100 Cruise Captions for Your Prewedding Sail-ebration

Get your posts in ship shape with these captions.
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Updated Oct 16, 2023

Whether you're heading out on the open seas for your bachelorette party, bridal shower, or other prewedding event, you'll want a collection of cruise captions to pair with your photos. Show off your punny side, include a cute phrase or express love for your partner with a caption that matches your photo and personality. Christen your cruise photos with creative bachelorette captions or bridal shower captions that make your posts stand out. We curated a list of the best cruise captions from funny to romantic so you'll always know what to say with each post.

Cruise Captions in This Story: Funny | Clever | Cute | For Couples | Editor's Favorites

Funny Cruise Captions

Get LOLs from friends and family with these funny cruise Instagram captions.

  • Life is too short to party on land.
  • Sail yeah! We're celebrating the bride today.
  • Cruise hair, don't care.
  • These bachelorettes like big boats and we cannot lie.
  • Here to drink like a sailor.
  • This bachelorette party really floats my boat.
  • Eat, sleep, cruise, repeat.
  • Don't mess with this ship squad.
  • Gone coastal.
  • The sea is calling so off we go.
  • It's giving cruise life.
  • We're on a boat.
  • See you later, landlubbers.
  • What happens on the cruise, stays on the cruise.
  • No feeling salty on this bach cruise.
  • Mimosas are better on a boat.
  • Cruise babes do it better.
  • Don't rock the boat, there's a bride aboard.
  • What happens on the boat, stays on the boat.
  • Boat babes.

Clever Cruise Captions

Pair photos with these clever cruise captions that are fun and witty. These are great options for Instagram or if you need cruise captions for Facebook.

  • Aye, aye Captain Bride.
  • Today's forecast: Cruising with a chance of day drinking.
  • Saying bon voyage to the single life.
  • We're on cruise control this weekend.
  • No stern faces on this bachelorette cruise.
  • It's not a dinner cruise until we bring out the champagne.
  • Feeling em-ocean-al celebrating the bride.
  • We'll cruise with you where-river you go.
  • All hands on deck to spoil the bride.
  • Ocean air and salty hair.
  • Feeling boujee on our bach cruise.
  • I don't always cruise, but when I do it's with my favorite people.
  • Sailing away from the single life.
  • Tying the (sailor's) knot.

Cruise Puns Captions

If you love a good play on words, you'll love these cruise puns captions. These are also helpful if you're looking for short cruise captions to post on the go.

  • We can knot wait for the wedding.
  • Seas the day.
  • Let's get ship faced.
  • Sea la vie.
  • I'm knot sure if you noticed, but we're on a boat.
  • We shore did celebrate the bride.
  • Don't call us, we're not in shell-service.
  • Getting a little nauti on this bachelorette cruise.
  • We love the bride a yacht.
  • Just a bunch of aquaholics.
  • Tropic like it's hot.
  • Getting our dose of vitamin sea.
  • She's finally tying the naut.

Cute Cruise Captions

Show your love for your family and best friends with any of these cute cruise captions. Use them for a sweet moment or if you're looking for dinner cruise captions to complement your photos.

  • Nothing beats the open sea with my babes.
  • Sailing on the ocean with my best friends is a dream come true.
  • Cruising into the sunset with good food and great friends.
  • The ocean is wide, but our love for the bride is greater.
  • My besties, me, and the sea.
  • Cruise days and best friends.
  • Bachelorette cruise babes.
  • Hop aboard to shower the bride with love.
  • Celebrations are better on the ocean.
  • Sunshine on my mind and a cocktail in my hand.
  • Good vibes on the tides with the bride.
  • I can't imagine cruising through life without my best friends.
  • On a boat with my bach babes.
  • Getting lost in luxury on our bachelorette cruise.
  • You'll find us chasing the sun.
  • Recharging with my bachelorette besties.
  • Making waves with my "I do" crew.
  • The sun on our faces and the sound of the waves is giving us life.
  • Cruise with my bach crew.
  • Dream boat and dream besties.
  • Sunset cruising with my best friends.
  • We shore did spoil the beautiful bride-to-be.
  • Cruising our heart out.
  • Hopping on a cruise to our happy place.
  • Cruising into married life.

Cruise Captions for Couples

We love these cruise captions for a joint bachelorette party. Whether you simply want to express your love for your partner or are looking for romantic sunset cruise captions, use one of these options with your celebration photos.

  • I wouldn't sail through life with anyone but you.
  • All I need is you and the ocean.
  • You, me, the sunset and the sea.
  • Sailing with you is a dream come true.
  • A weekend at sea is just what we need.
  • No matter how rough the waves, I'll always hang on to you.
  • Cruising with my dream boat.
  • Happy to be in a forever relation-ship with you.
  • I'd be a wreck without you.
  • I love you a yacht.
  • Celebrating before we tie the naut.
  • We rock each other's boat.
  • I'd cruise to the end of the world with you.
  • You're my anchor in a rough sea.

Editor's Favorites: Best Cruise IG Captions

Complete your Instagram posts with one of our favorite captions for cruises.

  • I'd be a wreck without my girls.
  • Can naut wait to get this party started.
  • Oh ship! It's my bachelorette party.
  • Sail-ebrating the future newlywed.
  • About to slay all day on our cruise.
  • "I do" crew takes a cruise.
  • The bride floats our boat.
  • We're in our cruise girl era.
  • Tis the sea-sun to shower the bride with love.
  • Here's to the best friend-ships a girl can ask for.
  • Sunset from the sea hits different.
  • Bachelorette adventures await on the open sea.
  • Cruise life FTW.
  • Showering the bride with love and salt water.
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