10 Surefire Bachelor Party Ideas

You know it'll be a night to remember, but not sure what to do? Here are 10 ideas to get you started in your quest for the perfect bachelor party experience.
by Robert Mortiz

There's nothing tough about planning a good bachelor party. It just takes a little organization (draw up a guest list, schedule a night), a bit of luck (hope everyone can make it, stay out of jail), and one really excellent idea. Here are 10 that can't miss.

Show Him the Money

Vegas: If you can swing it, nothing beats a quick trip to Sin City: neon lights, slot machines, all the prime rib and shrimp cocktails you can inhale. The best bet for a successful Las Vegas soiree is to move in and out like the wind. Book a late-night flight (flights to Vegas from anywhere are usually cheap) and a large suite at a semi-decent hotel. Carouse through the night, crash in the morning, and then rise for a fancy dinner and quick round of 21 -- one late-night flight back home later, you've got memories guaranteed to last.

Atlantic City: Same concept as the Las Vegas expedition, but more convenient for East Coast types.

Eat Meat

Take a trip to the most decadent steakhouse in town, and eat like kings. Order a bottle (or ten) of the best red wine in the house.

Buy the Boat

Or just rent it for a night. Look into chartering a yacht for an evening for the groom and his guys. Bring a few bottles of first-rate champagne and celebrate on style in the high seas.


If the groom and groomsmen can't swing the trip to Vegas, bring Sin City to them: Host a poker night extraordinaire. Stock the bar, order gourmet pizza, and pitch in the kitty for the groom.

Beach Bums

Water, sand, beach volleyball, and a little harmless bikini watching. Need we say more? Top it off with bonfire and brews, and you're set for some California dreamin'.

Puff Daddy

Take Mr. Last-Night-of-Being-a-Bachelor out for some primo cigars. Head toward your favorite cigar bar and puff away, while quaffing single-malt Scotch.


Sometimes, nothing beats a classic. We're talking golf here. Eighteen holes of sun, fun, and an extra cart for the keg of beer. If you can rally the troops, go for a three-round weekend retreat. We suggest Palm Springs, California, home of PGA West, Desert Dunes, and Bob Hope. Swing by morning, swim by afternoon, barbecue by night.

You're Tripping

Road tripping, we mean. Grabbing a few good buddies and setting off for destinations unknown is a huge part of the appeal of a road trip. Drive as far as one tank of gas will get you. In the immortal words of Jonathan Richman: “I got my jeans and things and I am ready to go."

The Ponies

Ascot it isn't, but horse racing can be a load of fun. Just imagine: a pack of two-year-olds thundering down the track, the roar of the crowd, and the lure of the daily double. Buy a racing form, order a mint julep, and ask the advice of some of the old-timers hanging around the track.

Rave On

Ever dream of hosting a wild, all-night party at an exclusive dance club? Get in touch with the management of the hottest nightclub in town and ask about renting one of their VIP rooms for the evening. This could get expensive, especially if you have an open bar, so make sure all the party-goers are prepared to open their wallets (and maybe even their 401(k) accounts)!

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