How to Take the Best Getting-Ready Photos

Here’s our advice on making them feel perfect—not rushed.
by Sophie Ross

Getting-ready shots are so much more than getting-ready shots. Yes, they capture you cheersing, laughing and enjoying your last few hours of singledom, but more importantly, they serve as reminders of the moments before you went from "me" to "we." They bottle the once-in-a-lifetime giddiness you'll share with the people most important to you (besides the one you're about to meet at the altar). You and your girlfriends will cherish these shots forever, and it doesn't hurt that you'll all look devastatingly gorgeous in them too. Here are our top tips for getting them right.

Make Sure the Setting Is On Point

Your glam station might've started out as a hotel room or bridal suite at your venue, but that doesn't mean you can't transform it. Work with your photographer to perfect the lighting, whether that means turning off any harsh overhead lights in favor of softer lamps, or opening shades for natural light. Also, feel free to swap out whatever florals may be in the room already for your bouquets so your color palette is present. Just remember to pop your bouquets back in their water-filled containers as soon as you're done so they don't start to wilt. The atmosphere should match your overall aesthetic and feel warm and intimate.

Have Your Girls Show Off Their Cute Bridesmaid Gifts

Whether it's color-coordinated robes or on-theme flower crowns, what you gift your bridesmaids will help make the photos. Better yet, they should reflect the vibe of your wedding to feel extra-thoughtful and cohesive. Cozy-chic flannel PJs for a rustic barn wedding? Yes, please. (Find more inspo here.)

Pencil in Time for Food

Take it from us: You won't want bagel crumbs in your shots. So just to be safe, slot in "food time" before or after the photos so you can make sure you're all cleaned up and you don't have hangry bridesmaids on your hands. But we're not saying you shouldn't be consuming anything—mimosas for a "cheersing" photo op are highly encouraged.

Schedule Your Photos Strategically

As important as the attire is, the cutest monogrammed shirts won't matter if the majority of your bridal party still has on curlers and no makeup. Make sure the shots are taking place after the scheduled hair and makeup time slots, so you and your bridesmaids are beautified for the photos (you know, for maximum shareability).

Don't Rush Them

Like we said, you'll cherish these photos forever, so it's important not to feel rushed. When you're creating your itinerary for the day (and scheduling strategically) with your photographer, allocate enough time for them and leave some wiggle room, just in case, say, hair and makeup runs over. You'll want to appear as relaxed as possible—not stressed.

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