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Great DJ Service

Reviewed on 11/22/2015 Maegen G

We used Gateway DJs as my mom previously used the service for work holiday parties. Rich Dickerson was our DJ & he provided ceremony, cocktail hour & reception music. He worked with us to provide customized songs for the bridal entrance & first dance. He also made a great... Read More mix of 'cliche dance songs' for us. Even though are guests weren't dancers, it was still a fun time.

Not your best choice

Reviewed on 4/11/2014 Stefanie R

My parents chose Gateway DJs for my wedding. DJ Rich had promised them that he would be the DJ for the wedding. My husband and I met with Rich several months before our wedding and discussed song preferences, specific things we wanted ("Anniversary" dance, beatmixing of songs)... Read More and things we didn't want (a DJ that talked more than played music). I should have suspected trouble when he was overly critical of all our choices ("you sure you want to dance to that song??" Yes, Rich. We are sure.) However, 3 days before the wedding we get a call from "DJ Ron" that he would be our DJ instead. My parents were livid. I called Ron to confirm all that I had talked to Rich about, and Ron assured us that he had talked to Rich. However, when we arrived he didn't have our entrance song! There was no beatmixing, there was no "Anniversary dance" and he spent the evening hitting on my bridesmaids and making awkward comments over the microphone. I had given him a playlist of suggested songs that I had organized by genre and he just played the list straight through (all oldies songs at once, all pop songs at once, etc!) Many of my friends are getting married this year and they have told me, without my suggestion, that they would never choose Gateway.

Rich Dickerson is the best!

Reviewed on 11/25/2013 Meghanne L

My husband and I were not even going to have a DJ at our wedding, until I discovered Rich at a school function. Rich was a lot of fun to work with. He was experienced and extremely professional. He did a wonderful job of adding just the right amount of flair we wanted at the... Read More reception and coordinated with us and other vendors to keep the evening running smoothing. Rich help to personalize our music and reception and made the evening fun, worry-free and memorable!

Awesome Job!

Reviewed on 6/13/2013 Lauren R

We chose Gateway DJs after attending a bridal show. Rich, the guy in charge was there and he was so energetic and just ready for the next wedding to be booked! Once we met up with him, he seemed so nice and knew his stuff. We had an outside wedding and they were able to have... Read More music at our ceremony as well as our reception, for a very small price. Rich was actually the one who did our wedding and he did a great job. He kept the crowd going, and always informed me of what was going to be coming up next on the lineup!

Average DJ

Reviewed on 3/10/2013 shelly w

The good: * showed up on time * brought a helper * had quality equipment that was sufficient for the space The bad: * didn't follow the very detailed instructions we gave as far as timing of songs during the ceremony (causing awkward pauses) * included a 'specialty'... Read More dance at the reception even though we requested to not have any * didn't follow our playlist very closely for the first part of the reception, added a number of songs we don't care for We debated between hiring a DJ or just using an iPod. The things that frustrated us would not have been problems had we done it ourselves, however it was nice to not have to figure out how to rent/set up/run a sound system ourselves.

Great DJ

Reviewed on 12/22/2012 Ellen B

Kept the timing of the wedding on track. Perfect combo of music. Very good and reliable!

great price BUT Highly disappointing

Reviewed on 9/23/2012 michelle b

I met two of my DJs that I requested and was told that one of the two was going to be Dj-ing my event. Well that was not true the owner did instead DJ Rich...I met with him before to go over the details prior and went over the worksheet which I thought was a good idea and that... Read More the service was going to be excellent. I chose all local vendors except for my DJ and they were my only disappointment. Everything ran off the timeline I HAD TO tell him to get the show on the road there was only 1hour for open dancing (6-11pm reception time). He was a nice guy but nothing flowed. My requests i made to me done some were not and others were done at 10:45 while most people were leaving so my mom felt I had forgot her!!! I will not recommend them and wish I spent a bit more and gone with another company and read these other reviews before hand.

