What is a Wedding Content Creator? Why They're Trending Now

You're about to see these up-and-coming vendors everywhere.
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Updated Mar 10, 2023

When you think of traditional wedding vendors, you probably imagine planners, photographers, videographers, and florists, to name a few. Experts play an integral role in bringing your big day to life, but there may be a new wedding pro on the rise you need to know about: wedding content creators.

In the time of Instagram Reels and TikTok trends, social media content creation is on the minds of, well, nearly everyone. Even if you aren't a self-proclaimed influencer, you might want to repost IG stories that you're tagged in throughout your wedding weekend, or there may be a TikTok trend you want to recreate with your bridesmaids. Your wedding is a whirlwind, though, and there's a chance you won't have your phone handy every time you want to capture a candid moment or record a trending video—but that's where wedding social media content creators come into play.

Unlike a photographer or a videographer, which are two crucial vendors to include on your team of pros, wedding content creators capture iPhone content throughout your wedding day. They can work in tandem with your photographer, snapping BTS candids you'll have access to immediately, or they can manage your social profiles while you're preoccupied with other things. (Like, you know, getting married.) Here, we break down the rise of wedding day content creators, and why you might want to consider hiring one for your nuptials.

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Meet the Experts:

  • Lauren Ladouceur is an influencer, speaker and wedding content creator. She's the founder of Plan With Laur, an online platform that provides event content creation services and planning tips.
  • Kelly LaFleur is a documentary-style wedding videographer and the founder of K. LaFleur Films. In addition to traditional videography services, she and her team also offer wedding content creation packages for couples and vendors.

    What is a Wedding Content Creator?

    The role of a wedding day content creator is somewhat self-explanatory. Generally speaking, a content creator is someone that creates content, whether it's static imagery, vertical iPhone videos, Reels or TikTok videos, among other forms. Amid the rise of social media platforms in the mid-2000s and beyond, it became common for event planners to hire content creators to document the experience, whether through Instagram Story posts or live Tweets. It was only a matter of time, then, until content creation made its way to the wedding industry.

    Today, wedding content creators capture footage for couples or vendors—or both. They can go by various names, from a wedding social media content creator to a wedding social producer to a wedding day concierge. Semantics aside, a wedding content creator is a vendor hired to capture raw, candid iPhone footage of a wedding day. As with all event vendors, exactly what a wedding content creator provides depends on the individual. Some might specialize in creating content for specific social channels, while others will act as a supplementary shooter in addition to the vendors you've already hired. "The photos and videos that I gather are the intimate, behind-the-scenes moments," explains NYC-based wedding content creator Lauren Ladouceur. "Photographers and videographers usually have a set process of what they're capturing, and you're going to get a defined package of assets. But some of the best moments are the things that you can't predict, which are going to be happening organically, that I can grab."

    Wedding Content Creator vs. Photographer/Videographer

    Is there even a difference between a wedding content creator and a photographer or a videographer? While it may sound like they deliver similar content, plenty of nuances set these wedding vendors apart. "A wedding content creator is not a photographer, and a wedding content creator is not a videographer," notes Ladouceur. "Photographers and videographers are going to give you a product that they've likely gone to school for and have spent hours perfecting. Their craftsmanship is so beautiful that you wait four to 12 weeks to receive it, depending on what you're getting."

    One of the main details that sets these creatives apart are the mediums and tools they use to create the content they've been hired to capture. "A social content creator is most likely going to be using their device—their cell phone—to record in a native format," explains wedding Chicago-based videographer Kelly LaFleur. "A wedding videographer can create content for social, but their primary goal is to create a professional-grade video with their cameras."

    Adds Ladouceur: "A wedding content creator is an added bonus. It's someone who's going to be a part of your media team, who's available to capture moments from all angles." Referencing a wedding she worked in New Orleans, Ladouceur explains that, while her clients' photographer and videographer were in the reception venue capturing footage of the decor details before guests arrived, she was snapping photos of the newlyweds signing their marriage license in a private room and waving to guests. At another wedding in Atlanta, she was sending photos to loved ones who weren't able to attend in real-time. She often spends the wedding day following the couple around, from the getting-ready suites to the dance floor, capturing organic moments as they occur and turning them over within a day or two.

    Why is Professional Wedding Content Creation Trending?

    Since wedding photographers and videographers are two of the most popular vendors couples hire, you might wonder: Why do you need to hire a social media content creator for your wedding, especially if some vendors will provide content anyway? And if you aren't an influencer, who needs social media content? According to Ladouceur, most of her clients don't even consider themselves social media mavens. "The majority of people who are hiring wedding content creators are not influencers, and some of them aren't even on social media at all," she says. "People who want this service are those who love behind-the-scenes moments. They're the ones who really value photos and videos. And, oftentimes, they're the ones in the friend group who are always snapping candids of everyone else."

