The 2020 Wedding Cake Trends You'll Love

And they'll taste as good as they look.
by The Knot

Just about anything can inspire your wedding cake design (the ornate molding in your ballroom venue or your joint love of modern décor, for instance).

But if you're having trouble feeling inspired, check out our favorite 2020 wedding cake trends that are equal parts gorgeous and delicious. Delight your guests with one of these on-trend styles—and let your pastry chef take care of the rest. 

  1. Inky-Black Wedding Cakes

    We called it: Black is the hottest new wedding color, and it's surprisingly perfect for every style or palette (everyone knows black goes with everything). A black wedding cake feels ultra-luxe and sophisticated—and a dusting of gold trim will infuse some glamour too. 

  2. Alternative Tiers

    Not a cake person? No problem. Non-cakes have been on our radar for a while, but they'll officially take over in 2019. We're talking alternative tiers crafted in everything from waffles and donuts to—yes, you guessed it—cheese wheels (perfect if you and your partner prefer savory over sweet). 

  3. Understated Textures

    It's all in the details. To be more specific, you'll be seeing cakes with a focus on unique textures in the fondant or frosting—whether you want it to emulate concrete (like this one) or another material (like velvet). 

  4. Are you into...

    Rustic Weddings
    Rustic Weddings
    Down-to-earth with organic elements and personal touches
    Modern Weddings
    Modern Weddings
    Simple-yet-sophisticated with playful nods and unique accents
  5. Structural Designs

    There's nothing wrong with a cake that, well, looks like a cake. But in 2019, plan to see more confections with architectural, structural designs that'll have your guests asking, "Your baker actually made this? How?"

  6. Floating Tiers

    This isn't your mama's floating tier cake. Impressive cakes that look like they're doing balancing acts will take the spotlight in 2019. Whether they're floating on flowers or 3-D shapes, a floating cake done right is nothing short of magical. 

  7. Single Level

    A single-tier cake is the pinnacle of chic minimalism. Worried it won't be able to feed all of your guests? Don't be—you can have a sheet cake in the kitchen for extra slices (it's the oldest trick in the book). Also, a simple design doesn't mean the flavor has to be boring—use it as an opportunity to incorporate fun fillings (another 2019 trend to watch out for). 

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