Photo: FunnyCustomGift

Planning a bachelor party often involves walking the fine line between being funny and a little crazy without going over the top. We think this personalized Hawaiian shirt does just that. Consider putting the bride or groom-to-be's face all over this bright attire to keep the groom the center of attention.

Bachelor Party Koozies

Our favorite bachelor party koozie ideas incorporate the party's theme with high-quality craftsmanship. Many of these options can be personalized too.

Let's Par-Tee Green Koozies

Golf themed bachelor party koozies
Photo: Amazon

Neoprene koozies are able to keep a cold beverage chilled for quite a while, especially when out in the sun playing a round of golf. These "Let's Par-Tee" can coolers joke that the party is the "last swing before the ring" to keep the mood light when out on the green.

"Weekend In The Woods" Personalized Bachelor Party Koozies

Personalized bachelor party in the woods koozies
Photo: MyWeddingStore

This personalized koozie not only has the bachelor's name and party date but great artwork of a campfire and trees to commemorate a weekend in the woods. Available in dozens of colors, these koozies are the perfect addition to a camping-themed or adventurous bachelor party.

Boats 'N Bros Can Cooler

Orange 'boats 'n bros' bachelor party koozie
Photo: Zazzle

Whether you're throwing down at the lake or taking a yacht for a cruise, these "Boats 'n Bros" koozies come in multiple shapes to accommodate whatever your favorite drink is. Made in the USA, these can coolers will help keep the cold drinks flowing.

Vegan Leather Personalized Can Cooler

Personalized leather bachelor party koozie
Photo: YourWeddingPlace

Vegan leather koozies can be an incredible groomsman gift to memorialize both the bachelor party and the groom's friendship with his bridal party members. You can customize them to include the party or wedding date, name or initials and even "best man" or "groomsman" if you like.

Bachelor Party Signs

Signs are a great starting point when dreaming up room decoration ideas for a bachelor party. They can set the tone, give directions or provide some comic relief to the festivities.

Bachelor Party In Progress Banner

Black and white 'bachelor party in progress' banner
Photo: Zazzle

There's nothing like a solid welcome banner to help get people to where they need to be. This simple and clear party-in-progress sign comes in a myriad of sizes to fit any wall or mantle.

Whiskey & Cigar Bar Sign

Clear acrylic whiskey + cigar bar bachelor party sign
Photo: 1801andco

If you have some celebratory cigars or whiskey at the bachelor party, consider this clear acrylic sign to invite guests to partake. Available in multiple sizes and customizable, it's the perfect small addition to the festivities.

Custom Photo Bachelor Party Sign

Custom Photo Bachelor Party Celebration Foam Board
Photo: Zazzle

If you're hosting the bachelor party at a special location, a welcome sign can help guide everyone into place. This simple sign uses a photo of the bachelor to let guests know they're in the right spot.

Rustic Bachelor Party Pedestal Sign

Personalized rustic whiskey inspired bachelor party sign
Photo: Zazzle

This rustic pedestal sign is best used at western or cowboy-themed bachelor parties. The whiskey barrel background gives off vintage vibes, and the high-quality material makes this a perfect keepsake to remember the night.

Bachelor Party Props

There are all kinds of bachelor party stuff for sale these days. To figure out what will truly add to your party, keep in mind the groom's personality, the tone you'd like to set and where you will be.

Bachelor Party Buttons

Hat and bowtie groomsmen bachelor party buttons
Photo: Amazon

If you're out and about for a bachelor party, having a way to identify the groom and groomsmen helps onlookers know who to congratulate. These bachelor party buttons do that without being cumbersome or obnoxious. The set includes one groom button, one best man button and eight team groom buttons.

Bachelor Bingo Party Game

Bachelor party bingo scavenger hunt printable game
Photo: favorsandstuffdesign

Sometimes people need a little guidance getting out of their shells, and that's where Bachelor Bingo comes in. It will bring out your groomsmen's competitive side as they compete to fill their board first.

Bachelor Party Recovery Kit

Beer cheers bags for bachelor party recovery kit
Photo: zoeysattic

Most bachelor parties involve a bit of drinking, and giving your guys a few items to help them the morning after is a good way to thank them for coming out. This bachelor party recovery kit comes with everything needed to rehydrate and relax afterward.

Custom Temporary Tattoos for Bachelor Party

Custom temporary bachelor party tattoos
Photo: ilulily

If you're looking for funny bachelor party decorations, temporary tattoos might be the way to go. Using a picture of the bride or groom, you can make sure everyone knows who to celebrate by passing these party favors out.

