30 Bridal Shower Game Ideas to Keep Guests Entertained and Mingling

Even if a few of these games sound a little cliché, they're actually surprisingly fun with a group. Below, find everything you'll need to know to prep and play.
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diane hall senior editor and wedding expert the knot worldwide
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Updated Aug 15, 2022
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Of course, it's not required that you play games at the bridal shower but consider this: You're going to have an all-ages group, and many of the guests have probably never met one another before the party. Mix in two or three of the best bridal shower game ideas into your event itinerary for easy ice breakers and fun activities to get your guests acquainted and mingling.

From free printable wedding shower games that you can DIY to fun game cards and supplies you can order online, we've rounded up our favorite bridal shower games to help you make your event a big success. Read on to learn about the gist of each game, what you need to prep, party game rules and how to play. Depending on the game, bridal shower game prizes are a nice addition to increase the stakes for some friendly competition.

P.S. Several of these party games are great for the maid of honor to include at a bachelorette party or engagement party, too.

1. Bridal Shower Bingo

It's bingo, bridal shower style.

What to Prep: Create bingo cards, but replace the word "bingo" with "bride" along the top margin. Provide pens to cross out squares with or wedding-themed "chips."

How to Play: Have guests fill in their squares with gifts they think the bride will receive. Then, start the game when she starts opening her bridal shower gifts—make sure she calls out what each item is. Follow traditional bingo rules: The first guest to mark off a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins a prize.

Shop the Idea: This set of 25 floral bridal shower bingo cards comes with cute diamond ring-shaped markers.

2. Couple Trivia

How well do you know the bride(s) and/or groom(s)? "Who said it" is a couple-themed trivia game.

What to Prep: Before the shower, ask the couple to answer questions about their love story (how they met, their first date, the vacations they've taken together). Make a list of their answers, and mix up the responses so there's no way to know who said what. Take out any names or pronouns that would make it obvious who said what, like "The first thing that attracted me was (his/her) smile." Finally, print out copies of the list of quotes for all the guests.

How to Play: Pass out the list of quotes to each guest and have them draw a circle around the ones they think the guest of honor said. Whoever pairs the most statements correctly wins the game.

Shop the Idea: Want something a little less DIY? Buy this pretty pre-made set of 50 sheets by Papery Pop instead.

3. Wedding Mad Libs

Fill in the blanks to recreate the couple's love story, proposal story or write mock wedding vows.

What to Prep: Create, purchase or download an editable template of a wedding Mad Libs story to print and distribute a copy to each guest or each team.

How to Play: This wedding word game can be played as a group, in teams or individually. Without revealing the story, ask individual guests to think up a funny adjective, noun or verb as outlined in the wedding Mad Libs story. Once the blanks are filled in, have the to-be-wed(s) read the story to the crowd.

Shop the Idea: This digital download Love Story Mad Libs template by MintyPaperieShop is editable and printable.

4. Bridal Pictionary

Just like the original, only wedding-themed.

What to Prep: In a bowl, place slips of paper that have different wedding-related phrases on them (tossing the bouquet, going to the chapel, always a bridesmaid and so on). You'll also need a whiteboard with markers or an easel to draw on.

How to Play: Divide the group into two teams. Nominate an artist on one of the teams. Have them pull a phrase from the bowl and then set the timer for them to draw it out. They get 60 seconds and if their team can't guess it right, then the other team gets a chance to guess. The winning team is the first to guess 10.

Shop the Idea: This convenient bundle of 12 sets comes with whiteboards, felt erasers and dry erase markers.

5. Purse Raid (a.k.a. What's in Your Purse?)

It's like a scavenger hunt using each guest's purse or bag.

What to Prep: Before the bridal shower, create a list of standard items you might have in your purse—start with the basics (lip gloss, credit cards, keys) and work your way up to more random or risqué objects (condoms, dog treats). You'll also need to buy a few little gifts to be given out as prizes to the guests that win. Prizes could be anything from candy to coffee shop gift cards.

How to Play: The host calls out the items on the list and the first guest to pull the object from their purse wins a prize.

Shop the Idea: Continue the theme by rewarding winners with these fun tassel bag charms by BRUCEWANG.

6. What's on Your Phone?

Similar to the "What's in Your Purse?" game explained above but using guests' phones instead.

What to Prep: Create a list of photos and mobile apps that one might have stored on their mobile phone.

How to Play: The host calls out the items on the list and the first guest to display the photo or app on their phone wins a point or a prize.

7. Wedding Jeopardy

Bridal shower guests choose one of the wedding-related categories and then have to answer a question to win points.

