How to Pull Off an Epic Skydiving Proposal

Make your proposal the thrill of a lifetime.
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Updated Aug 21, 2023

No matter where, when or how you do it, proposing is a thrilling experience. Between the planning and anticipation, your adrenaline will be at its peak. But, for all the adventure-seekers out there, there's another way to take this big moment to the next level. If you and your partner are thrill-seekers, why not consider a skydiving proposal? It's a unique and completely unexpected proposal idea. If you're not sure how to go about this, our article walks you through the steps, ideas and FAQs to pull it off.

6 Steps for Planning Your Epic Skydiving Proposal

Pulling off a skydiving proposal isn't for the faint of heart. Proposing already requires a lot of planning, and doing it this way definitely takes things to the next level. Between the thrill of jumping out of the plane and when to actually ask the question, you definitely have your work cut out for you. Below are the steps you should follow if you're planning a skydiving proposal.

1. Reserve a date.

You obviously can't show up to a skydiving facility on the day-of without a reservation and decide to propose, so you want to make sure you do that well in advance.

2. Book a photographer and videographer.

Any proposal is worth capturing on camera, but something this epic should definitely be documented. Be sure to visit The Knot Marketplace to find the perfect vendors.

3. Let the facility know your plans.

This is helpful mainly because the instructor will help you with the planning. ""The instructors will be integral in the process as the one instructor will get the proposer to the ground first and give them time to gather themselves while the second instructor with the proposee will intentionally take a bit longer to get to the ground," Whitney Payne, operations manager at Skydive Orange.

4. Check the weather the day of the proposal.

"Skydiving is super weather dependent! It may be best to have a plan B, just in case or be prepared to be flexible with the date." recommends Payne.

5. Give the ring to the skydiving staff.

You won't want to jump out of the plane with the ring in hand and risk losing it. "Plan to take the plunge together and then pop the question after you both land," recommends Payne.

6. Propose!

Next step is actually popping the question! It will definitely be a moment the two of you will never forget.

3 Skydiving Proposal Ideas

There are a few ways you can personalize the experience even more. Read on for a few ideas of how to make the experience uniquely yours.

Propose after landing.

"The best time would be right after landing. After finishing your skydiving experience, seeing your partner with ring in hand would definitely be an unforgettable moment," recommends Long Island Skydiving Center. "Skydiving can be a very nerve wracking experience, especially when you are proposing right after. Your instructors will be reassuring you throughout the skydive.

Incorporate a banner with the question.

"Our proposal package includes large banners that read, 'Will you marry me?'. These banners are large enough so your partner can read them while they are on their canopy ride back down to the ground," explains the Long Island Skydiving crew.

Include all the usual props.

Just because your proposal is a little non-traditional, you don't want to forget all the usual things you'd normally incorporate into a proposal. We're talking flowers, champagne, you name it. You deserve it after such an exhilarating experience.

FAQs about skydiving proposals

Can you propose while skydiving?

"It is possible if both jumpers are licensed skydivers and it has been done before. However in tandem skydiving, making a proposal work would be quite difficult," explains the Long Island Skydiving crew. You are better off enjoying the experience and waiting until you are back on the ground before proposing."

Who is a skydiving proposal a good idea for?

"Anyone who loves a good adrenaline rush and surprises," recommends the Long Island Skydiving crew. "Just keep in mind that for first time skydivers, the experience can be incredibly intense and that can affect how the proposal goes. Make sure the skydive will be something they will enjoy so the proposal goes smoothly."

Can two people skydive together?

"First time jumpers, or students as they are called in the sport, have to jump with a Tandem Instructor who operates all of the skydiving equipment while the student enjoys the experience," says the Long Island Skydiving crew. "One would need to get a skydiving license to jump by themselves or within proximity to other skydivers. This is how others have been able to propose during the skydive."

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