Exclusive: Love Is Blind's Amy & Johnny Reveal Wedding Secrets You Didn't See on the Show

Their first dance was set to a Harry Styles song!
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Updated Mar 21, 2024

Ever wonder what really goes down at a Love Is Blind wedding? Fans of Netflix's smash hit dating series know that the show only features a portion of what happens IRL once couples make it to the altar—so we caught up with season six duo Amy Cortes and Johnny McIntyre to get the scoop on what transpired once the cameras stopped rolling.

Fresh off the reunion, which aired in March 2024, Johnny and Amy confirmed that their marriage is still going strong. With their first anniversary approaching on May 10, we sat down with Amy and Johnny to chat about their favorite wedding moments that viewers didn't get to see. Look back on memories from their wedding day here, including the non-traditional song they used for their first dance and the spontaneous reception moment that had everyone "sobbing."

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Amy and Johnny's Love Is Blind Wedding Secrets

Even though the sixth season of Love Is Blind didn't premiere until the spring of 2024, Amy Cortes and Johnny McIntyre's wedding took place on May 10, 2023. Here's a peek at some of their favorite wedding memories that didn't make it onto the show.

Their First Dance Was Set to a Harry Styles Song

Once the reception began, Amy and Johnny took the floor as newlyweds for their first dance—and they opted for a Harry's House deep cut! "It was to 'Love of My Life' by Harry Styles," Amy tells us. "The song in itself is more of a sad song, but we didn't really establish 'our song' until after we got married…We were just listening to different music that could fit with us."

It helped that the emotional pop ballad features one of their names in the lyrics, making it the perfect selection. "In the song, he says the name 'Johnny' at some point," Cortes continues. "We love Harry Styles, so we were like, 'Why not?'"

Amy Shared an Emotional Dance With Her Brother

The first dance wasn't the only emotional dance floor moment. Amy also shared a spin with her brother, David, who was prominently featured on the show (and even helped walk her down the aisle). "One of my favorite [wedding memories] was dancing with my brother," Cortes recalls. "It was so sweet because we hadn't planned on doing a dance. It was very spontaneous and I was sobbing, it was so special for me."

While it was a cherished memory for the siblings, Cortes adds that it further exemplified her union with McIntyre's family: "It made me feel like I made the best decision ever because of how accepted [David] was by Johnny and his family. It was just reiterating the fact that we were fully welcomed. It's something I'll never forget."

One of Their Favorite Elements Was the Live Painter

Johnny and Amy's wedding was planned by Slomique, founder of Carpe Diem Events (who designs all the Love Is Blind weddings). While Cortes didn't have many non-negotiables, she was adamant that the event had a "fairytale" vibe with "a lot of flowers and pastels." The couple was also set on having one particular wedding vendor on hand to capture the day: "I wanted a live painter! That was a must for us," Cortes recalls.

As seen on the show, the artist began sketching the dreamy pink landscape as the ceremony began and finished the canvas by the end of the night. The newlyweds confirm it was one of their favorite wedding mementos—and it's still on display in their house. "That was one of the best touches," McIntyre says.

It Was a Family-Oriented Event

Throughout the season, it was clear that Johnny and Amy bonded over their shared family values. It was no surprise, then, that the couple's loved ones played an integral role on their wedding day. In fact, the duo agrees that if they could re-do their nuptials, they would set aside more time to simply take in the moment. "I just wish we would have taken a breather to eat," Cortes says with a laugh. "We were moving so fast. There were so many friends and family there that we don't get to see every day because a lot of them don't live [in Charlotte]. We were just trying to soak in that moment."

It's for this reason that the couple is considering a second wedding or vow renewal away from cameras (much like their fellow castmates Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton). "I would want to do it in Puerto Rico," Cortes says of their vision. "I have family there who weren't able to attend the wedding in Charlotte. We'd want it to be a tight-knit wedding with a destination vibe."

But, McIntyre says, they're in no rush for a sequel wedding—especially now that they can finally enjoy their newlywed status in public. "We don't want to rush it," he explains. "We want to do it our way so that it's really meaningful, not something to just check off."

The Secret to Amy and Johnny's Marriage

Throughout Love Is Blind's six-season tenure, plenty of couples have made it to the altar, but only nine are still married today. So, what's the secret to Johnny and Amy's marriage? The answer might not come as a huge surprise. "It sounds cliché, but we have constant communication," Cortes shares. "We just want to make each other feel seen and heard and valued, which has been the key in the past year. We still had to learn a lot about each other, especially when we moved in together. We've gone through any challenges thrown our way with a lot of grace."

Now that the show has ended and Johnny and Amy can finally enjoy married life out in the open, they're looking forward to putting down roots in Charlotte and traveling the world. But, more than anything, they're excited for the small, mundane moments of quality time that come with married life. "We love the Marshalls runs, the Target runs, those little moments in the car together listening to music," McIntyre says with a smile. "They're small in comparison to other milestones, but they do mean a lot."

Adds Cortes: "We used to do those things alone, and now we can do it with the person we love… I'm just really grateful for having an incredible partner to go through life with."

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