Severely Dissapointed

Reviewed on 9/11/2012 Jessica M

Unfortunately, we did not have the best experience with Gateway DJs. Our original DJ was not able to make our event and they sent a replacement DJ who we never met before the day of our reception. We were assured that he had been given our information and things would run... Read More smoothly. Their equipment was pretty good, but we had trouble with the microphone dropping in and out during toasts, the DJ hit the open bar pretty early in the night and was drunk by the end. He was down on the dance floor dancing with guests or out on the patio instead of being professional and keeping an eye on his equipment. He continually played music that was NOT on our playlist and when I approached him about it he just told me that he was going to play what he thought MY guests wanted to hear!!! I let all of it slide because I didn't want to cause any unneeded stress, but the next day I found out he told my parents we didn't pay our deposit (which we did) and they gave him an extra $100!!! I tried contacting them through their website, but heard nothing from them. I know they try hard to do their best and this was, hopefully, an issue with the DJ they sent to our event, but their service ended up being the only bad memory from our wedding.

Fun & Affordable

Reviewed on 6/26/2012 Sarah B

DJ Rich (owner) with Gateway DJs worked our wedding reception and he did a great job! He came highly recommended from a good friend and I'm glad we ended up going with him. We did not have a reception coordinator through our venue, but DJ Rich was great at keeping our event... Read More on schedule and flowing smoothly. He played a great mix of music that parents, our college friends and kids all enjoyed. I believe our final cost was right about $750, which was a great value based on other quotes we had received!

Dance Party!

Reviewed on 5/22/2012 Casey M

Rich at Gateway DJ kept my reception rockin! My family and friends did not get off the dance floor! We had a wonderful reception and the music was a BIG part of it!

Bad Experience

Reviewed on 5/08/2012 Steven S

We hired Gateway to do a wedding reception on April 28, 2012. The bride provided a rating of "2 stars - out of 5". As the Father of the Bride, I would like to add that I contacted the owner regarding our experience. He was unwilling to refund $200 (1/3 of the price) as I had... Read More requested since there were six separate issues with the service provided. I hope that others learn from our BAD EXPERIENCE WITH GATEWAY DJs!

2012-05-09T12:16:18 Response from the vendor

Hello everyone. As a company that prides itself on excellent performance and customer service, this review is obviously disturbing and unfortunate. We messed up ONE THING at this reception. We did not have access to a very obscure Sam Cooke song that was listed for... Read Less Read More

Big Dissapointment

Reviewed on 4/29/2012 Andrea S

Gateway DJs was the only vendor from my wedding that was a let down. Our DJ (Dave) introduced the bridal party wrong, played the wrong song for our enterance, didn't have the song for my father-daughter dance (even though he had our song choices 2 weeks ahead of time), and... Read More played the wrong song for our wedding party dance. I still gave him 2 stars because he did play the type of music we requested, but I wouldn't recommend him to anyone!!

2012-04-30T16:36:35 Response from the vendor

Hi there...DJ Rich here, owner of Gateway DJs. In response to the testimonial above, DJ Dave was asked to play the Budweiser song played for Cardinals games for the grand entrance. Since it is only 45 seconds long he played a fun, upbeat song for... Read Less Read More

Awesome DJ

Reviewed on 12/04/2011 Sofia W

We had this DJ for both our wedding and reception. the DJ was willing to meet several times with us to go over the details, which made us really comfortable. We had a traditional performance at our reception and DJ took the initiative to turn on the dance floor light. The... Read More reception was a whole lot fun! Thanks Gateway DJ

A lot of Talk

Reviewed on 10/06/2011 Heather S

My husband and I chose this company after a lot of research. We chose a more expensive, and what appeared to be more professional company, because entertainment meant a lot to us for our reception. Like a lot of couples, we paid for our own wedding so our investment meant a lot... Read More to us. During contract signing the company promised to show up early as not to disturb our outside ceremony. The DJ showed up an hour and a half late and cause our wedding to start 15 minutes late, hardly apologetic, and seemingly unprepared. He appeared flustered and somewhat angry when he disturbed us taking pictures to ask about dinner music (something we had discussed previously but he did not seem to know). He then proceeded to hound us throughout the night with "what's next" when we had already filled out a planner and he should have known the order. This company offers a "Packed Dance Floor Guarantee", however the DJ did not interact with or engage our guests. I feel that a friend with a laptop could of offered the same level of "entertainment". After our not-so-great experience and family members missing parts of the wedding in order to call or track down the DJ, the owner seemed barely bothered by our concerns and took a significant amount of time offering apoligies and some of our money back.

