28 Fun and Active Date Ideas for Couples Who Can't Sit Still

If bed rotting isn't your thing, try one of these activities.
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Erin Celletti
Erin Celletti
Erin Celletti
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Updated Apr 29, 2024

Dates are a super-important part in any romantic relationship—but sometimes they can get a little dull or mundane. Doing the same thing every time? No, thanks. That's why we were inspired to come up with some of our best active date ideas for couples that like to keep busy.

So if dinner and drinks just aren't really your thing, or you're looking to spice things up in the date department, here are 28 fun and active date ideas for couples who love to "do" and not just "be." From creating art to learning the latest dance moves, cooking up a storm and more—there's a fun active date idea for every couple.

Try a Pottery Class

Get your hands dirty and unleash your creativity together in a pottery class. Working side by side on the pottery wheel or sculpting clay allows you to bond over shared experiences while creating keepsakes—plus, have you ever seen Ghost? You know the scene…

Go on an Outdoor Hike

Hit the trails and embark on an outdoor adventure together exploring nature, getting ample fresh air and soaking in the scenery. Get a workout in and spend some quality time together in the great outdoors.

Work Out at a Personal Training Session

Sweat it out together with a personal training session for two. Whether you're into weights, cardio or yoga, you'll motivate each other while working up a sweat and having fun.

Work Together at a Cooking Class

Multitask by taking a cooking class together and then enjoying the fruits of your labor as a romantic meal. Hone in on your culinary skills and cook side by side, together. A good time + good food = perfect date activity.

Go Indoor Rock Climbing

Challenge each other to reach new heights (pardon the pun) with indoor rock climbing. Beginners and advanced climbers alike can enjoy scaling walls and overcoming obstacles together.

Jump Around at an Indoor Trampoline Park

Get reacquainted with your inner child at an indoor trampoline park or obstacle course. Jumping, flipping and diving together on trampolines makes for a playful and adventurous date activity.

Visit an Amusement Park

If you love the thrills or roller coasters, ferris wheels and games, head to your closest amusement park together. Have fun, eat some treats, a d walk around hand in hand for a movie-worthy, classic date night.

Check Out a Sporting Event

Cheer on your favorite team (pro, semi-pro or local!) or athlete at a live sporting event. Whether it's baseball, basketball, soccer or football, the energy of the crowd and the excitement of the game are a great date idea.

Go Camping

Escape to sleep under the stars for a romantic night spent camping. Build a campfire, roast marshmallows and cozy up in your sleeping bags together. And if camping isn't your thing, you can always go glamping instead!

Catch a Play or Musical

There's nothing quite like live theater. Grab your partner and catch a play or musical from classic dramas to Broadway hits. Enjoy the performance together as you escape reality for a bit.

Enjoy a Sip and Paint Class

Unleash your creativity and enjoy some delicious wine (or other beverage!) at a sip and paint class. Whether you're new to painting or have some pretty solid skills, working together side by side fosters creativity and you'll get to take home your new art, too!

Visit a Zoo or Aquarium

Animal lover? Fan of anything aquatic? Then head to your local (or far!) zoo or aquarium to see your favorites. Stroll, learn, take photos and enjoy the day together with some four legged friends, or fish!

Volunteer Together

There's no better feeling than giving back, except maybe when you have an opportunity to give back with the one you love. Whether it's serving meals at a homeless shelter, cleaning up a local park or participating in a charity event, volunteering is always a good idea for a fun and active date.

Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

Get a dose of culture, creativity and appreciation for all that came before us as you head to a museum or art gallery. Explore exhibits, admire true works of art and discuss your observations as you take in history and art in a new way—with your love.

Go Stargazing

Escape the city lights and marvel at the beauty of the night sky together. Head to a clear area with limited light pollution, or maybe even an observatory, as stargazing offers a romantic experience thanks to the simple marvels of nature.

Play at an Arcade

Who doesn't love a visit to the arcade? Whether you prefer classic arcade games or high-tech VR experiences, relive the nostalgia of your childhood and enjoy a playful date night. Engage in some friendly competition and maybe even win some cool prizes!

Take a Destination-Less Drive

Sometimes having no plan is the best plan. Grab the car keys, git the open road and embark on a spontaneous adventure together with a destination-less drive. Exploring new roads, discovering hidden gems and enjoying freedom is a great way to reconnect and spend time together.

Go Golfing (or Mini Golfing!)

Tee off together and enjoy a leisurely round of golf or a playful game of mini golf. Whether you're hitting the links at a scenic golf course or navigating through whimsical mini golf obstacles, golfing offers a fun and active date option that encourages friendly competition, laughter and bonding over shared experiences.

Enjoy Zip Lining

If you're looking for a bit of adventure, adventure parks are a fun way to spend the day. This aerial activity will get your heart pumping while enjoying the great outdoors together.

Try Geocaching

Geocaching offers the thrill of adventure and exploration as you and your date embark on a treasure hunt, bonding over the excitement of uncovering hidden caches in unexpected locations. It promotes teamwork and problem-solving, fostering communication and cooperation as you navigate through the clues together, creating memories.

Go Ice Skating or Roller Skating

Ice skating or roller skating makes for a great active date because it's a fun and nostalgic activity that encourages laughter and bonding as you glide across the rink together, hand in hand. It provides an opportunity for physical activity and coordination, allowing you and your date to enjoy each other's company while getting a workout in!

Attend a Concert or Music Festival

Whether you get tickets to see your all-time favorite band or a local, up and coming performer at an open mic night, music is always a good idea for a date activity. Bonus points for dancing and singing with your partner!

Have or Host a Game Night

Having a game night for two or or hosting a game night for a group of your favorite friends is a fantastic active date idea, encouraging friendly competition and lots of laughs. Just don't get too competitive—they're just games, afterall.

Go Sailing or Boating

If you live near a spot where sailing or boating is an option, you can enjoy a leisurely sail or even an active kayak date—whatever you desire! Reconnect with the water and the great outdoors and most importantly—each other!

Have a Picnic in the Park

An oldie but goodie, having a picnic in the park is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while also enjoying delicious food and drinks. Tack on a walk, hike or outdoor game to keep busy, or just leisurely explore the park!

Take a Dance Class or Go Dancing

Taking a dance class or going dancing together is a great way to get physically active and have fun. Plus, if you're planning a wedding (or might be in the future!), it's a great opportunity for you to brush up on those dance moves together!

Visit an Escape Room

An escape room is a super fun option that lets you work together, develop problem-solving skills and demonstrate teamwork. Worktogether to unravel clues and solve puzzles for a thrilling, active and engaging date activity.

Tackle a Home Project Together

Painting and other home improvements might not sound like a romantic date night—but why couldn't it be? There's something to be said for working together towards a common goal, and it's a great way to keep your hands and minds busy.

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