A Skywriting Proposal Takes Popping the Question to the Extreme

Sometimes, love is just written in the heavens. You have to see the photos of this romantic skywriting proposal.
by Maggie Seaver

We've seen some incredible proposals over the years—from the sweet and subtle to the big and bold—and this New York City proposal is up there with the best of them. According to several tweets and Instagram posts from onlooking New Yorkers, someone proposed to their partner by writing “Marry me, Kristina" with a plane in the clouds over Manhattan.

Aww, how cute... Skywriting a marriage proposal. Hopefully he/she saw it
A post shared by Calvin Henderson (@cal_ed_h) on

Of course, the blustery September day wasn't exactly ideal for keeping the message clear and in place overhead, but we'll hope for the best and assume that the above Twitter user is right: Kristina saw the amazing proposal, before the wind took over, and said “y-e-s." What a crazy, awesome gesture, mystery proposer, whoever you are. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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