How Many 'Love Is Blind' Couples Are Still Together Today?

For nine lucky pairs, love really was blind.
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Updated Mar 13, 2024

Is love blind? For some, it sure is. Netflix's hit dating experiment Love Is Blind first premiered in 2020, exploring whether it was possible for strangers to date —sight unseen—and fall in love without coming face to face. The reality show became an instant cultural phenomenon, captivating millions of viewers around the world. So, how many Love Is Blind couples are still together?

In the series' five-season span, plenty of couples have left the pods to embark on life in the real world…but only a few have made their romance last after the show ended. Those who have succeeded have become fast fan favorites, as viewers can't help their curious fascination with those who found love through a wall. Ahead of the Love Is Blind season six premiere on February 14, 2024, we look back on all the Love is Blind couples that are still together, breaking down where they each stand today.

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How Many Love Is Blind Couples Are Still Together?

Whether you've been a fan since the very beginning or you've only just started tuning into recent seasons, you're probably wondering which Love is Blind couples are still together. We're happy to report there are nine Love Is Blind couples that are married. Below, we break down each pair that's still together and detail what their relationships are like now.

All the Love is Blind Couples Still Together Today

From Lauren and Cameron to Bliss and Zach, all the Love Is Blind couples that stayed together might surprise you. Here's a peek into the nine duos who are still as madly in love as they were in the pods.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton

Otherwise known as LIB royalty, Lauren and Cameron are one of two season one Love is Blind couples that are still together. The entrepreneur and scientist became instant favorites on the show, and they were married on November 16, 2018—which means they had to keep their wedding news a secret for well over a year, since their season premiered in February 2020.

In the fall of 2023, just a few weeks shy of their fifth anniversary, The Knot's sister site Hitched caught up with the couple, who confirmed that they're as strong as ever. "I always say we did it backward," Lauren told us. "We got married and then we started dating, which in a lot of ways was fun and exciting, but it's definitely different than anything I've ever experienced."

The couple, who have a dog named Mr. Sparx, renewed their vows in Las Vegas, exactly five years after they first tied the knot. "5 years into forever! I can't believe we've been married half a decade… somehow each day I've come to love you a little more," Lauren shared on Instagram. "You are such a gift and I'm so grateful for you @cameronreidhamilton. Thank you for being you and loving me for me. I love you deep ❤️."

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett

Surprised about this one? Amber Pike and Matt Barnett from Love Is Blind season one are still together too. The duo got off to a strong start in the pods, though you may recall they had a few tense conversations about finances once they embarked on a relationship IRL.

Clearly, though, these two have found the secret to making love last. After their time on the show, Amber and Barnett caught the travel bug, as they've spent the early years of their marriage exploring far-flung places like Peru, Italy and Canada. They celebrated their fifth anniversary in November 2023, a milestone that Amber reflected on in a sweet post on social media.

"5 years later and somehow I really do love you more today than the day we said "I do,'" she captioned a video of memories with her husband. "Our love is greater now than it was then because it is a choice we have made and put effort in to every day for the past 5 years and I know that is something we will continue to do for the rest of our lives…5 years down and a lifetime more to look forward to❤️🥰😘"

Brennon and Alexa Lemieux

Though they may have seemed like an unlikely match at first, Brennan and Alexa Lemieux are one of the most beloved Love Is Blind couples still together today. After their season aired, The Knot exclusively spoke to the newlyweds about what viewers didn't see on the show, and Alexa confirmed that she and her husband found a fast connection. "From day one, he was always my number one," Alexa told us. "While we do come from very different backgrounds, we had a lot of similarities with our families, as well as struggles we've faced. I've never really talked to anybody about things like that, especially in a romantic way."

The couple marked their second wedding anniversary in June 2023 by taking a romantic trip to Italy. Then, at the beginning of 2024, Alexa and Brennon made the exciting announcement that they're expecting their first child together! The mom-to-be opened up about their path to pregnancy on Instagram, noting that they went through IUI treatments for over a year. "They say when you least expect it, it will happen," she shared. "This journey has been one of the hardest things I have ever been through, but it was worth the wait."

Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed

Although they had one of the less traditional relationships on the show, Love Is Blind season three couple Colleen and Matt are still married. The ballet dancer and sales executive hit it off early on and left the pods together. They did get married during the season finale (which was filmed in June 2021) but embarked on an unconventional living situation.

After living apart for the first two years of their marriage, they moved in together in Dallas, Texas in June 2023. Though they tend to post less than other Love Is Blind couples on social media, they appear to be going strong. For Halloween 2023, they took a fun cue from pop culture and dressed up as David and Victoria Beckham.

Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell Brown

Tiffany and Brett stans rejoice, because this season four Love Is Blind couple is still as madly in love as they were in the pods. The Portland dwellers found an immediate connection during their season, and fans couldn't help but swoon over their romance out of the pods. Tiffany and Brett got married in May 2022 and kept it a secret until their season premiered the following year.

2024 will mark the year of their second wedding anniversary, and there's a good chance they'll continue to fill their time with international adventures. So far in their marriage, this husband-and-wife pair embarked on vacations to Colombia, Mexico, and, most recently, New Orleans, where they rang in the New Year. In a joint Instagram post on December 31, the couple reflected on the milestones they marked during their first public year as a married couple. "2023 was life changing in so many ways! Thank you to everyone for following our journey this year," the wrote. "Cheers to 2024!"

Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin Appiah

Are Chelsea and Kwame still together? The answer is yes! The season four Love Is Blind couple marked their first anniversary in May 2023 (and they celebrated by upgrading their wedding jewelry stacks, of course).

Fans watched as Chelsea and Kwame struggled with familial acceptance in their early days outside the pods, but the newlyweds are simply thriving now. After enjoying a honeymoon in Greece, the couple documents their life together as they travel across the US and spend time with fellow LIB couples (like Bliss and Zack). In August 2023, it was announced that Chelsea joined the Love Is Blind casting team—the first time a previous contestant has joined as a production member.

In February 2024, The Knot caught up with Chelsea and Kwame to chat about their marriage today, and they confirmed that their romance is the strongest it has ever been. "The main thing we're looking forward to is what's next for us, which is solidifying our roots," Kwame shared. "We have to figure out what that means to us, whether it's buying a house in Seattle or finding a new city." And while some LIB couples are expanding their families, these two are more than thrilled to soak up time with the little ones already in their lives. "We're enjoying being an auntie and uncle," Chelsea said. "I feel like I'm making up for lost time. I haven't been in these kids' lives, so I want to eat up every moment that I can. Second to being a wife, auntie is my favorite title."

Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi-Goytowski

Perhaps one of the most fascinating couples to come out of Love Is Blind is Zack and Bliss. Although they connected in the pods, Zack ultimately proposed to Irina Solomonova—but when they met in Mexico, they came to a mutual agreement that they didn't have chemistry and broke off their engagement. Zack reconnected with Bliss over a coffee date and the two slowly began rebuilding their relationship. He proposed on a boat that same season, and they said yes at the altar during the finale.

In November 2023, Zack and Bliss made history by becoming the first Love is Blind couple to announce their pregnancy. Shortly after making the news public, the mom-to-be shared a touching tribute to her husband on social media: "To my heart, my true home, the best man I've ever met: The excitement in our lives has been overwhelming, beautiful and surreal. From the moment we met, it's been a beautiful, meaningful whirlwind filled with purpose, love, challenges and adventure. As we slow down (just a little bit), it's caused me to reflect upon how no matter where we were or what we were doing, I was good because I was with you... I am so proud to be your wife and to have you as the father of our baby!"

Milton Johnson and Lydia Velez Gonzalez

If you're wondering whether or not Milton and Lydia from Love Is Blind season five are still together, the answer is yes…sort of. This pairing sparked plenty of buzz during the season, notably because of their seven-year age gap. (He was 25 at the time of filming, while she was 32.)

Concerns aside, these two suck it out after departing from the pods and ultimately said yes at the altar. Their wedding on the show took place in June 2022, and they alter hosted a sequel ceremony in Lydia's native Puerto Rico. In October 2023, it was revealed that they began living separately when Milton moved to California for work and Lydia stayed at home in Texas. That said, the spouses did spend the 2023 holiday season together—and in February, Lydia posted images from a photoshoot with her husband, captioning it, "Life is more fun with you❤️."

Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre

Are Amy and Johnny still married? They are! The newest Love Is Blind couple still together met on the show's sixth season, which aired in the spring of 2024. They instantly connected in the pods and were the first duo to get engaged. Although many fans considered this season to be the most dramatic installment yet, Amy and Johnny's journey was fairly smooth sailing (despite a few tense conversations about family planning). They were one of two couples to make it down the aisle, and they exchanged vows in an emotional ceremony that brought everyone to tears. (Even us!)

At the reunion, Johnny and Amy confirmed their marriage is still going strong. "friendship, family, and true love - i got my fairytale love story after all 🥹," Amy wrote in an Instagram caption after the finale aired. "i genuinely can't believe this is my real life, i feel like i've been living in a dream! so eternally grateful for all the love and support, there's more to come."

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