What to Prep: Create a chart by labeling pieces of paper with the bride-to-be's name written across the top margin and then several categories down the left side (flowers, cities, restaurants, movies, colors). Come up with difficult questions that pertain to each category. For example, "What flower has to be flown in from Holland in the off-season?" (The answer is the peony.) Finally, you'll need to set out pens and note cards for each guest to use. If you want to give out a prize to the winner, buy that as well.

How to Play: Give each person a turn to pick a category. When a category is called, read out the question. Each guest then has two minutes to come up with the answer and write it down on their game card. When time is called, everyone has to put their pens down and show their answers. Give one point for every right answer, and the person with the most correct answers at the end is the winner.

Shop the Idea: Save paper and dole out these genius dry erase index cards. Apostrophe Games sells a set of 45 cards.

Don't forget fine-tip dry erase pens, too.

8. The Newlywed Game

Just like the famous game show, put the to-be-wed in the hot seat to answer questions about their fiancé(e) to see how their answers compare.

What to Prep: Before the bridal shower, interview the fiancé with questions about the bride and their relationship: "Where was your first kiss?" "What's her most annoying habit?"

How to Play: At the shower, ask the bride the same questions and see if she can answer correctly. To get the full effect, record a video of her partner's answers and play back the responses to each question for everyone to see and hear (allow a pause between each question or record each question and answer as separate videos).

9. Pass the Love Story

Each guest gets a chance to exaggerate the "story" of how the couple met and fell in love.

What to Prep: All you need is a pen and paper for this one.

How to Play: The host starts it off by writing a line at the top of the piece of paper about how the couple met. For example, "Tess and Toby met at the office." She then passes the piece of paper to the next player, who writes a line to follow that one. Once that player writes their line, their job is to fold the paper over so only their sentence is revealed to the next player. After everyone has contributed, the guest of honor should read the final piece aloud to the group.

10. Two Truths and a Lie

Guests try to decide what's fact or fiction while practicing their poker faces.

What to Prep: This one's super simple—you don't need anything to play it.

How to Play: Each guest introduces herself and dishes three experiences she's had with the honoree—one of which isn't true. The person who correctly picks out the lie gets a point. The best part? The truths often turn out to be wackier than the lies (cue the hilarious story swapping).

11. The Couple's Roast (for a Couple's Wedding Shower!)

Bridal Shower Game score cards

The couple judges their guests as to how well they're able to act like them.

What to Prep: Cut paper into strips and write descriptions of scenarios from the couple's past or future on each one. For example, "John and Jane get lost in Ikea." You'll also need two sets of note cards, written with numbers 1 to 10 (these will be your scorecards).

How to Play: Guests break into two teams and then draw from the strips of paper, and designate two people from the team to be the actors. Each group gets five minutes to act out the scenario in front of the couple. Once the five minutes are up, the couple uses their scorecards to judge the act based on acting chops and accuracy. Hint: The key is to try to act out as many of the couple's mannerisms and quirks as you can.

Shop the Idea: Give the couple sporty, flippable scoreboards to rate each act from 1 to 10.

12. Wedding Movie Charades

It's the classic mime game—wedding-style.

What To Prep: Label note cards with wedding movies (include classics, chick flicks and obscure picks for a good challenge).

How to Play: Divvy the group up into two teams. Players pick a card from the pile and act out a scene from that film without speaking a word, while their team members try and guess the answers within a three-minute time limit.

13. Couple's Crossword

A personal spin on the classic word puzzle.

What to Prep: Come up with 10 to 15 questions about the couple that can be answered in one word. Then, create a custom crossword puzzle using those words (look for online sites to help you make free printable puzzles). Print out the puzzles—one for each guest—and grab some pens.

How to Play: Pass out pens and a puzzle to each guest. Give them time to work on the puzzles and grade them toward the end of the party to find out who wins.

14. Wedding Trivia

Exactly what it sounds like—a true test of each guest's wedding knowledge.

What to Prep: Look up interesting wedding facts and figures and write them out on separate pieces of paper. (Hint: The annual The Knot Real Weddings Study has plenty of data to use.)

How to Play: You can form two teams or just keep it simple and give points to each individual to yell out the right answer. As the host, you're in charge of asking all the questions, and the team or person who gets the most answers correct is the winner.

15. Wedding Vow Collaboration

Similar to the Pass the Love Story game, except for this one, the group creates a silly set of wedding vows.

What to Prep: You'll need two clipboards, pens and paper.

How to play: Tell the group they're going to help write the couple's wedding vows. Circulate two clipboards: one with the header "I [insert name] take you [insert name] and promise to" and the other with the reverse. Give each clipboard to one guest and instruct them to write a vow phrase under the header. For example, "I promise to…not hog the shower in the morning." Once one guest has written their vow, they should fold it over so that it's hidden, and then pass it to the second player. Once everyone has contributed to both clipboards, read the vows aloud for all to hear.

