What Exactly Is a "Bro-Dal Shower"?

And should you (or your partner) have one?

In case you aren't familiar with the phrase "bro-dal shower" by now, it's pretty easy to deduce: a bridal shower for "bros." To be clear, this isn't the same as a couples' shower (termed Jack and Jill showers by some), or a shower for two grooms. It's just another chance to celebrate (with gifts) before the wedding.

So, what exactly is a bro-dal shower?

Similar to a bride's shower, it's a prewedding party for a groom and his close friends. Of course, it's also an opportunity to give gifts that will help with the household and a nice chance for older friends and family members to impart guidance and bond with the groom before the wedding. Bro-dal showers can be inexpensive and casual, or more formal; they can also be themed (although they might lean more toward lumberjack than Breakfast at Tiffany's) and styled—again, just like a bridal shower.

Should your groom have a bro-dal shower?

The better question is, does your groom want a bro-dal shower? (Or, does someone want to throw him a bro-dal shower?) If so, he should totally have one. But we're guessing that when it comes to prewedding parties, guys might be just a little more interested in the bachelor type. And perhaps from the perspective of a guest or wedding party member, this is another party to attend (and gift to give). Yes, it's a fun concept, but tacked on to the engagement party, the bachelor party, the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower and any other event, it can be a lot. But if this is something people in your circle want to do, you should go for it.

The bottom line is, the months leading up to your wedding are a time for celebration. And we definitely think there's enough showers to go around—for couples, brides and bros.

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