How Much Does It Cost to Change Your Name After the Wedding?

Make it easy on yourself—and your wallet—by reading these tips now.
Nicole Piquant
by Nicole Piquant
Updated Nov 23, 2020
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How much does it cost to change your name postwedding? More than you might think. Whether you're taking your spouse's last name, making your maiden name your middle name or creating a new surname, the process has a price. Here, we've laid what you might have to pay for, plus some tips for saving money when you make the switch.


To determine how much you'll be spending on a replacement passport, take a look at the issue date. If it was issued less than a year ago, there aren't any fees associated with changing your name (unless you want to pay an extra $60 for expedited service, in which case you'll get it in two to three weeks). If your passport is more than a year old, you'll have to pay for new documents to be processed—visit Travel.State.Gov for a fee chart and calculator. Expect to wait four to six weeks for a non-expedited passport to arrive in the mail, so if you have a big vacation planned (or, ahem, your honeymoon) wait to change these until after you come back.

Cost to Change Name on Passport: Between $0 and $165

Social Security Card

Skip external services that charge a fee and work directly with the Social Security Administration: They'll send you a new card with your married name for free. Simply fill out the appropriate form (which you can find on the administration's website), and mail or bring it to your local Social Security office. Done and done.

Cost to Change Name on Social Security Card: $0

Driver's License

The cost varies depending on the jurisdiction and state, but it typically comes in at less than $50. The real hassle is digging up every form of identification you can find—then waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Visit your local DMV's website for specific prices and instructions. Not a driver? You'll still need a new state ID, which has its own fee.

Cost to Change Name on Driver's License: Usually between $10 and $35, according to name change service HitchSwitch

Miscellaneous Fees

Plan ahead for additional charges based on your unique situation—the steps to changing your name go beyond getting a new passport, social security card and driver's license. For example, the bank may charge you for new checks or a new debit card. Meanwhile, all that paperwork could involve postal and notarization fees. And if you can't legally change your name using your marriage license, you'll have to petition the court. The cost of that includes filing fees and in some cases, a publishing fee—yep, certain states require you to announce your name change in a local newspaper. These are just a few examples, which is why it's so important to look into changing your name (and the associated costs) ASAP. That means doing so well before the wedding day and definitely before you file for your marriage license, since how you complete the document can impact how much you'll pay.


Don't forget that time is also money. With that in mind, there's one more optional expense that could actually save you both in the long run. HitchSwitch's personalized name change packages start at just $39. Purchase one, complete a super-quick form and get everything you need to tackle the process no matter your situation. We're talking auto-filled forms, custom instructions and an amazingly helpful staff of experts ready to answer all your questions—like how to make things as simple (and affordable!) as possible.

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