10 Bridal Shower Ideas We Love

Move over pink cupcakes and boring Evites -- the new bridal shower is so much more fun.
by Justine Lorelle Blanchard
  1. 1. Send funky bridal shower invites

    photo by Courtesy of pottsdesign/minted.com / The Knot

    Skip the Evite for something with more panache. We love these ultra-modern pictogram invitations from Minted.com to get the party started off right.

  2. 2. Make your own perfume bar

    photo by Courtesy of Kamilyin.com / The Knot

    You read right -- set up a bar of oils and pretty perfume bottles so guests can craft their own signature scent! You can actually buy DIY perfume bar kits with customizable scent options and full instructions online at Kamilyin.com.

  3. 3. Set up a frozen yogurt buffet

    photo by BQ Photography / The Knot

    Forget cupcakes. Rent a frozen yogurt machine and set out a buffet of fixings, from candies to cereal to fresh chopped fruit, for a shower dessert that’s delicious to eat and fun to create.

  4. 4. Create a colorful juice stand

    photo by Sarah Yates Photography / The Knot

    Mimosas are tasty, but a whole bar of cocktails is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds. Set up a bevy of colorful beverages in vintage glass decanters. Stock them with fresh fruit and create small hanging signs to label each flavor.

  5. 5. Give out themed totes

    Give your girls a gift they’ll actually use! Canvas totes are stylish and practical -- stuff them with extras that fit the party theme (think: bottles of wine, flower seed packets, or beach towels). You can even have them monogrammed in The Knot Shop.

    > Get personalized tote favors here

  6. 6. Cheese up the menu

    photo by StudioDru / The Knot

    We're so over dainty tea sandwiches and petit fours. Consider filling up your menu with fondue and all the extras for dipping. Toothpick labels and a cute “Cheese Please!” sign will add to the fun.

  7. 7. Gift wrap the favors

    photo by Paul Johnson Photography / The Knot

    Even if the take-away is something simple like cookies, dress them up by gift wrapping favors and arranging them at each place setting. Bonus: This simple touch makes for instant decor.

  8. 8. Play lawn games

    photo by What A Day! Photography / The Knot

    Yes, toilet paper bride and bridal bingo are classics, but that doesn't mean they have to make an appearance. Instead, get physical with active party games like croquet, lawn darts, or badminton.

  9. 9. Add pretty hanging decor

    photo by Elizabeth Messina Photography / The Knot

    Lose the stuffy floral centerpieces in favor of whimsical hanging decorations. Dress up the space with ribbon streamers, paper hearts, homemade banners, or fabric pennants.

  10. 10. Accessorize with stylish bridal shower labels

    photo by Courtesy of tiethatbindsweddings.com / The Knot

    Instead of boring pink cups, trick out your party goods with pretty personalized labels. Stick 'em on everything from the wine bottles to the favor boxes. You can even create custom drink stirrers by wrapping two around a wooden stirrer or straw.

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