25 Fun & Unique Outdoor Date Ideas for Nature-Loving Couples

Even if you'd never describe yourself as "outdoorsy", these couple outings are still appealing.
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Updated Apr 02, 2024

Some couples love a good night out or a solid night in, but perhaps you're on a quest to get out of your comfort zone and to seek new experiences. Sounds like it's time to start incorporating more outdoor date ideas into your rotation. But first? You'll want to figure out what options are out there—literally.

From the more obvious ideas of leisurely walks outside and epic beach days to the more rugged and physical ideas of hiking or kayaking, we scoured social, Reddit, Pinterest and more to find date ideas for outdoorsy or wannabe-outdoorsy couples. Check out 25 of our best ideas. Bonus: They're all relatively affordable!


When's the last time you took the time to look at the stars—like really look at them and take them in? These days you don't even need a telescope, just a smartphone app and camera can help you identify constellations and find a newfound appreciation for the night sky. Plus, what's more romantic than stargazing with your love?


Grab your sleeping bags, tent, lanterns and bug spray (and anything else you can think of) and go camping as a couple! Spend some time researching campsites together, make sure you have everything you need and enjoy a night or two really becoming one with the great outdoors.


A bit fancier than camping, glamping can also be a fun overnight outdoor date idea where you wouldn't technically become one with the outdoors but it's close enough. There are so many glamping companies out there that offer pop up experiences and do all the work for you so all you need to do is show up and glamp.


Even if you've never tried it before, kayaking can make for an awesome outdoor date. For something a little less strenuous, you can also opt for pedal boats or even better—hire someone to take you around in a boat instead. Whatever floats your boat! (Literally.)

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

Head under the sea with your love for a scuba diving or snorkeling date—a perfect summertime activity. Bring an underwater camera with you on your adventure to capture memories from your excursion and then spend the rest of the day swimming, sunning or both.

Find Buried Treasure

Grab a metal detector and hit up your local coastline to try to find buried treasure. Well, it might just be some junk or some coins but either way it's fun and you never know what you might find!

A Walk or Run That Gives Back

Weather permitting, sign up for a walk, race, 5k or even a marathon if that's your thing. Find one that gives back to charity and you'll have a fun and athletic outdoors date that also gives back.

A Fire Pit or Bonfire Night

When the sun sets, set up a bonfire (if allowed) on the beach or even a backyard fire pit. Grab blankets, 'smores essentials and anything else to keep you occupied and cuddled up by the fire.

Horseback Riding

A fun date idea for beginners and experts alike—find a local farm or ranch that offers horseback rides or lessons and saddle up! Bonus points if you grab your favorite cowboy boots and hat to look the part.

Rent a Convertible

Who says outdoorsy dates need to be demanding? On a beautiful day, rent a convertible and cruise around town or explore a new destination. It's fun, you're outside the whole time and you can multitask, too!

Go To An Outdoor Sporting Event

Take yourselves out to the ballgame (or any other sporting event that takes place outdoors) for an outdoor date spent cheering on your favorite team. Grab the Cracker Jacks, some ice cream and enjoy the game together—just don't forget your SPF.


With the right Geocaching app you can pinpoint coordinates and try to find hidden containers that sometimes have hidden prizes inside. Just dust off your middle school map skills beforehand (though GPS makes it easy) and it's kind of like a scavenger hunt with a modern, techy twist.

Fishing or Crabbing

Whether you're new to fishing or are an avid fan of seeking out sea-creatures, spending the morning or afternoon going fishing or crabbing is a fun and functional outdoor date idea. Bonus points if you cook up your catch of the day for dinner!


Whether you opt for a single cycle or a bicycle built for two, take advantage of a beautiful day and enjoy a romantic bike date. Whether it's around the neighborhood, your favorite park or the big city biking is a great way to get in some exercise, stir up some endorphins and spend quality date time together.

Nature Walk

A step down from hiking, a less-intense and leisurely nature walk might be just what the date night doctor ordered. Take a hand-in-hand stroll outside making sure you take notice of all the big and little things mother nature has to offer from unusual rocks and leaves to sparkling bodies of water and all the less obvious things in between.

Apple or Berry Picking

Is there anything better than picking your own fresh produce? Nope. While farmers markets are cool, DIYing your own berries, apples, pumpkins or other seasonal offerings is fun, practical and perfect for even the pickiest (ha!) of couples.

Visit A Vineyard

Vineyards are gorgeous and wine is amazing. Put the two together and you have an awesome date idea under the shining sun. Visit your closest vineyard or spend the day touring multiple spots!

An Old School Snow Day

For some, a snow day means a day on the couch but for couples who love the outdoors, a snow day has a ton of possibilities for a winter date. Build a snowman, go sledding, have a snowball fight or enjoy all of the above followed by a cup of hot cocoa or an Irish coffee, if you're so inclined.

Skiing or Snowboarding

Whether you're traveling or already live amongst peak conditions, spending a dark skiing or snowboarding is an ideal winter day. Most slops have options for beginners through experts and equipment available to rent, just do your research before heading out.

Rock Climbing

While you should probably (read: definitely) practice a few times before trying this for real, rock climbing is a great way to combine time spent outdoors with a serious physical workout, too. If it's not for you or you've never done it before, consider a trip to an indoor gym space instead.


This one is obviously not for everyone but if you have a penchant for adrenaline or a daredevil spirit (and your partner does too) consider skydiving for an epic outdoor date with memories that will last a lifetime.

Plant & Maintain a Garden

Think of this as the outdoor date idea that keeps on giving. Grab your love, spend some time planning and planting a garden, and then you can look forward to recurring mini-dates while you tend to it and watch it thrive.

An Outdoor Music Festival

The only thing that's better than a concert is a concert that's outdoors. The lights, fresh air, bouncing sounds, expansive space — once you go to one, you'll be wishing every concert was outdoors.

Backyard Camping

If camping at real campgrounds isn't up your alley, consider spending a night under the stars with your love in your own backyard. All you really need is a tent, snacks, maybe some wine — you can decide how you spend the rest of the time!

A Walking Food Tour (Or Any Tour, Really)

If you love the outdoors but also happen to love food, then a walking food tour is an awesome date night idea that will keep you busy and full. Bonus points if you do it in a new-to-you city so you can take in new sights and flavors.

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