Exclusive: Love Is Blind's Chelsea & Kwame Reveal The Secret to Their Marriage

Plus, they share wedding memories you *didn't* see on the show.
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Updated Feb 14, 2024

Of all the Love Is Blind couples we've watched fall in love through the pods, only eight are still currently together today—including season four stars Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin. The couple's journey began when their season was filmed in 2022; although their wedding day took place in May of that year, they had to keep their relationship status under wraps until the following spring when the season aired on Netflix.

So, where do Chelsea and Kwame stand today? We're more than happy to report that this Love is Blind couple is happier than ever. Ahead of the series' season six premiere on February 14, 2024, we caught up with the duo to chat about the secret to what makes their marriage last to this day. Plus, they revealed brand new wedding memories you didn't see on the show, and teased plans for what's next in their lives.

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The Secret to Kwame and Chelsea's Marriage

Considering they're one of a few successful pairings to come from Netflix's hit dating show, we had to ask Kwame and Chelsea the secret to their marriage—to which Chelsea immediately quipped the key is to not touch your spouse's boxers. ("He doesn't want me to fold his underwear!" she laughed. "That's surprising.")

Laundry habits aside, the couple credits their early dates for preparing them for life outside the pods. Here's what they say is the reason for their marital bliss today.

Their Unseen Pod Conversations Prepared Them for Real Life

The couple agrees that their deep conversations about life and love were critical for getting on the same page about what they wanted out of the experiment. "It was really amazing to have these moments where we got to spend time together and think, 'Wow, that was a really life-changing conversation.' We had a few of those," Kwame remembers. "On our third or fourth date, we really got deep into who we were prior [to the show] and how we transitioned into the current version of ourselves. It was really important to us."

One moment in particular stands out to Chelsea as the exact point she knew she was in it with Kwame for the long haul: the day he wrote her a song. "You can't tell I was crying as hard as I was in that scene," she recalls. "I remember thinking in that moment, 'I found my person. I'm either going to walk out married to him or heartbroken for the rest of my life.'"

As for Kwame, he knew Chelsea was the one when he heard her voice through the wall on proposal day (which Chelsea calls the most "nerve-wracking" moment of the entire show). "You have to be in the pod to hear someone, but Chelsea is kind of a loud person," he smiles. "As I was walking in, I heard her on the other end. Just hearing her before I stepped into the pod, I thought about how much that made me want to be in that pod and hear her voice. That was a defining moment for me."

They Fought For Their Love Through Tough Times

Once the cameras stopped rolling after the wedding, Kwame and Chelsea were faced with the challenging task of blending their independent lives, mere weeks after they first met. "We had some months where it was just really difficult," Kwame says. "You have to want to be with that person. It's about teamwork, understanding, and traversing through difficult waters with each other."

Chelsea agrees, suggesting that a successful marriage requires both partners to put in the work to prioritize their relationship through challenging times. "You have to love that person enough, and the Love Is Blind experiment allows you to find out if you do or do not love that person," she explains. "All the couples that are happy and still together today have had that. It's built in the experiment, and it strengthens and grows from there."

They Seek Out New Experiences Together

Once they were finally free to take their romance public after their season aired, Chelsea and Kwame wasted no time getting out and seeing the world together. Shortly after their first wedding anniversary, they embarked on an enviable honeymoon to Europe: a 13-day cruise with stops in Greece, Turkey and Italy. "I think about that trip probably every week," Chelsea says. "It was seriously some of the most amazing times because were just carefree. It was our first experience to just explore together, and that in itself was special to us."

As a frequent traveler, Kwame added that the ability to experience new places together helped strengthen their bond as spouses. "Couples should seek out opportunities to explore the world together because it allows you to share new perspectives," he urges. "She sees life in a certain way, and I see it in a certain way, so it was really great for us both to experience something so new and unique for the first time together."

They Keep In Touch With Their LIB Friends

Although Chelsea and Kwame's marriage tips are applicable to all couples, there's no denying that their experience is something only a select few can relate to—and that's why they still keep in touch with their Love Is Blind friends to this day. "We're all going through our own things," Kwame says of their group. "Our amazing friends Bliss and Zack are [expecting their first child], and we talk to Tiff and Brett about where they're at in their journey now. We get to do this together."

In fact, they have such a strong fondness for the franchise that Chelsea rejoined the Love Is Blind casting team in the fall of 2023. "This show changed my life," Chelsea explains. "Helping people is one thing that's always been at the forefront of what I like to do in this world. This is a really unique and challenging opportunity, but when it's cast with the right people it can be so successful. Now I get to support them through that process."

Moments You Didn't See From Chelsea and Kwame's Love is Blind Wedding

Of course, we couldn't talk to Chelsea and Kwame without looking back on their wedding day. Since viewers only get to see a few minutes of each couple's nuptials, we asked them to share behind-the-scenes secrets from their celebration—and their favorite memories might surprise you.

Once the vows were swapped and the cameras stopped rolling, Kwame and Chelsea celebrated their newlywed status with one big party. "Our reception was my favorite part," Kwame recalls. "It was the celebration of everything. We had gotten through the nerves."

Adds Chelsea: "There was a lot of dancing. Kwame had a first dance with [his sister] Barbara, I had a dance with my dad. Those moments were very special and they were not shown."

They Met Each Other's Families During The Event

Just about every aspect of Love Is Blind is untraditional—especially when it comes to planning the wedding. "When you get married on Love is Blind, you're praying that your family from afar can get to you as fast as this wedding is planned, which is under two weeks," Chelsea explains. "I texted my cousins and I was like, 'I cannot answer any questions, but please be at my wedding this Friday.'"

Given the fast turnaround, Chelsea's extended family members didn't get a chance to meet Kwame before the big day, and vice versa. "I have a picture of a moment when we were up on a stage where the cake was, and my cousins literally walked up so I could introduce my now-husband," she remembers.

The Ceremony Tension Could Be "Cut With a Knife"

Although Love Is Blind weddings are *real* weddings (with a marriage license and all), much of the atmosphere is foreign to couples and their guests. "There's a lot of energy in the beginning," Chelsea muses. "You could cut it with a knife."

"It's stressful not just for us, but also our friends and family members, even the crew," Kwame shares. "Once we got through the beautiful matrimony ceremony, everyone did a big exhale. The reception was an opportunity for everyone to celebrate all the hard work that went into it."

They're Considering a Vow Renewal

Right now, Kwame and Chelsea are focused on their next big life change, which could be buying a house (with an all-pink room for Chelsea, of course) or finding a new city to put down roots. But that doesn't mean they haven't toyed with the idea of hosting a vow renewal off-camera. (After all, not only are vow renewals a huge wedding industry trend, it's something other Love Is Blind couples have taken advantage of, like Lauren and Cameron.) "We've thought about [a vow renewal]," Kwame teases. "My mom wasn't able to be at the initial production wedding, and so it would be really great to have a traditional Ghanaian wedding—or maybe even something with a mix of our cultures. Being someone who was born and partially raised in Ghana, it's a big part of who I am."

While Chelsea confirms a second wedding won't happen in the immediate future, it is something they want to do for their loved ones. "When you get married, it's primarily about you, but there is some ownership that your family has," she says. "I think for our families to have that again, it would be so special."

She continues, "I couldn't recite my vows today, because I don't remember them! I think a renewal would be really special, to not have the cameras and be in a calmer space. Now that we have this foundation, we have more to draw from."

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