Press Play on These Top 20 Nigerian Wedding Songs

These Nigerian Wedding Songs will keep the party going all night long.
Kelsey Mulvey
by Kelsey Mulvey
Updated Jan 23, 2023

It doesn't matter which tribe you're honoring—Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba or one of the many other communities, one thing's for sure: No Nigerian wedding is complete without an excellent playlist. With roots in the West African region, Nigerian weddings are known for their vibrant and festive vibes, and very few things can get the party going like an assortment of romantic love songs, party jams and classic tunes.

But, how do you even begin to create the perfect wedding playlist? First and foremost, you'll want to find a DJ that's familiar with Nigerian songs. (Don't worry, The Knot Marketplace is here to help.) From there, you'll want to consider your overall wedding style. While traditional weddings might call for classic songs passed down from generation to generation, modern couples might be more eager to incorporate some trending beats to the mix. And, what are you looking for in the music? Do you want chill background beats during dinner and drinks or a lively setlist that will have everyone on the dance floor?

To help you perfect your playlist—and have all of your wedding guests raving about the music—we're sharing the 20 best Nigerian wedding songs to add to your queue. From sweet ceremony essentials to first dance contenders, these beats will start your wedding day on the right note.

"Ololufe," Flavour

Lyrics you'll love: "How can I be your Mr. Right/ Baby what I feel it's so strong/ Ife ife ife/ You are the apple of eyes/ Ife ife ife/ I'm gonna love you till I die."

Think of "Ololufe' as the perfect song for an aww-inducing first dance. (We dare you to not tear up when you read the lyrics!) Sung by Nigerian artist Flavour, this romantic ballad has a lively, positive beat that reminds us of falling in love with your person. In fact, "ololufe" translates to "lover" in English, so we can't think of any better song to represent the bond you have between your newly minted husband or wife.

"Ololufe," Wande Coal

Lyrics you'll love: "You're my everything/ I can't even say I'm in/ Because of the love you bring/ That's why I will always sing/ And every time I'm weak/ And every time I sleep/ I know I'm still dreaming about you."

Speaking of "Ololufe," did you know that Wande Coal has a song with the same name? (And, to make this even more complicated, his iteration is also perfect for a first dance.) In this slowed-down track, Coal's lyrics perfectly capture that all-consuming, "don't-know-what-I'd-do-without-you" love that every couple feels on their wedding day.

"Heaven (Susu's Song)," Banky W

Lyrics you'll love: "You wanna know if I will ever leave your side/ But I will love you till the very day I die."

The most important thing about marriage is having someone by your side through life's inevitable ups and downs. Perhaps no song captures 'till death do us part quite like "Heaven (Susu's Song)" by Banky W. With his silky smooth voice and a few strums of a guitar, this sentimental song epitomizes everlasting love—in both this life and the next. If you play this during your wedding ceremony, we promise you this: there will be waterworks.

"No One Like You," P-Square

Lyrics you'll love: "Hello/ How you doing/ My angel, my one and only/ The only one that I am missing/ When they bring me joy and blessings/ You know, that I love you and I can't wait to say 'I do'"

It's been over 20 years since "No One Like You" debuted—and seven years since the music duo parted ways—but the song continues to be a wedding day essential. The catchy rhythm and loved-up lyrics evoke that exhilarating anticipation of waking up on your wedding day and counting down the minutes until you can say "I do" to your special someone. But, why keep that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling to yourself? Ask your DJ to play "No One Like You" during your wedding reception and let your guests have a piece of the matrimonial magic.

"Assurance," Davido

Lyrics you'll love: "Assurance, assurance/ I give my baby assurance/ I give my baby lifetime insurance."

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When Afrobeats star Davido wrote "Assurance," he was on a mission to express his unwavering love and devotion for his longtime partner, Chioma. But, if you ask us, this sweet sentiment will resonate with all newlyweds. Though Davido is a Nigerian-American artist, Assurance has become popular in many other countries, so guests of all backgrounds are sure to appreciate this pick. Go ahead, play this mellow and soothing melody as a first dance or during your wedding ceremony.

