How to Find a Wedding Videographer You’ll Love Forever

Find the right pro to capture it all.
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Updated Apr 17, 2024

Wedding videography is an amazing tool because it can help you relive memories you'll cherish for the rest of your life. That's why it's a top priority that you know how to find a wedding videographer who fits your style and budget. So before you and your partner type "affordable wedding videographer near me" in your favorite search engine, read our guide. From The Knot Vendor Marketplace, where you can filter by price point, to watching Instagram reels, learn the right way to discover the perfect wedding videographer for you.

How to find a wedding videographer: When to Book | What to Look For | Find a Videographer Near You | How to Coordinate After Booking

When to Book a Wedding Videographer

Jordan Roepke, professional wedding photographer and owner of Jordan Roepke Photography, recommends you hire your wedding videographer around the same time you book your wedding photographer. "Don't put this off until the last minute. So often, video becomes an 'if we can afford it in the end' vendor when it shouldn't be. Video is amazing and captures people in wonderful ways that photo doesn't. I recommend booking videography about five to eight months before the wedding day. If you put it off later, I fear you would miss out on stellar options," Kaitlin Ford, experienced wedding and event planner and owner of Pocketful of Plans, tells us.

The Knot Expert Tip: Planning far in advance always pays off, so flag money in your wedding budget for your videographer from the beginning. According to The Knot Real Wedding Study, the average cost of videography services is $2,300, which depends on numerous factors. Make videography a priority by booking this expert ASAP for the best results.

What to Look for in a Wedding Videographer

When you need a videographer for your wedding, you must take multiple steps to ensure they are the right fit for you. Here are six ways you can book your video vendor like a pro.

1. Someone Whose Style Closely Matches Yours

    Just like wedding photographers, videographers take different approaches to their craft. From documentary to traditional, there are a lot of wedding video styles to choose from. "You don't want to select a videographer with one style and send them clips from another pro with a totally different style. Just hire the one you like," says Taryn Pollock, a videographer with more than 18 years of experience and owner of Serendipity Cinematography. We suggest you browse a videographer's website and social media platforms so you can see visuals of their work––don't forget to bookmark your favorite videos.

    2. Good Reviews From Past Clients

      "Reviews are a great way to get a feel of what to expect from past couples. One tip when looking at comments: take a look at how personal the review sounds. This will help you learn what kind of relationship you can expect with the videographer. Reading reviews can help you identify vendors who have experience with any special needs and give subtle clues to their specialized expertise," Mary Angelini, video expert and cofounder of Key Moment Films, says. If the good/great reviews are the majority of what you see, you're on the right track.

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      3. Years of Experience

        One of the many questions you should ask your wedding videographer is about their experience. It doesn't matter if you want a cinematic wedding videographer or one who specializes in hype style, you need to ask about their credentials. "There are many aspects of a videographer's job that improve with experience. For example, hiring someone who has worked at your venue means they'll be familiar with every corner of the room. They'll know exactly where to stand to get the best shots from the best angles. Others may have a lot of experience shooting outdoors and will know the best way to compensate for a lack of or too much sun. Editing experience counts, too. Do they have a proven track record of producing high-quality videos? All these details matter and can mean the difference between ending up with a wedding video you like versus one that you love," Leo Sotelo, a photographer with 10 years of expertise and owner of Story Alley Photography, explains.

        4. An Ability to Communicate Effectively

          "Pay attention to how responsive they are with communication. How promptly they reply after email inquiry can give you insight into how they'll be after the wedding date. Their responsiveness, tone and language are helpful clues to their level of professionalism," Angelini says. Remember, a high level of communication should happen before, during and after the wedding. "Choose someone who can address all of your concerns. Make sure they take the time to answer your questions and aren't dismissing your ideas. If they're unavailable or cut the conversation short, keep looking for someone else. How well you can communicate [with them] will directly affect how your wedding video turns out," Sotelo adds.

          5. You Have an Enjoyable In-Person Meeting

            "Make sure you have phone and face-to-face meetings with videographers you're possibly interested in hiring. Photographers and videographers spend more time with you on your wedding day than anyone else. That's why it's so important you have a good rapport and get along," Roepke suggests. Once you've met with one or two potential pros, ask to see a full video or two. Clips only tell part of the story, and you want to know what your entire film might look like.

            6. Their Contract Works for Your Needs

              "Find out if you get 'the whole thing' [in your wedding videography contract]. Knowing this is crucial to understanding if they're a good fit. Some video crews film all formal events, and others only film for the edit, recording only short clips. Find out what final videos you can expect and if there is an opportunity to add on after the wedding day. It's also important to educate yourself on the kind of films offered. Asking questions like, 'How long will the final film be' and 'What parts of the day are included' is a great start," Angelini says. If it's not outlined in the contract, don't assume the vendor has it as a part of your desired package. For example, videos like an engagement session or a same-day edit for your social media are extras.

              How to Find a Wedding Videographer Near You

              Don't be afraid of referrals or preferred vendor lists. Most likely, your wedding photographer, planner or DJ knows videographers they've enjoyed working with, which means they can guide you in the right direction during your booking process. Searching on The Knot Vendor Marketplace is another way you can get an answer to "Where is a wedding videographer near me?" Type in your wedding location, use our filter tool for your vendor preferences and scroll through the numerous top-rated pros in your area. Finally, don't forget you have social media at your disposal. Sotelo recommends using your preferred platform, especially Instagram since it makes it easy to see a videographer's work. Try searching terms like "wedding videography" or "wedding film" for video style inspiration, then add your wedding location to see what experts work at your destination.

              How to Coordinate With Your Videographer After Booking

              Even though hiring your ideal videographer is a big accomplishment, it doesn't mean it's the final step. Below are two details you must address after signing the pro's contract.

              Ensure the Videographer and Photographer Are Aligned

              "[When I'm doing video,] I often allow the photographer to set their shooting timeline first and then ask for a copy for my planning to ensure we get the best possible results since I typically act as an extension of the photography team. If your photographer doesn't have a timeline for you within four to six weeks of the wedding, reach out to the videographer and ask what their recommended timeline would be," Roepke says.

              Contact Your Videographer a Few Times Before the Wedding

              "Make sure you connect at least once before the wedding weekend arrives. You don't necessarily need to connect in person; a phone call or video chat is a great way to connect voice to voice or eye to eye. During your timeline review chat, you'll go over the flow of the day and talk about preferences, surprises or family dynamics they should be aware of," Angelini notes. The more you speak to one another before the wedding (without micromanaging), the higher the chance you get the video you want.

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