How to Word a Gender-Neutral Bach Party Invitation

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Danielle Halibey - The Knot Contributor.
Danielle Halibey
Danielle Halibey - The Knot Contributor.
Danielle Halibey
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Jun 14, 2023

Not every person getting married identifies as a bride or groom, or bachelor or bachelorette, so if you're planning the prewedding party in their honor, your invitation message should definitely match their pronouns and those of the attendees. All it takes is some thoughtful gender-neutral bach party invitation wording to make your bids a lot more inclusive and representative of the wedding party getaway. We get it: If you're not a wordsmith, coming up with the verbiage to vibe with your celebrant, their attendees and the overall ambiance of the bach bash can be difficult. Don't freak out, though, we've got you covered. Keep on reading for tips on how to tailor the bach party invite wording to your favorite soonlywed and what to stay cognizant of for a truly gender-inclusive summons that's finessed to impress.

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What to Put on Your Bach Party Invitations

Like any invitation you'd be sending for a prewedding party, your card—whether it's a digital or physical invite—should include the basic details of the day or weekend. So that means: the celebrant's name (is it just one of the soonlyweds or both partners?), the date (or dates) of the event (and the time, if it's a one-night ordeal), the location and the details of when and how to RSVP to the planning point person (email, phone).

Once these are out of the way, it's time to figure out how to announce the event at the top of the invitation. You can go with the most-used vernacular for a gender-neutral fete, bachelorx party, or come up with a different name that feels right and captures the vibe of the wedding party's VIP vacay. Cap things off with a fun phrase that'll let guests know what they're in for at this epic shindig (more ideas for those later on).

Alternative Ways to Say Bach Party

Your invitees are probably already familiar with the idea of a bachelor or bachelorette party, so "bach" party, which removes the gendered suffixes, should convey a more gender-inclusive soiree. That being said, there are plenty of other gender-neutral wedding terms you can use in your invitation—there really is no standard terminology anymore when it comes to stationery wording, as long as your invitation properly addresses your guest of honor in a way that feels authentic to them.

Here are some other ideas on how to say "bach party," in case you need some inspiration:

  • Bachelorx party
  • Bach bash
  • Wedding send-off
  • Prenuptials night out
  • Inner circle party
  • Last fling before the rings
  • Getting-hitched hang
  • Final cruise with their "I do" crew
  • Bach blowout
  • The party before the party

Bach Party Invitation Wording Examples

Thinking about how to word your gender-neutral bach party invitation? First, highlight the big event that's coming up (i.e. your friend, sibling, coworker's wedding) and then tell your guests that a prenuptials anticipation celebration is in order. The wedding is going to be great, but whenever X's best people are gathered together for food, drinks and memory-making, it's a good time. With all that said, we'll get you ready to send an invitation that the VIP and all their revelers will love. Feel free to copy and paste right into the invitation templates you've been bookmarking and be sure to tweak accordingly to accommodate their preferred pronouns.

  • The countdown is on: [Name] is getting married in X days and it's time we showed them just how excited we are about the new status!
  • This is one bach party you won't want to miss—join us the weekend of [date] to celebrate our friend the only way we know how.
  • We're having a bachelorx party for [Name] on [date] at [time] and you're cordially invited—hope you're ready to rage!
  • We like to party and we know you do, too. Join us for a getaway to kiss our single years goodbye in a big way.
  • It happened: [Name] is getting hitched and we're on the hook for the hype. So, let's show them a good time. Pencil this date and time into your planners.
  • Vacay anyone? [Name] won't be a fiancé for too much longer, so let's say au revoir to their singlehood with a trip we'll talk about for years.
  • They're making it official on [wedding date], so let's get together on [date] for some prewedding refreshments—food and booze sound good?
  • What's a wedding send-off without [Name]'s favorite people present and accounted for? You're invited on [date] at [time] in [location] to celebrate.
  • Last fling before the rings. It's cliché, but they're not—see you at [Name] and [Name]'s bach bash on [date] at [time].
  • Love the bachelorx, hate the party? Don't fret, consider this a "they're-getting-hitched" hang with the best people in the world.
  • [Name] is exchanging vows in X days and we're saying bon voyage to their solo years from a big AF boat. Come sail away on [date - date].
  • [Name]'s Bach Blowout (noun): A wild weekend to celebrate our best friend's journey toward matrimony. Your presence (and photo skills) is/are requested.
  • FYI, the party before the party—for our [Name]—is planned for [date] at [time]. Spots are limited, so RSVP ASAP if you want in!
  • Whoever said that wedding parties weren't necessary obviously didn't meet our crew. Let's log one more epic rendezvous on [date] at [time] in [Name]'s honor.
  • First came the engagement party, then came the wedding shower. Next up? The bachelorx fest. Write down the deets [date, time, location] and don't be late!
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