10 Cardio Moves You Can Do at Home Before Your Wedding Day

Here's proof you don't even have to step foot in a gym to get in shape for your wedding.
by Blogilates.com
Updated Apr 17, 2018

No, you don't need to work out in a gym or with a personal trainer to get in shape for your wedding day. Below, find 10 easy at-home workouts created by Jackelyn Ho of Blogilates.com—they focus on full body movements—to be done for one minute each—designed to drive your heart rate up and give you a boost of cardio. (Ask your maid of honor to join in too, because every workout is way more fun with a friend by your side. It's science.)

1. Baby Flyouts

Blogilates baby flyouts
  • Standing with heels slightly wider than hips, sit back into a squat keeping your chest upright.
  • Lift out of the squat and tap foot to side. Bring arms out to the side.
  • Alternate leg with each squat.

2. Alternate Forward Lunges

Blogilates forward lunges
  • From standing, step one foot forward and bend knee dropping into a lunge keeping your knee over the ankle. Bring back shin parallel to floor.
  • Push off the front heel to return to start position then perform on opposite leg.

3. Side Lunges

Blogilates side lunges
  • Standing with feet shoulder width apart, push hips back bending one knee and keeping other leg extended.
  • Shift weight to other leg performing side lunge on opposite side.

4. Big Flyouts

Blogilates big flyouts
  • Standing with heels slightly wider than hips, sit back into a squat keeping chest upright.
  • Lift out of the squat and kick one leg up hip height with hand tapping calf.
  • Alternate legs with each squat.

5. Long Knee-Ins

Blogilates long knee-ins
  • From standing, step one foot back into a long lunge.
  • Drive back your leg up to hip height with a bent knee.

6. Out-Out In-In Planks

Blogilates out-out in-in planks
  • From plank position, walk one foot out to the side and then the other.
  • Walk legs back into start position.

7. 3-2-1 Squat

Blogilates 321 squat
  • Standing with heels slightly wider than hips, sit back into a squat.
  • Lower your hips down slowly stopping with your hips at knee level.
  • Drive up quickly pressing through heels to lift back to start position.

8. Ice Skaters

Blogilates ice skaters
  • Standing with feet shoulder width, cross one foot behind the other bending the knee and lowering hips.
  • Tap hand just in front of opposite foot.
  • Alternate leg with each ice skater.

9. Alternate Reverse Lunge to Balance

Blogilates alt. reverse lunge to balance
  • From a standing lunge position, power off your back leg lifting to hip height.
  • Brace belly as the torso comes parallel to floor. Back leg lifts while you extend arms to the side to aide in balance.

10. Plank Walk Opener

Blogilates plank walk opener
  • From plank position, step one foot to hand keeping knee stacked over ankle.
  • Exhale as you lift your arm to the sky and twist torso toward bent knee.
  • Return to plank and alternate leg.

Blogilates.com even has a 28-Day Bridal Bootcamp calendar to keep you on track with the rest of your at-home workouts too.

Blogilates bridal bootcamp calendar
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