These 2023 Wedding Cake Trends Will Sweeten Your Dessert Table

And they'll taste as good as they look.
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Updated Dec 12, 2022

Following the pared-down desserts of the last few years, wedding cake trends in 2023 are back with a bang. Couples aren't shying away from turning their wedding cakes into total conversation pieces, and we couldn't be more thrilled. A wedding cake isn't just something to serve after dinner—it's a prime moment for a fun photo op and an extension of your wedding decor (not to mention the most special cake you'll probably ever eat). So why not do something that's never been done?

"2023 shows big promise in the ways of creativity," says Amanda Elkins, owner and cake designer at Two Sons Cakery in Springville, Indiana. "I think couples are realizing they don't have to have a traditional, simple wedding cake. They can make it unique to them and use it as a way to match the overall aesthetic of their special day."

The 2023 wedding cake trends are proof that this year's couples are all about breaking the mold. From colorful, new adaptations of vintage-inspired cakes to unexpected floral details and unique structural elements, here's what wedding cake experts have to say about the must-know trends.

2023 Wedding Cake Trends:

1. Wedding Cakes with Separated Tiers

In 2023, wedding cake designs won't just focus on the flavor of the cake or the color of the frosting—there will be a bigger emphasis on other types of decorative (and unexpected) details that can be included as well.

"A favorite trend that has stolen my heart is incorporating cake props," says Elkins. "Things like hoops, clear acrylic separators and even hidden stands that give the illusion of levitation [are] a fun way to make the cake stand out and become the center of attention."

Using a non-traditional cake stand, separating the tiers of the design or adding other 3D props will give your cake a contemporary, architectural look that contrasts with more conventional cakes.

2. Waterfall and Spiral Wedding Cakes

You've seen wedding cakes decorated with cascading flowers, but this 2023 wedding cake trend takes the concept to an entirely new level. "Fresh blooms on a cake are lovely, but we are seeing more designs focusing on intricate sugar and/or fondant florals and designs," says Nancy Park, founder and principal planner at So Happi Together in Southern California. Details like spun sugar threads, structural swirls and elaborate handmade accents, such as sugar flowers or butterflies, will be enveloping wedding cakes in a waterfall-like effect. The end result feels whimsical and romantic.

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3. Wedding Dress-Inspired Cakes

If classic wedding cakes are a better fit for your style, there's a trend for that too. "For couples who prefer something more traditional, we will see a lot of cakes with details that replicate bridal gown details," says Kathy Sanders, event and wedding specialist at Historic Hotel Bethlehem in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. "That's a lovely way to pull together the day's themes."

This 2023 wedding cake trend is less about making the cake look like an actual wedding dress or tuxedo but rather incorporating decorative embellishments that mimic your attire for a hyper-personal design. Lace fondant patterns, embroidery-inspired cake piping, bow accents and ruffled buttercream resembling a tulle skirt are just a few examples.

4. Lambeth Wedding Cakes

We can't get enough of this adorable wedding cake trend—and you might have even already spotted it popping up on your social media feeds. The Lambeth cake, which dates back to the early 20th century, is a traditional British type of cake decorated with elaborate piping, stringwork, icing rosettes and other ornate flourishes. The cakes—usually in a pastel color palette of pink, purple, yellow, green or blue—are topped off with bright red cherries that complete their vintage-inspired look. Designed in classic round tiers or playful heart shapes, Lambeth cakes are charming and downright cute, while their over-the-top details speak to the maximalist at heart.

5. Ultra-Textured Wedding Cakes

This chic wedding cake trend for 2023 will grab your attention if you're into minimalistic, art-inspired designs. Bridging the gap between super-simple wedding cakes and highly detailed tiers, monochromatic textured cakes give you the best of both worlds. The simplified color palette tones down the overall look of the cake, but upon closer inspection, the details keep it far from boring.

"Brush strokes, palette knives, stencils and crinkled paper designs are taking the cake industry over, and I'm here for it," says Elkins. "This is a simple way to add detail to a cake, as well as making it unique to the couple."

6. Pressed Flower Wedding Cakes

The trend of using dried and pressed flowers in your wedding decor is also making its way over to wedding cakes. "Large florals will always have a place on a cake, but vines and small pressed florals are making a huge statement right now," says Elkins. Perfect for a garden wedding theme or relaxed outdoor reception, this 2023 wedding cake trend is sweet and simple if you prefer cakes that don't look too overdone. Your wedding cake baker and wedding florist can help you choose food-safe flowers, which is important to keep in mind when adding any type of plant or natural element to your cake. Pansies, honeysuckle, dandelions, chamomile, lavender and marigolds are a few options—just make sure the flowers are free of pesticides and other chemicals.

7. Extra-Grand Wedding Cakes

"Big cakes are making a comeback," says Park. "While we will always love a great dessert station option, it is no longer replacing the desire for a more traditional cake."

The popular return to traditional, multi-tiered wedding cakes in 2023 could have something to do with all of the events that were put on hold throughout the last couple of years. Now that big weddings are back in full swing, the desserts have to be equally as impactful—after all, what's a party without cake? Extra-tall cakes (think six and seven tiers or more) will tower above dessert tables, creating a focal point at your reception venue and giving you the ultimate cake cutting photo opportunity. Expect to see these massive cakes decorated with glamorous embellishments, like sugar flowers, custom crests and fancy piping details.

"Couples who are opting to serve cake at their wedding rather than a different speciality dessert are making sure that their cake is not only delicious, but especially eye-catching," says Lindsey Shaktman, destination wedding planner at Mavinhouse Events. "Grand, elaborate cakes that stand out are coming back bigger and better than ever."

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