2012-04-30T16:40:18 Response from the vendor

The clients for this event asked us to arrive two hours before the event so as not to disrupt their ceremony that would be going on outside. However, they did not want to pay ONE PENNY more for us arriving an extra hour early. So,... Read Less Read More

Great Value, small hiccups

Reviewed on 10/03/2011 Lauren R

Gateway DJ's was a great value and our DJ that came to the event was funny and personable and the younger guests really like him. Unfortnatly he only played 3 slow songs, pretty much just the 1st dances. I was disappointed I didn't get to dance with my godfather or grandfather... Read More at my own wedding, in fact my parents didn't get to dance. THe DJ also didn't mention it was my grandparents 55th wedding anniversry(which is why my husband and I choose our date). I also asked for some fun Irish drinking songs, which he did play, as an after thought at the very end. For the most part the DJ played teeny bopper music(lots of Miley Cyrus) and hip hop, which my younger guest really enjoyed, the older guests however didn't really get up. So if you're a younger bride(I'm in my late 20's and my husband is in his mid 30's)I'd suggest Ron from Gateway.

Just Dance

Reviewed on 7/28/2011 Eleanor A

I'll keep it simple, my guests were on the dance floor the entire night. Our DJ was very up beat, and kept his cool with a very 'emotional' father of the bride speech, in which everyone in the room was crying...he immediatly played an up-beat dance song!

Very disappointed.

Reviewed on 5/31/2011 Sarah R

DJ Rich seemed like an awesome guy, he had alot of cool ideas and met with me on two occasions. He had worksheets that helped me plan the reception a bit. When we talked about what to walk into at the reception he suggested Black Eyed Peas and we told him NO we don't like thier... Read More music. He also was going to play music for my ceremony. The processional was playing and I was waiting at the end of a hallway and he started signaling my father. So we began to walk...and waited for "here comes the bride" and waited..and the next thing you know I'm walking down the aisle with no music. Even my guests were confused on wether to stand or not. For the reception I made a song list of about 70 songs. He told me 13-15 songs an hour so I figured this was more than enough. While we were eating dinner I noticed the music sounded like our local pop station and not at all what my list was. He made the comment to my husband that "I played through your list before your party arrived" We were 45 minutes late to the reception and you played through 70 songs? He totally played whatever he wanted, including the Black Eyed Peas! My cousin requested Michael Jackson "don't stop to you get enough" and he asked my permission. I said "of course" and he played "billy jean"..WTF?


Reviewed on 9/16/2010 Lauren C

DJ Rich was always very good to work with. He always answered my questions promptly and met with us whenever we liked. The company also had wedding worksheets for us to fill out which made me feel at ease. But the day of we were so disappointed! First off, we were having an... Read More outdoor wedding and needed him there early to play background music for incoming guests and he was 45 minutes late, making my mom worried and call his cell phone! Then during the ceremony (which we went over with him a little more than a week prior AND my wedding coordinator again the day of went through with him) he did not play music during some of the things that he was supposed to, or play out songs that we asked him to making for many awkward silences! Then at the reception, he PRONOUNCES OUR LAST NAME WRONG! Along with mispronouncing many of my bridal party's names (which again, we went through with him and were not very difficult names). He also asked me to write out some "fun facts" about my bridal party and he would turn them into a cool intro. Instead he read exactly what I wrote, and again, it sounded severly awkward. He read verbatim that my sister-in-law is "a loud talker". What?!?!?! Then he continues on, playing a rare song that we asked him to play but mostly playing whatever generic wedding music that he felt like. And he made a point to specifically ask me permission when someone requested a song, which I didn't understand or have time to specifically approve each. Would not recommend.

2012-04-30T16:45:00 Response from the vendor

This is the most egregiously bogus review I have ever seen. The couple rates Gateway DJs (at the top of the review) as "Tried and True" then gives us 5 stars out of 5 on our value and then says we pronounced all the names... Read Less Read More