100 Brunch Captions That Add Sparkle to Your Instagram Posts

Pair your brunch event pics with these creative captions.
Collage of bride and bridesmaids enjoying bachelorette brunch and coffee mugs filled with espresso beans
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Updated Oct 13, 2023

Whether you're planning a bridal shower brunch or a bachelorette weekend that includes the best meal of the day you'll want to document your favorite moments. But before you post those photos to Instagram, you need a collection of great brunch captions in your back pocket. While your brunch photos are the star of the show, creative bachelorette party captions and bridal shower captions give your posts that extra zing. Include a clever quip or show off your bottomless brunch. No matter what you decide, there are lots of ways to caption your pre-wedding event pics. Get inspiration from our list of brunch captions so you'll always know what to say with each post.

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Funny Brunch Captions

Gain a chuckle from your friends on social media with these funny brunch captions.

  • What happens at brunch, stays at brunch.
  • Brunch now, nap later.
  • Hugs and quiches for the bride-to-be.
  • Party. Sleep. Brunch. Repeat.
  • Bachelorette diet: Brunch and booze.
  • Off to brunch, be back never.
  • If bachelorette weekends don't end with brunch, I don't want it.
  • Move over coffee, we're celebrating the bride with champagne.
  • Ain't no bachelorette party like a boozy brunch bachelorette party.
  • Brunch brides have more fun.

Bottomless Brunch Captions

Are you complimenting your brunch spread with a bottle of bubbly or cocktails? Show off your boozy drinks with these fun bottomless brunch captions.

  • Bottomless brunch and endless laughs with my favorite people.
  • Boozy bach brunch.
  • Some call it day drinking, but we call it bachelorette brunch.
  • Bottomless mimosas FTW.
  • Brunchin' and boozin' before "I do."
  • Bottomless brunch with the bachelorette crew.
  • CEOs of bottomless brunch.
  • Sneaking in an excuse to day drink.
  • Bottomless bubbly and brunch with the besties.
  • Getting our day drink on.
  • Bachelorette party: Bottomless brunch edition.
  • We stan bottomless brunch.
  • Boozy brunch with the ladies.
  • Toasting the bride with bottomless mimosas.
  • More mimosas, always.
  • I'll have a mimosa, hold the orange juice.
  • To-do list: Brunch, rest, repeat.

Brunch Puns Captions

Bring out your punny side with a fun play on words. Here are just a few brunch puns captions for your next post.

  • Bachelorette brunch-aholics
  • Party hair in scrunchies and we're heading to brunchie.
  • Love my besties a brunch.
  • Celebrating the egg-cellent bride.
  • It's brunch o' clock somewhere.
  • Muffin compares to the bride-to-be.
  • Brunching with the bride.
  • Brunch happens.
  • Living our best brunch.
  • Bachelorette brunch with the hot-teas.
  • Miss behaving over brunch.
  • The brunch bunch.

Clever Brunch Captions

Let friends and family in on your sharp wit with these clever brunch captions for Instagram.

  • Brunch: Curing hangovers one waffle at a time.
  • Showering the bride-to-be with mimosas.
  • Two reasons to celebrate—brunch and the bride.
  • Long live bachelorette brunch.
  • Brunch to tame the hangover.
  • Brunch with a side of celebration.
  • Bach babes who brunch.
  • The "I do" crew goes to brunch.
  • Brunch, bubbles and the bride.
  • Brunchin' like a boss bride.
  • Brides, besties, brunch.

Cute Brunch Captions

These cute brunch captions are the perfect way to show love for your besties. Choose one of the captions below to go along with your photos.

  • The brunch babes.
  • Bachelorette brunch is superior to regular brunch.
  • Brunch hits different with your besties.
  • Getting our brunch fix with the bachelorette crew.
  • Celebrating the G.O.A.T at brunch.
  • The perfect bachelorette party needs brunch.
  • Bestie brunch celebrating the bride-to-be.
  • Girls' morning out.
  • Let's toast to a great bride and a great brunch.
  • Here's to the bachelorette brunch bunch.
  • Brunchin' with my bach besties.
  • Brunch and the bride—Our two favorite things.
  • Celebrating the bride with her favorite meal of the day.
  • The only thing better than brunch is celebrating with my best friends.
  • Miss to Mrs. mimosas.
  • 🍳🧇🥂❤️

Weekend Brunch Captions

Weekend pre-wedding celebrations mean lots of photos. These weekend brunch captions will keep you posting on social media throughout your event.

  • Can't end the weekend celebrations without brunch.
  • Kicking off the bachelorette weekend with brunch.
  • The best bachelorette weekends start/end with brunch.
  • You can't celebrate the bride without brunch.
  • A sweet ending to an amazing weekend.
  • Bachelorette weekend: Where brunch comes true.
  • Weekend party babes at brunch.
  • Let's get this weekend started with brunch for the bride.
  • It's not a bachelorette weekend without brunch.
  • Weekend plans: Party, brunch, and spoil the bride.

Saturday Brunch Captions

Kicking off your weekend with brunch? These Saturday brunch captions have you covered.

  • Starting our Saturday with brunch.
  • Saturday bachelorette brunch with my girls.
  • Brunch is fuel for tonight's party.
  • Saturday brunch is a W.
  • Sangria, sunshine and Saturday brunch with my loves.
  • First, we brunch, then we party.
  • Saturday brunch vibes only.

Sunday Brunch Captions

Brunch is a great way to conclude your celebratory weekend. Use one of these Sunday brunch captions for your Instagram posts.

  • Sundays are for brunch.
  • Sunday brunch with my favorite beauties.
  • Easy like Sunday brunch.
  • On Sundays, we eat brunch.
  • Rise and shine besties, we're going to brunch.
  • Sunday morning brunch vibes.
  • Sunday Funday spoiling the bride over brunch.

Editor's Favorites: Best Brunch IG Captions

Whether you're celebrating a weekend bash, sipping bottomless drinks or gathering for a brunch-themed wedding event, we know you'll love these brunch IG captions as much as we do.

  • Bachelorette brunch: Where the calories don't matter
  • Happiness is best friends and brunch.
  • Bach brunch besties.
  • Feeling boujee at brunch.
  • Mimosas for the to-be-wed.
  • Yes way, rosé, we're celebrating the bride today.
  • Life is short—Brunch with your besties.
  • Bachelorette brunch squad goals
  • The three B's: Brunch, best friends and the bride.
  • Life is better with my "I do" crew and brunch.
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