11 Pinterest Wedding Trends That Are Taking Over Our Inspo Boards in 2024

We know the influence, we know the impact and we know the vibes.
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Updated Jan 05, 2024

If you started bookmarking wedding ideas on Pinterest before you were even engaged, just know that you're not alone (we do it all the time). The beauty of Pinterest is that it's a useful—and more importantly, fun—way to organize your thoughts on almost anything, including the latest wedding trends. But with a seemingly endless stream of ideas at your fingertips, where do you even begin? These Pinterest wedding trends are what we're keeping our eye on for 2024, hand-picked by The Knot's very own social media coordinator and Pinterest expert, Meghan Ho.

"No matter where you are in your wedding planning journey, Pinterest is the perfect place to go for wedding inspiration," says Ho, who spends a good amount of time scouring the app and curating The Knot's Pinterest boards with the latest trends. "If you aren't sure what you want for your wedding, you're guaranteed to find pins that will help you define your vision," Ho adds.

These 11 Pinterest wedding ideas are sure to spark inspiration for your 2024 wedding, whether you need fashion guidance, 'gram-worthy cake ideas or you're feeling stumped about how to decorate your reception tables. And if you haven't already, download The Knot App and follow The Knot on Pinterest to keep up with all the new wedding trends and pinnable ideas to come. After all, as Ho says, who doesn't love a mood board?

Create your ultimate wedding vision board with our favorite trends making the rounds on Pinterest right now.

1. Intentionally Blurry Photography

Blame it on the resurgence of film photography and candid Instagram photo dumps, but the whole idea behind this Pinterest wedding trend is to achieve photos that aren't overly posed or edited. Instead, they're intentionally blurry and grainy, creating what Ho calls the "love drunk" effect that embraces light flares, black and white filters and flash photography. The end result feels authentic and spontaneous, as if your wedding photographer was simply a fly on the wall.

"Couples are having fun with this photography style by asking their photographers for more movement in their photos to give their pics some extra life and excitement," says Ho.

2. Old Money Aesthetic

Sofia Richie's wedding was the wedding heard 'round the world in 2023, and it's safe to say that the celebration is still inspiring couples for 2024. This year, classic-themed weddings will tap into the quiet luxury and old money aesthetics—think vintage convertibles, picturesque castle wedding venues, champagne towers and black-tie attire.

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3. Fairytale Wedding Dresses

Give yourself the royal treatment on your wedding day by wearing a fairytale-inspired wedding dress. For an ethereal, storybook effect, dramatic puff sleeves, lace details, tulle skirts, exposed corset bodices and basque waists are some of the design elements gaining popularity for 2024. "Brides are loving this whimsical fashion trend that makes them look and feel like a princess," Ho says.

4. Dinner Party Vibes

Planning a wedding comes with a lot of to-dos, but the most important thing is bringing your loved ones together in one place to celebrate. In 2024, couples are prioritizing good food, good drinks and good company above all else—ditching the conventional idea of what a wedding *should* be in favor of an event that feels more like an upscale dinner party with friends.

5. Disco Wedding Details

According to Ho and the 2024 Pinterest Predicts report, "'70s-inspired, retro weddings will make a serious comeback," she says. "Think disco balls, vinyls and bright color palettes." This theme is all about creating a fun atmosphere that encourages guests to let loose and have a groovy time, so be sure to hire an amazing live band or wedding DJ to keep people on the dance floor all night long.

6. Scribble Wedding Stationery

Falling in line with the dinner party aesthetic, handwritten and hand-drawn stationery are two more Pinterest wedding ideas we're loving at the moment. And we're not talking about formal calligraphy—this trend is all about invitations, menu cards and other designs that look like an elevated version of everyday handwriting, finished with a whimsical scribble drawing here and there. Think hearts, bows, scalloped borders and other flourishes that are a little imperfect, which is what gives them their relaxed charm.

7. Dark and Moody Weddings

"With 'gothic wedding' being one of the top wedding searches this year, couples are going for a darker color palette to achieve a romantic chic aesthetic," says Ho. Colors like deep scarlet red, bronze, forest green and black (of course) lead the way for this 2024 Pinterest wedding trend. Complete the theme with rich velvet fabrics, dramatic floral arrangements and Old World accents, such as wax seals or gilded mirrors and frames. Ho's final tip: "Set the tone with minimal lighting (think candles and string lights)."

8. Bows, Bows and More Bows

If you don't already know by now, bows and ribbons are two of the most buzz-worthy trends across the board for 2024. You'll see them nearly everywhere, from fashion and accessories to decor, cakes and even paper goods. A quick search for 'bow wedding' on Pinterest proves that the coquette-style trend is in full swing—and you'll have plenty of adorable inspiration to choose from. (Want to know how to tie your own bows using ribbon? Check out our how-to-guide.)

9. Vintage Wedding Cakes

Kitschy, vintage-inspired desserts are on our list of wedding cake trends for 2024, and it's no surprise that these playful designs are also one of the biggest Pinterest wedding trends of the year. Ho notes that simple, small wedding cakes are trending on Pinterest, embodying a less-is-more look, but one shape especially stands out. "People are particularly loving heart-shaped cakes with this style," she says.

10. Embroidery Everywhere

Couples are prioritizing personalization and bespoke wedding details more than ever, which is why we expect to see embroidery on the rise as a Pinterest wedding trend for 2024. Embroidered handkerchiefs, hair bows and Gen Z-approved wedding veils are some popular examples, but you can also branch out with embroidered cocktail napkins (repurpose them for dinner parties at home after the wedding!), table linens, or individual menu cards embroidered with guests' names.

11. Creative Guest Books

We'll always stand behind the idea of having a guest book as a keepsake from your wedding day, but you definitely don't have to stick to a traditional coffee table-style book.

"This year, people found the most unique ways for their guests to leave a message for them that aren't writing a message in a book," says Ho. "A fun option couples are loving is a guest phone book, but other alternatives we're loving range from signing Polaroid photos to leaving a message in a bottle."

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