13 Tips For A Tempting Cake Table

Wedding cake tables: Sherry Hammonds Photography / TheKnot.com
Sherry Hammonds Photography
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bridget clegg the knot wedding diy and crafting expert
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Serving multiple cakes at your reception is a surefire way to satisfy the sweet tooth of each and every guest (plus the spreads are just so pretty!). Deconstruct the classic tiered cake and you can offer a choice of cake flavors. Stay sophisticated by sticking to one cake style (like all fondant cakes with sugar flower toppers), or make it eclectic by mixing and matching (try two buttercream cakes with and one naked cake). A tip: For the best-looking display, arrange smaller cakes on stands at various heights. See how these cake tables maintain a tempting display with multiple sweets in the mix.

Use the same cake stand and frosting, but mix up the placement of the cake toppers.

Wedding cake tables: Sherry Hammonds Photography / TheKnot.com

Sherry Hammonds Photography

From the album: A Vintage Outdoor Wedding in Austin, TX

Choose a different cake topper for each cake.

Wedding cake tables: Jenn Hopkins Photography / TheKnot.com

Jenn Hopkins Photography

From the album: A Romantic Garden Wedding in Jacksonville, FL

Repurpose a vintage piece of furniture as a cake table.

Wedding cake tables: Maria Mack Photography / TheKnot.com

Maria Mack Photography

From the album: A Vintage Charming Styled Shoot

Serve cut pieces of cake on stands next to whole cakes.

Wedding cake tables: N Barrett Photography / TheKnot.com

N Barrett Photography

Experiment with decorative accents (just coordinate the colors).

Wedding cake tables: June Bug Company / TheKnot.com

June Bug Company

Serve round cakes next to square ones.

Wedding cake tables: Rachel Fesko Photography / TheKnot.com

Rachel Fesko Photography

From the album: A Sophisticated Whimsy Wedding in Charlotte, NC

Vary the height of the cake stands to showcase smaller cakes.

Wedding cake tables: AMB Photo / TheKnot.com

AMB Photo

From the album: A Homespun Summer Wedding in Ottawa, ON

Stick to all one-tiered cakes, but decorate each one differently.

Wedding cake tables: Byron Roe Photography / TheKnot.com

Byron Roe Photography

From the album: A Fresh Vineyard Wedding in Underwood, WA

Use the frosting, sugar flowers and votives to create a cohesive look across a grouping of cakes.

Wedding cake tables: Jasmine Star Photography / TheKnot.com

Jasmine Star Photography

From the album: A Charming Southern Wedding in Blowing Rock, NC

Change the pattern of your fondant, but keep the color scheme consistent.

Wedding cake tables: Pen Carlson Photography / TheKnot.com

Pen Carlson Photography

From the album: An Eclectic Hip Wedding in Chicago, IL

Make the same cake in different heights, then add natural elements for decoration.

Wedding cake tables: Allison Wonderland Photographie / TheKnot.com

Allison Wonderland Photographie

From the album: A Fresh Green Wedding in Kansas City, MO

Add in miniature desserts (like meringues, marshmallows and macarons) to anchor the height of your cakes.

Wedding cake tables: Nancy Ebert Photography / TheKnot.com

Nancy Ebert Photography

From the album: Sequins and Circus Wedding Inspiration

Unstack a classic tiered cake and serve on separate cake stands. (Make sure one of them has a cake topper!)

Wedding cake tables: Jesse Leake Photography / TheKnot.com

Jesse Leake Photography

From the album: A Rustic Romantic Wedding in Sonoma, CA

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