Bridal Shower: Can I Have Two Bridal Showers?


I'm having two wedding showers: a traditional bridal shower thrown by my aunts and a couple's wedding shower hosted by my future mother-in-law. One of my bridesmaids not so nicely implied that my fiance and I were being greedy by having more than one bridal shower. But what can we do about it?


Your bridesmaid definitely wasn't being the best of friends when she made that comment (more likely, she was feeling annoyed at having another wedding-related event to attend). You and your fiance should still certainly attend and enjoy both showers! However, if there is considerable overlap on the guest lists (or even if your attendants are planning on attending both events), it is probably a good move to put it through the grapevine that you aren't expecting people who are attending both events to get you two major gifts. One of the main reasons people still feel uncomfortable about showers is because they're viewed as the to-be-weds fishing for gifts -- you know you're not, obviously, because you've had these different family members offer to throw the parties. Even still, it can't hurt to make nice. You don't need to tell people formally, just let your wedding party or close relatives know that if they speak with anyone who will be attending both showers, they can hint that one gift is enough (of course, technically they don't have to get you anything, but rare is the shower attendee who is that bold!). That should be enough to assuage your guilty conscience (and your grumbling bridesmaid).

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