Shop the Idea: These floral clipboards by Bloom Daily Planners are so cute, that you can gift them to the bride post-shower to use while she's wedding planning.

16. Hot Gossip

Think of it as a live game of Clue.

What to Prep: For each of the guests attending the shower, write up a juicy question revealing how they know the bride or groom on index cards. (Example: "Who did Tim bring to the prom?")

How to Play: When everyone arrives, hand them a card and explain they have 30 to 40 minutes to come up with the answer to the question on their given card. After swapping info and mingling, each person reveals their relationship to the to-be-weds.

17. Celebrity Name Game

It's the celebrity version of Catch Phrase.

What to Prep: Have everyone write the names of about 10 to 20 celebrities on small pieces of paper and throw them into a hat or bowl.

How to Play: Split guests into two teams. The first player from Team A draws a name, stands up and tries to explain the celebrity to her teammates without actually saying their name. If teammates guess correctly, the second player draws a new name and goes on as before. Each team has one minute to get through as many names as possible until all the names are out of the hat. Shake up the next round and only allow players to use one word to define the celeb.

Shop the Idea: Here's another prop that doubles as a sweet shower gift: Customize a sun hat for the guest of honor (with her initials, the word "bride" or her future "Mrs." title) and use it to store the celebrity names. Once the game's finished, flip it over and surprise her with it.

18. Love Story Recall

Try to stump your guests on the couple's "love story."

What to Prep: At the beginning of the bridal shower, the bride should share her "love story" with the group, bringing up key events (where they met, how they proposed and so on).

How to Play: After opening presents, the host surprises guests by asking questions about the story. Throw in curveballs with questions like, "How many times was 'love' used in the story?" The person with the closest number gets a special prize.

19. Words of Wisdom

Guests "shower" the bride with marriage and love advice.

What to Prep: Tuck a pretty blank card into the invitation for the shower and ask every guest to share their advice for a happy marriage.

How to Play: Guests' advice can range from recipes, a poem or funny story, and so on. At the party, guests take turns reading their words of wisdom to the group and everyone tries to guess who gave which words of wisdom. When the cards have all been read, the host can compile them in a scrapbook as a keepsake for the bride.

Shop the Idea: This set of 50 fill-in advice cards by Hadley Designs are simple enough to suit a variety of bridal shower themes.

20. Memory Lane

Everyone has to figure out what the bride and groom did with whom.

What to Prep: Hand out index cards and have each guest write a description of their favorite memory with the bride (the more adventurous, the better). The host will collect the cards.

How to Play: After the host collects the cards, she'll take the bride on a trip down memory lane, speaking them all out loud. Everyone will have to guess who did what with the bride. (Examples: Who snuck out of the house with the bride for a high school party, or who met a celebrity during a weekend in Miami with the bride.)

21. Taste the Cake

Bridal Shower Game - Taste the Cake

You get to eat cake and guess the flavors.

What to Prep: Set up a "cake bar" (or individual plates) with bite-size cake pieces (mini cupcakes, cake pops or cut-up pieces of regular cakes will do) and remember all the flavors. Write out the flavor of each type of cake on an index card and place it in an envelope behind the bite-size pieces.

How to Play: Each player is blindfolded and walks down the table with one of the hosts, who notes the player's flavor guess. The player takes sips of champagne or tea between bites to cleanse the palate. (Of course, hosts can sip champagne at any point in the game!) Whoever guesses the most flavors correctly wins.

Shop the Idea: Swap basic blindfolds with stylish sleep masks that double as bridal shower favors.

22. Etiquette 911

Have guests answer extreme (read: hilarious) etiquette questions.

What to Prep: On index cards, write out a few wedding etiquette questions—the more outrageous the better. Think of some nuptial nightmares, like what do you do if the best man sprays champagne all over the guests? Or if you accidentally knock into the wedding cake? Or if two bridesmaids get into a fight at the altar?

How to Play: Hand out one etiquette card to each guest and have her write down an honest response to the situation. Then, have the bridal party gather all the cards and read the questions and answers aloud.

23. The Lingerie Game

Works best at a lingerie shower.

What to Prep: On the invitations, ask each guest to bring lingerie gifts that match their personality and style. While the bride isn't looking, hang them around the room.

How to Play: Once everything is set up, have the bride go around the room considering each item. Then, have her guess whom each gift is from. At the end of the day, she goes home with a new lingerie wardrobe (perfect to bring on the honeymoon!).

Shop the Idea: Don't let the game ruin your bridal shower's aesthetic—simply display the items on these romantic hangers.

24. Make a Dress

Make a wedding dress out of toilet paper.

What to Prep: For this bridal shower game, you'll need lots of rolls of toilet paper. Spice up this game by purchasing markers, stickers or—if you are very brave—glitter.