    While some couples want as much of their wedding day documented as possible, others may be interested in having particular assets to share on a Reel or on their TikTok feed, even if they are just posting for fun. Regardless of the reason, couples' desire for wedding social media content is a trend that LaFleur has watched evolve firsthand. "Our team didn't hop onto this trend as quickly as others, just because we weren't necessarily creating content specifically for social," she tells us. "But back in 2021, when Instagram Reels started to really become a thing, that's when we shifted to ensure sure we were creating vertical content. We used to create teasers for our clients that were always in horizontal format, but now they're always vertical so that they're easy to share on social. It's been a big shift."

    How Much Does a Wedding Content Creator Cost?

    If you're interested in hiring a wedding content creator, you can expect their prices to align with the average cost of similar wedding vendors. Generally speaking, most wedding social media content creation packages typically start around $1,000, but can increase based on the number of deliverables you'll receive, how much editing the content creator will provide, and the requested turnaround time. (Most wedding content creators will deliver assets within 24-48 hours of the wedding.)

    Like other vendors, it's important to know that a wedding content creator's work doesn't just happen on the day of. Ladouceur tells us that she collaborates with her clients' wedding vendors ahead of the big day so that she can arrange her own content creation plan accordingly. Plus, if you're hiring a content producer that's out of state, or if you're planning a destination wedding, travel feels will almost always factor into the overall cost of a wedding content creator.

    Where to Find a Wedding Content Creator

    So, we've piqued your interest in hiring a social content creator for your wedding. Where do you find the right one? Here are three mediums to use when looking to hire a wedding content creator.

    Social Media

    It goes without saying that one of the best places to find a wedding content creator is social media. According to LaFleur, there's been an uptick of wedding vendors investing in content creators to bolster their online presence, a trend she predicts will continue to rise over the next few years. Social media has essentially become an additional search engine—and since content creators are experts in their field, a quick sweep of sites like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and even Pinterest will introduce you to wedding content creators available for hire.

    Other Wedding Vendors

    If you've already enlisted a photographer, a videographer or a wedding planner, ask them if they can refer experts who specialize in social content creation. "Wedding vendors are going to have relationships built with people they trust, who can guide you along that journey and walk you through the process of hiring a content creator," LaFleur says.

    As this trend becomes more mainstream, you might even find that some photographers and videographers may offer social content creation and management as add-on packages. Plus, on tools like The Knot Marketplace, you can filter videographers based on keywords like "social media sharing" and "same-day edits". While it's important to note this may not be quite the same as a wedding content creator, it can help direct your search.

    Word of Mouth

    Sometimes, the best way to find a great wedding vendor is through word of mouth. Ask your married friends and family members if they used a wedding content creator they loved, or if they know anyone in the business who would be available to capture your nuptials.

    5 Tips for Hiring a Wedding Content Creator

    When you're ready to hire a wedding content creator, here are five essential tips to follow before signing the dotted line of the contract.

    Review their portfolio and storytelling style.

    Before reaching out to a wedding content creator, review their portfolio and storytelling style to ensure they'd be a good fit for your wedding. Take some time to creep on their social media pages and get familiar with what their content looks like. Once you've determined they'd be a good fit—or if you have questions about what they can offer you—send an inquiry to discuss more. "In the same way that there are editorial photographers or black-and-white photographers, everyone has their own style when it comes to content creation," Ladouceur says. "When you reach out to hire a creator, you should understand what they're known for."

    Read reviews and request testimonials.

    As is key with all potential wedding vendors, read a professional's reviews and client testimonials. This will give you real, first-hand insight into what it's like working with them, according to other couples.

    Discuss expectations and deliverables.

    It's advised to discuss all expectations and deliverables with a potential wedding vendor before officially hiring them. Here are some important questions to ask a wedding content creator:

    • How long have you been creating content for weddings?
    • Can I see examples of past work?
    • How would you describe your photography and videography style?
    • How many other clients do you take on at one time?
    • How will you communicate and collaborate with the additional vendors I've hired?
    • Are you available to create content on my wedding date?
    • What sort of equipment do you use to capture content?
    • What assets will you provide? Raw photos and videos? Edited files? A combination of both?
    • When can I expect to receive assets from you?
    • Who is considered the "owner" of the footage? What crediting guidelines should I follow when posting this content on my social media pages?

    Review your contract.

    You'll sign contracts for all of your wedding vendors, and a content creator is no different. Ensure your contract addresses all of the expectations and deliverables you've discussed with the pro, including the cost, the assets you'll receive, and the timeframe you'll receive them. Also look for clauses regarding travel, cancellations and postponements to be prepared for every scenario.

    Get to know their personality.

    As critical as it is to confirm that your wedding vendors have great experience and a trustworthy portfolio, it's just as important to make sure you connect on a personal level too. "These are the people that you're going to be with all day long at your wedding, so you have to suss out the personalities of your vendors," LaFleur recommends.

    Take the time to meet with potential hires and see how well your personalities mesh. What you'll likely find, especially with wedding content creators, is that they're excited to document everything—especially the small, sometimes forgotten moments—throughout your big day. "One of my favorite things is when I deliver a full gallery after the wedding, and my couples say, 'I can't believe you captured this,'" Ladouceur reflects. "I'm there as your ultimate hype woman throughout the duration of your day to highlight all the time, effort and detail that you've put into your wedding through a lens that looks very organic and natural."

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