Bachelor Party Sunglasses

Black bachelor party groomsmen sunglasses
Photo: Amazon

If you're heading out to the beach or lake to celebrate the impending marriage vows, make sure the bachelor party's eyes are protected with these sunglasses. Including one groom pair and seven Team Groom glasses, this product comes in both black and white, depending on the look you're going for.

Bachelor Party Banners

A banner can sneak along a table, mantle or bar to help spice up the bachelor party. These banners highlight the groom-to-be.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend Banner

Gold 'the man the myth the legend' bachelor party banner
Photo: Amazon

Finding a classy banner to celebrate the groom-to-be is not always easy, but for anyone getting married with a big personality, we love this "The Man, The Myth, The Legend" sign. The sign comes prestrung, so this is a quick and easy decor option that is sure to bring a smile.

Bachelor Face Party Banner

Custom grooms face bachelor party banner with crown
Photo: CraftDrip

This hilarious bachelor party banner lets you pick from thirty different party hats to set the celebratory mood. All you need to do is upload pictures of the man of the hour to the seller who will customize the sign and send it off quickly to you.

Big Bach Energy Banner

Black 'big bach energy' bachelor party banner
Photo: ShowPonyPartyShop

Available in three different colors, this spunky decoration announces the party's "Big Bach Energy." Available with or without the beer mug accents, this banner is an easy way to add just a little fun to your festivities.

Cheers & Beers Dot Garland

Black gold and silver 'cheers + beers' dot bachelor party garland
Photo: Amazon

For a beer-themed bachelor party, use this cheers & beers banner alongside the matching dot garland to decorate the drink table or photo booth. This budget-friendly decor option makes sure that hosting the perfect party doesn't break the bank.

Bachelor Party Cake Decorations

If your groom has a sweet tooth, make sure to go all-out on a cake for the big bash. These toppers can add a little spice to the confectionary without going over budget.

Groom Face Cake Topper

Custom groom's face bachelor party cake topper
Photo: CarlieanneDigital

There's no better way to celebrate someone than by putting a massive picture of their face on a cake. Sure to bring laughs, this digital download can be printed from home quickly for even last-minute decoration needs.

"The Hunt Is Over" Cake Topper

Black Glitter Antler 'The Hunt is Over' Bachelor Party Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

Many people wait a long time to find the person they want to spend the rest of their life with, and this bachelor party cake topper acknowledges that search by announcing, "The Hunt is Over." Nearly five inches tall and six inches across, this topper will look nice on almost any size cake.

Poker-Themed Cake Toppers

Poker themed bachelor party cake toppers
Photo: Amazon

Whether you are taking the guys to Vegas or are planning a card night in, these poker-themed cake decorations set the mood for a night of rolling the dice. This set comes with 48 toppers, which is more than enough for any bachelor party.

Bachelor Party Table Decorations

While there are not typically many tables at a bachelor party, it is important to decorate what you do have out to keep the theme cohesive. Whether you're going for a classy vibe and want some matchbooks or want to stack some personalized beer cups for your guests to take home, there are plenty of ways to decorate your table with purpose.

Bicycle Matchboxes with Party Date

Bicycle bachelor party matches
Photo: Zazzle

Classy table decorations like these bicycle Stag party matchboxes can easily fill space in a practical way. Whether you're celebrating with cigars, candles or lighting a campfire, these matchboxes will be used during the bachelor party and for years to come.

Personalized Face Confetti

Bachelor party custom grooms face confetti
Photo: MadebyVermonters

Confetti is a favorite among party planners because it keeps the party going long after the last song. Most people that use this personalized face confetti at the bachelor party end up finding it in their pockets, bags and cars for quite a while after the party has wrapped up.

Bachelor Party Pickle Card Game

Bachelor party pickle game
Photo: Target

Consider kicking off your bachelor party with a three-in-a-row pull-tab game. One of these twelve cards will reveal a winner, but the party's host gets to decide what the prize would be. Perhaps the first one to buy the groom a drink?

Personalized Glass Beer Cups

Personalized groomsmen bachelor party beer cups
Photo: QuatreCrafts

We've often found the best table decorations do more than just look good. A pyramid of these personalizable beer cups fits that bill. With multiple design options, groomsmen will love these gifts that will surely get a lot of use before and after the wedding.

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