How to Play: Divide groups into teams of at least three people. One team member will be the model. The other team members will have to make her (or him) a wedding dress out of toilet paper and your other decorating supplies. Set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes. When the time is up, the bride-to-be can choose her winner.

25. Ring Toss

Steal rings and try to collect them all

What to Prep: Purchase a plastic wedding ring for each guest.

How to Play: For this fun bridal shower game, present each guest with a plastic ring to wear. Pick one wedding-related word that guests cannot speak, such as bride, love, or wedding. If a guest overhears another guest speak the forbidden word, they can take that guest's ring. The winner is the guest with the most rings by the end of the party.

Shop the idea: Order a set of 60 plastic diamond solitaire engagement rings with adjustable gold, silver or rose gold colored bands.

26. Where in the World is the Couple?

Guess where the happy couple is based on pictures

What to Prep: Time to start hunting around on social media. Dig up a handful of pictures of the couple at different locations. Print them out and hang them up. You can punch holes in the pictures and hang them on a string, or tape them around the house. Number each picture and print out a sheet of paper.

How to Play: To start this bridal shower activity, give each guest their answer form and a pen and then ask them to go around the room and guess where the couple is bride and groom are in each picture. Make sure to be specific about what kind of answer you want. Are you looking for a country, state or even a specific restaurant? An alternate way to play this game is to put all the images into a slide show.

27. Who Am I?

The premise of this party game is to put the name of a famous person on each guest's forehead—actor, musician, politician, sports personality, historical figure, etc.

What to Prep: To set it up, grab some post-it notes and have each guest choose a famous person to put on someone's forehead. Alternatively, the host can come up with all the labels ahead of time.

How to Play: Guests circulate around the room for around 15 minutes asking one or two questions (with "yes" or "no" answers) to the other guests until they guess the name.

28. Wedding Shoe Game

This popular wedding reception game can also be played at a couple's wedding shower. Unlike the other bridal shower game ideas on this list, the wedding shoe game puts the spotlight on the couple, so the guests can just sit back and watch (and get to know the couple a little better).

What to Prep: Come up with a list of approximately 30 clever and funny questions starting with "Who", such as "Who's more likely to steal all the covers on a cold night?". You'll also need a couple of chairs for the couple to sit in.

How to Play: Have the couple sit back to back holding one of each other's shoes along with one of their own (or another object to symbolize each partner). The host asks each question and the to-be-weds answer by raising the object representing the person to give their answer. It's funny to see when they have contradictory answers.

29. Pass the Bouquet

This is a bridal version of musical chairs but with a bridal bouquet.

What to Prep: You'll need a bouquet, a playlist and a device to play it on.

How to Play: Ask your guests to sit or stand in a circle. Start the music and have them pass the bouquet around. When the music stops, the person holding the bouquet is eliminated. The last person left wins.

Shop the Idea: If you'd prefer not to DIY a bouquet, you can buy an artificial bridal bouquet like this pink and white rose and hydrangea design by CEWOR Store.

30. Name That Tune (with Love Songs)

A lovey-dovey version of the game show that's perfect for music lovers.

What to prep: You'll need a playlist of 15 to 20 love songs and a set of pen and paper for each guest.

How to Play: Play a short snippet of each song and have guests guess the song name and/or artist and write it down. Once they've completed their guess, you can reveal the answer before moving on to the next song snippet. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Wedding Shower Game FAQs

How many games should you play at a bridal shower?

The average number of games played at a bridal shower is three. Based on a few factors, we recommend playing between one and five. The first consideration is the length of the shower—typically a bridal shower is three hours long and a rule of thumb is to play one game for every hour. Another factor to consider is the guest list composition, as well as, the other activities you have planned on the itinerary. With a larger guest list or one with a wide age range, you may find it difficult to keep everyone's attention for long, and so choosing one or two games could be adequate. On the other hand, if many guests don't know one another, several games could really help to break the ice and unify the crowd in laughter to keep everyone engaged.

What types of games do you play at a bridal shower?

Types of bridal shower games typically fall into the following categories:

  • ice breaker games that encourage mingling (e.g. "Who am I?", Ring Toss, Hot Gossip. etc.)
  • wedding game cards where guests guess and write down answers; played individually or in teams (e.g. trivia and word games)
  • interactive games that are crowdpleaser activities or require teamwork (e.g. Pass the Bouquet, Make a Dress, charades, Taste the Cake, etc.)
  • scavenger hunt games (e.g. Purse Raid, What's on Your Phone)

Are games necessary at a bridal shower?

Games are not necessary at a wedding shower, however, they do provide an easy form of entertainment and are a great way to get your guests mixing and mingling. When planning a bridal shower, it's nice to have an activity other than gift opening, eating and drinking in order to entertain guests, keep the energy high and set a celebratory tone. If in doubt, consider what you think the guest of honor would prefer.

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