70 Fun Newlywed Game Questions for the Ultimate Bonding Activity

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The Newlywed Game
Inspiration: 'The Newlywed Game' | Illustration by Natalie Romine for The Knot
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Updated Jul 31, 2023

So you're in search of Newlywed Game questions. And if you've found this article, you're probably in charge of finding entertainment for the bridal shower, bach party or wedding reception. Well, you've come to the right place because the Newlywed Game is a fun wedding activity (based on the popular '60s game show of the same name) everyone will love. You can ask the couple who said "I love you" first or ask who their celebrity crushes are. It's an easy contest that allows guests to get to know the couple better and test the couple's knowledge about one another. Keep reading to learn how to play and see 70 of the best Newlywed Game questions for your event.

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    How to Play the Newlywed Game

    So, you've seen the show but are unsure how the Newlywed Game works as the host? We break it down into three steps so you can play with ease.

    1. Prep the questions and answers ahead of time.

      Select at least 20 questions for the Newlywed Game—this amount is a good starting point to get everyone having fun and invested in the game. Once you've chosen your questions, send them to the happy couple so they can give you their answers separately. (Remind them they can't discuss the answers before the game since it defeats its purpose.) Make sure you keep a copy of the lovebirds' responses so you can refer to them during the game.

      2. Host your own Newlywed Game show.

        As the host of the game show, explain the rules to your audience so everyone is on the same page. Ask one question at a time to the couple or the to-be-wed (if you're doing newlywed game questions for a bridal shower or bach party). Each person in the couple has to correctly guess what their partner answered to receive a point. The game is a silly test to see how well the two know each other.

        Lots of people have fun with this part of the game, so don't be afraid of going all out. Some people make slide show presentations with the questions and answers written out. We've even seen a few creative hosts have videos of the person's partner answering the questions as a dynamic prewedding party activity.

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        3. Keep score and give out prizes.

          It might be a little hard to keep track of the points and host so we suggest you ask someone else to write down how many points each person got. Once the points are tallied up, announce the winner. This isn't required, but giving a game prize or trophy to the winner is a sweet personal gesture everyone will love.

          Funny Newlywed Game Questions

          Arguably the most fun Newlywed Game questions are the ones that make you laugh. Check out these 18 funny prompts you can steal or use to inspire your own questions.

          1. Who is your partner's celebrity crush?
          2. What actor or actress (dead or alive) would play them in a movie?
          3. Who has the worst handwriting?
          4. If your partner was a wild animal, what would they be?
          5. Who is most likely to steal food from your plate?
          6. What is your partner's go-to karaoke song?
          7. Who is the shopaholic?
          8. What podcast do they listen to too much?
          9. Are they Team Jacob or Team Edward?
          10. What is their favorite candy to buy at the movie theater?
          11. If your partner was a character from Mario Kart, who would they be?
          12. Who cried during the proposal?
          13. What is their favorite emoji?
          14. Who takes the longest showers?
          15. Who is the most competitive?
          16. What is their least favorite food?
          17. Who is more likely to get lost?
          18. Who always wins at Monopoly?

            Dirty Newlywed Game Questions

            It's okay to get a little saucy during the Newlywed Game. These are closer to vanilla than anything else, but we still suggest you double-check if the couple is comfortable with answering these questions in front of loved ones.

            19. What song perfectly describes how your partner acts in the bedroom?
            20. Who is the best kisser?
            21. Who gives the best massages?
            22. How does your partner let you know they're in the mood?
            23. What do they wear to bed?
            24. What is the most physically attractive thing about your partner?
            25. What is their biggest turn on?

              Classic Newlywed Game Questions

              Nothing beats the classics. Try out these tried-and-true Newlywed Game questions that won't make you blush.

              26. What is their favorite drink?
              27. Who is the first to apologize after an argument?
              28. How did you and your partner meet?
              29. What is their eye color?
              30. What is the best present they've ever given you?
              31. Who spends the most time getting ready?
              32. What is their favorite movie?
              33. What did they wear on the first date?
              34. Who is the name of your partner's first pet?
              35. What is their hidden talent?
              36. Who said "I love you" first?
              37. What is your partner's dream date?
              38. Who is the first to fall asleep at night?
              39. What is their biggest fear?
              40. What is their pet name for you?
              41. Who is the best gift giver?
              42. Who is the night owl?
              43. What is their favorite television show?
              44. What is their favorite movie?
              45. Who is better with kids?
              46. What is their biggest pet peeve?

                Easy Newlywed Game Questions

                Start with a few of these easy Newlywed Game show questions. Just about any couple can breeze through these before getting to the hard stuff above.

                47. Where is their dream vacation spot?
                48. What is their favorite season of the year?
                49. Who is the most stubborn?
                50. Who is your partner's favorite comedian?
                51. What is their favorite app to use?
                52. What is your partner's zodiac sign?
                53. Who is the most romantic?
                54. What is their favorite dessert?
                55. What are the names of your partner's two best friends?
                56. Who is the better driver?
                57. What sports did your partner play as a kid?
                58. Who is the messiest?
                59. What is their favorite food?
                60. Who is the best at taking beautiful pictures?
                61. Who is the best cook?
                62. What is your partner's dream job?
                63. What is their shoe size?
                64. What is their favorite book?
                65. Where was the first trip you took together?
                66. Who is the most outgoing?
                67. What side of the bed do they sleep on?
                68. What is their favorite holiday?
                69. Who is the most stylish?
                70. What are three pizza toppings they love?

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