Inside Pro Surfer Carissa Moore and Husband Luke Untermann's Love Story

The Olympic gold medalist previously gave The Knot an exclusive look inside her Hawaiian wedding.
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Updated Nov 09, 2023

In the world of competitive surfing, there's no one doing it quite like Carissa Moore. The 31-year-old is a record-breaking athlete who has paved the way for female surfers. She was the very first winner of the Olympic gold medal in women's short board surfing in 2020, and she's a five-time Women's Surf League World Champion. Beyond her athletic career, she's also an activist *and* a proud wife. So, who is Carissa Moore's husband?

The athlete is married to her high school sweetheart, Luke Untermann. The couple lives in Hawaii, where Moore competes and Untermann owns a plant-based frozen dessert company. The couple wed on the Hawaiian shores in 2017, and they gave The Knot an exclusive look inside their tropical wedding day. Here, we break down Carissa Moore and Luke Untermann's love story, including the sweetest details from their seaside nuptials.

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Who is Carissa Moore's Husband, Luke Untermann?

Carissa Moore's husband is Luke Untermann. The surfer met her longtime love in high school; they both attended Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Untermann is an entrepreneur and is a co-founder of the brand Banán, a plant-based frozen dessert company.

Carissa Moore and Luke Untermann's Relationship Timeline

After meeting in high school, Carissa Moore and Luke Untermann got engaged in 2016. Their wedding took place one year later, on December 16, 2017, and they're still happily together today. On their wedding anniversary in 2022, the couple posed for a photo under the original arch where they got married in their backyard, an annual tradition that's four years in the making.

Inside Luke Untermann and Carissa Moore's Wedding Day

It's safe to say that Carissa Moore and Luke Untermann coasted off into the sunset after their wedding. The pair, who exchanged vows on December 16, 2017, in the backyard of a friend's Oahu estate, kept the theme of island living consistent throughout their ceremony and reception, but were otherwise laid back about how the day unfolded. "I'm so happy with how everything turned out!" Moore told The Knot in an exclusive interview. "My wedding planner really did an amazing job making this a huge dreamy luau on the North Shore. Luke and I are so grateful."

During the ceremony itself, which was officiated by a friend from the World Surf League, the couple shared a few silly, heartfelt moments. Untermann's vows included one particularly sweet promise: "I promise to hug and kiss you every time you walk through the door even if it's only been five minutes."

And Moore's promise to the groom: "I'm not sure I can give you the small football team of children you're dreaming for, but I promise to be the best mother and the best wife."

After the ceremony, the newlyweds kept their loved ones entertained with music and specialty drinks throughout the night, and wanted above all to encourage "good vibes" and "an environment for people to kick back and enjoy the evening."

Moore and Untermann had very minimal requirements for their venue, but their friend's home in Oahu happened to fit them all. "We wanted to get married at [a] home, outdoors and have the reception and ceremony at the same place," Moore said. And true to form, the pair said "I do" among decorations and attire that made the day "a very Hawaiian wedding."

Three hundred guests watched the couple exchange vows, including numerous professional surfers and peers of the bride. They include Bethany Hamilton, John John Florence, Coco Ho, Stephanie Gilmore and Kelia Termini.

The bride maintained a relaxed attitude about her look for the day, donning a "super minimalistic" white dress from a little shop on the north shore. "High neck. Low back. White. Stretchy and comfortable fabric," she says of her dress, adding that she opted to go without a veil or shoes to keep things beachy. (She did, however, wear her favorite gold Hawaiian bracelet and Cartier, as well as vintage earrings.)

The colors that Moore ultimately went with were those she found most easily in her surroundings: yellow, coral, orange and green. So it was a no-brainer to incorporate those tones into her bridal party's outfits; it was just a matter of how.

"I have eight bridesmaids," she told us. "I wanted their dress style to be free-flowing and match the backyard feel of the wedding. It was hard to find something affordable and that everybody liked. I ended up finding a two-piece crop top and long skirt in olive green Nordstrom at a very affordable price." The couple's flower girls wore coral-toned floor-length dresses.

It might come as no surprise that Moore, a world-class athlete, wanted to go the healthy route with her reception menu: "We wanted a really healthy spread so our dinner menu included several salads, fish, Hawaiian pork, chicken, quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes," she recalled. They enjoyed a lemon crunch cake (vanilla cake with lemon layers and toffee topping) to cap off the night.

To make sure that guests were keeping their island flow going, Moore and Untermann served up several specialty cocktails that were tropically themed, including a special passion fruit Mojito as a signature drink ("Luke loves passion fruit and mojitos are pretty much the only alcoholic drink I like, so we combined the two!") and three signature Red Bull drinks that used tropical, lime and berry flavors.

When it came to the fine details, the bride entrusted her vendors to bring her tropical vision to life. "With my hectic surfing tour schedule I didn't have time to think about most of these details so I put all my trust in our wedding planner, Mimi," she explained. "I told her my favorite colors and she exceeded all of my expectations. She picked a combo of sweet-smelling yellow and coral roses, big protea and beautiful greenery amongst others. I absolutely love it!" Furthermore, Untermann built the altar for their ceremony, which Mimi draped in greenery for a completely personalized, earthy feel. (It's the same altar they continue to take pictures under to mark each wedding anniversary.)

The newlyweds had a DJ who spun good tunes throughout (and late into!) the night, and Moore planned a surprise song for her new husband. "Music .. is another element I didn't stress over too much and put my trust in the people coordinating," she says. "I just wanted good vibes that create an environment for people to kick back and enjoy the evening."

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