3 Trendy Wedding Vibes You Need to Know About in 2024

ICYMI: Vibes are the new themes.
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Updated Jan 18, 2024

All weddings, from the grandest ballroom galas to the simplest elopements, begin with a vision. Sometimes, that vision is called a theme, a style, an aesthetic or even a vibe, but what's the difference? There's a lot of talk about wedding vibes right now, as proven by our 2024 wedding trends, which reveal that couples are shifting away from distinct wedding themes in favor of events that are hyper-focused on creating unique experiences and core memories.

This experience-first approach is less about optics and more about evoking a feeling that will leave a lasting impression on guests. But in a world where wedding planning can feel like checking a lot of boxes off your to-do list, choosing a wedding day vibe is a little more ambiguous. Let us walk you through the meaning of wedding vibes and how to find yours, along with three trending wedding vibes we have our eye on for 2024.

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What Is a Wedding Vibe?

In simplest terms, the wedding vibe is a way to describe how your wedding day feels and looks. Your wedding vibe is influenced by all of the little details you choose, from the setting and the time of day to the smells, decorations, food, music, guest list, dress code and more.

Think of the word vibe in relation to how you'd talk about the energy of a space or a person. You know that feeling when you walk into a room, like a hotel or restaurant, and you feel like it was made for you? Or you strike up a conversation that just flows effortlessly? Those are vibes (good ones). A wedding vibe is similar to an aesthetic in the sense that they're both focused on the bigger picture of how a space feels and flows. But a wedding vibe is different from a wedding theme in a few ways. Most wedding themes are very focused on the visual details, and they need distinct decorations and color palettes in order to be done successfully. A lot of wedding themes also align with specific seasons, like beach-themed weddings for summer and rustic weddings for fall.

On the other hand, a wedding vibe is much more fluid and open to interpretation. You could say that your wedding vibe is "a fancy night out with friends at a swanky rooftop bar" and you immediately see the vision without feeling tied to specific stylistic details. When you're experimenting with different wedding day vibes, the most important piece of advice we can give you is to first think about how you want your wedding to feel, not how you want it to look (those decisions will come later!).

Wedding Vibe Descriptions

Your wedding vibe can be as broad or as specific as you'd like. Maybe you have a vision of hosting a nighttime garden soirée under the stars, or maybe all you know so far is that you want your wedding reception to feel like the best party you've ever been to. Either way, the great thing about different wedding day vibes is that they're ultimately whatever you want them to be—and your unique viewpoint is what will make your wedding one of a kind. Start by choosing a few descriptive adjectives and words that resonate with you. Here are a few wedding vibe examples and other buzzwords to spark your imagination:

  • Lavish and luxurious
  • Sultry
  • Informal
  • Nightclub
  • Refined and elevated
  • Cozy or homey
  • Flash photography
  • Buffet
  • Timeless
  • Laid-back or relaxed
  • Disco
  • Conversational
  • Nostalgic
  • Bespoke
  • Chic and simple
  • Energetic
  • Outdoorsy
  • Candlelight
  • Gourmet
  • After-party
  • Plated dinner
  • Live band
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How to Pick Your Wedding Vibe

You can start thinking about what you want your wedding vibe to be as soon as you're ready to begin planning. Zeroing in on a wedding vibe early in the process will help guide the rest of your planning decisions, from the venue to the entertainment and beyond. Our favorite way to brainstorm your wedding vibe is by making a vision board that's filled with all of your potential ideas. Don't worry too much about finalizing things on the first try—cast a wide net by saving anything and everything that speaks to you. Then, work backwards to find your wedding vibe by eliminating things that feel redundant or aren't cohesive with the rest of your ideas.

Not sure where to start for inspiration? Turn to Pinterest, The Knot Magazine or our wedding vibe quiz to see what speaks to you. Once the gears start turning, you'll have a better idea of which direction you want your wedding vibe to go in.

How to Communicate Your Wedding Vibe With Guests

You don't need to tell your guests everything about your wedding vibe ahead of time, but sharing a few clues can help set expectations. Add a quick note to your wedding website or wedding invitation inserts explaining the overall vibe (like, "Come prepared for a night of dancing and live music!") to tease what you have in store. Your stationery design and website theme will also convey the vibe through their colors, fonts and decorative details.

2024 Wedding Vibes

Want to know the types of wedding vibes we're into right now? Here are our top three favorite ideas.

1. Dinner Party

dinner party wedding vibe collage with bottles of champagne, flash photography and lobster tail served on silver platter
Photos from left to right: Valorie Darling Photography, Weddings by Nato, Clement Pascal/Courtesy of Gohar

Introducing our favorite wedding vibe for 2024. As the year's trendiest vibe, a dinner party wedding is inspired by a night at home with your best friends: good food, hilarious conversations, music to set the mood and, of course, plenty of wine and bubbly. For this wedding vibe, aim for decor and details that are curated but not perfect. Imagine long tables, mismatched chairs, petite centerpieces, handwritten menu cards and taper candles that drip and melt as the night goes on.

2. Something Old, Something New

classic wedding vibe collage with blurry photography, champagne tower and pink ribbon tied around white napkin
Photos from left to right: 515 Photo Co., Kaity Brawley Photography, Caroline Tran

This wedding day vibe is all about breathing new life into classic details. Think of it as a combination of quiet luxury meets your favorite rom-com brought to life—it's romantic and whimsical while also being elevated, modern and super chic. Our vision board for this vibe would include satin bows and ribbons, monogrammed cocktail napkins, black-tie attire, a jazz band, coupe glasses and grainy black-and-white photography inspired by vintage movies.

3. Dancing All Night

disco wedding vibe collage with bride at DJ booth, grooms wearing sparkly bell bottoms and wedding cake decorated with disco balls
Photos from left to right: Meg Laffey Photography, Christina McNeill Photography, Weddings by Nato

Bring on the outfit changes, after-party snacks and disco ball decor for this high-energy wedding vibe. Pulling inspiration from the old-school nightlife and club scene (think Studio 54 or The Viper Room), this vibe is all about showing your guests a good time and making your wedding the place to be—even into the early hours of the morning. You'll want to go all out with entertainment, so invest in a talented DJ to keep the dance floor packed, or surprise guests with a live performer who interacts with the crowd.

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