"Ada Ada," Flavour

Lyrics you'll love: "Have you seen my beautiful baby?/ Have you seen my tomato baby ooo? iyele/ Baby softly dey cool me temper, Ada/ Baby na sugar sugar iyo oh."

Incorporating "Ada Ada" into the wedding playlist is a great way to add a touch of fun and energy to the reception and make it an unforgettable event for all the guests. Regarded as a "wedding theme song" in Nigeria, the song describes the traditional wedding of an Ada, or first daughter. (Psst...if a Nigerian bride wants to dedicate a dance to her parents, this is the perfect song to do so.) It's an upbeat, feel-good song that will get everyone up on their feet and dancing at any point of the night.

"Iyawo Mi," Timi Dakolo

Lyrics you'll love: "Yes I wanna build my whole world around you/ So I promise you forever and for always/ Girl you are my sunshine baby don't you go away."

Very few people can pile on the compliments like Timi Dakolo. In his song "Iyawo Mi," which translates to "my wife," the Nigerian singer-songwriter waxes poetic about the special woman in his life. (Not only is she his lover and best friend, but Dakolo also says she's as beautiful as "an angel in the morning." We're blushing!) Whether you play this as you gear up for that highly-anticipated first look or dedicate it to your partner during the wedding reception, this beat is bound to give anyone heart eyes.

"Orente" by Adekunle Gold

Lyrics you'll love: "Shout out to my one and only/ Na you be my alobam/ Nkem you are my one in a million."

Ready to slow things down? Grab your spouse and sway to "Orente," a soft ballad sung by Adekunle Gold. The word "orente" is often used to describe a woman who is beautiful and loyal, making this a wonderful song to share with your lifelong partner. Since this song has a slower tempo, we'd recommend reserving "Orente" for a first dance or processional during a wedding ceremony.

"African Queen," Tuface

Lyrics you'll love: "Just like the sun, lights up the earth, you light up my life/ The only one, I've ever seen with a smile so bright."

As far as we're concerned, the bride is the ultimate queen of her wedding day. So, why not give her the praise she deserves with "African Queen" by Tuface? Perfect for first dances or father-daughter moments, this sweet melody is all about loving up on the woman who lights up her dancing partner's life.

"Woju," Kizz Daniel

Lyrics you'll love: "Nor be you I want to buy/ But na you I want to marry."

For a lively song that will make your bridesmaids beeline it to the dance floor after dinner, you can't go wrong with "Woju." In this fast-paced jam, Yoruba singer and songwriter Kizz Daniel hits that sweet spot between passion and romance, which is essential in every lasting relationship. (Pro tip: If you want to crank up the party, play the remix Kizz Daniel recorded with Davido and Tiwa Savage. Trust us, you'll get major kudos from your wedding party.)

"Made for You," Banky W.

Lyrics you'll love: "Baby I was made for you/ I was made for you/ As you were made for me/ Baby can't you see/ That I was made for/ I was made for you/ That you were made for me."

How does it feel when you find your match? Relief? A sense of peace? Complete disbelief that someone fits your life so seamlessly? Banky W. manages to capture all of those emotions—and then some—in "Made for You." Crank up the romance and play this slow down in between meal courses and watch all the couples around you develop some serious heart eyes.

"On Top Your Matter," Wizkid

Lyrics you'll love: "Love me make I love you baby oh (baby oh)/ Kiss me make I kiss you baby oh (my baby oh)."

Don't let this pulse-pumping tempo fool you: Wizkid's "On Top Your Matter" represents the heart of the matter. From the courting process to walking down the aisle, this tune feels like a fast-forward look at falling (and staying) in love. But, since it's not over-the-top romantic, it's a great beat to bust out toward the end of a wedding reception.

"Perfect Gentleman," Sean Tizzle

Lyrics you'll love: "Let me be your, a perfect gentleman oh/ Let me be the man to always hold you down/ Could you be the one for me."

You don't need to be a "perfect gentleman" to enjoy Sean Tizzle's bop. Since it was released in 2014, this high-energy song has been a must-play at any Nigerian wedding. Uplifting and upbeat, this pick is bound to get everyone up on their feet and to the dance floor. (Rumor has it that Tizzle recorded this song in both Yoruba and English, so it's perfect for any type of party!)

"Oruka," Sunny Neji

Lyrics you'll love: "It's your wedding day so be happy and rejoice/ Whatever they say today you made your choice/ This is only where one and one is one/ Ololufe re together you belong."

If you want to tug at your family's heartstrings, dedicate Sunny Neji's "Oruka" to your parents and in-laws. Though this smooth, silky tune talks about all the joy that marriage brings, it does touch upon how some parents feel as they watch their children tie the knot. As Neji croons: "Mommy don't cry cause your baby girl has become a woman; daddy don't cry cause your baby boy has become a man today."

"Olo Mi," Tosin Martins

Lyrics you'll love: "Olo mi, oni'temi Ore mi, ololufe."

Sung in Yoruba, "Olo Mi" by Tosin Martins has that easy, breezy quality that makes it the perfect thing to play during dinner or cocktail hour. But, as it turns out, the lyrics are downright romantic. Throughout the song, Martins repeats a few sweet phrases: "Olo mi" (my love), "ore mi" (my friend), and "ololufe" (my lover.)

"Fall in Love," D'banj

Lyrics you'll love: "See, I never thought that I'll find someone like you/ That will capture my heart and there's nothing I can do."

If there's a lull in the setlist, this tune from D'banj promises to kick your party into high gear. With a lively, smile-inducing beat, "Fall in Love" is one of those songs that will add a pep to your step—whether you're walking down the street and down the aisle. Plus, D'banj's depiction of transforming from a player into a lover boy is what romantic comedies are made of. Translation? The perfect happy ending to your special day.

"Peru," Fireboy DML and Ed Sheeran

Lyrics you'll love: "Tonight, we're rolling, party 'til closing/ Since I put the ring on her finger, it's still frozen/ Love in slow motion/ I wanna feel you over me, yeah."

Planning a multicultural wedding? You simply can't go wrong with "Peru." Nigerian Fireboy DML recently remixed this popular song with British artist Ed Sheeran, creating a bop that transcends country borders. Equal parts soothing and sensual, "Peru" is a great song to play as your wedding reception transforms into the after party.

"My Woman, My Everything," Patoranking and Wande Coal

Lyrics you'll love: "My woman oh, my everything."

The secret to having an excellent wedding playlist is to feature songs that everyone can enjoy—not just those who are head-over-heels in love. Fortunately, "My Woman, My Everything" ticks off all of the boxes. Recorded by Patoranking and Wande Coal, the repetitive lyrics and beat of this song will allow guests to focus on their epic dance moves.

"Roju," Chiké

Lyrics you'll love: "Give me your heart I no go run away/ Show me your love I no go use you play."

What makes a wedding so beautiful is watching two different worlds seamlessly blend into one. And, what better way to emphasize that by playing Chiké's "Roju." According to the Nigerian singer, this tropical tune is all about celebrating diverse love at a wedding. If you want to start your wedding on a unifying note, consider playing this as guests file into their seats before the ceremony.

"Duro," Tekno

Lyrics you'll love: "You are my remedy/ You are my melody."

For the perfect mix of lovely and lively, press play on "Duro" by Tekno. Here, the sweet words of affirmation to the mother of his children is paired with a chill tune you can't help but sway to. If you choose to have speeches during your wedding day, "Duro" can be a great song to play as the microphone is passed around the room.

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