Getting-Ready Ideas For Your Bridesmaids

Skip the matching velvet jumpsuits and pick up a set of gorgeous robes or cute T-shirts for your bridesmaids (bonus: they make for a great morning-of photo op)!
  1. bridesmaids in floral robes getting ready for the wedding

    Matching Robes For Your Bridesmaids

    The Look: Robes are perfect for the morning of your wedding – they are comfortable and can be taken off without messing up your bridal hair. How cute are these floral robes? Give them the morning of for a pretty bridesmaid gift!
    Get the look: Kimono Robes starting at $65

  2. bridesmaids in funny real housewives inspired t-shirts

    Personalized Bridesmaid T-Shirts

    The Look: Don't pretend you haven't watched the "Real Housewives" series on Bravo. Now since you have your own series of "Real Bridesmaids" why not get ready in a witty shirt like this?
    Get the Look Shirts starting at $16​​

  3. bridesmaids in monogrammed oversized oxford shirts

    Monogrammed Men’s Shirts

    The Look: We're seeing lots of brides and maids wearing these over sized monogrammed, button-down men's shirts to get ready in. They're chic and perfect for the hair and makeup chair.
    Get the look: Starting at $41 each at

  4. bridesmaids in rhinestone tanktops

    Rhinestone Tank Tops

    The Look: The classic idea — cute, fitted, rhinestone tank tops are a great option for getting ready in on your big day.
    Get the look: Bridesmaid tanks $17 at The Knot Shop

  5. bridesmaid essentials table for getting ready for the wedding

    The Bridesmaid Essentials Table

    ​Okay, not exactly an outfit but don't forget to have a table of everything you and your bridesmaids could ever need like this one that event planner extraordinaire, Mindy Weiss set up for a wedding this last year.

    What to include?

    • Clock (don't want to be late for photos!)
    • Foot care: blister band-aids, normal band-aids, heel pads
    • Nail care: nail file, clear nail polish, nail polish remover
    • Skin care: sunscreen, lotion, Q-tips, deodorant
    • Breath care: Listerine, gum, mints
    • Dress care: chalk, Tide White Out Pen,
    • Medicines: Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl, Pepto Bismo, Tums
    • Teeth care: tooth brushes, tooth paste, floss
    • Necessary pins: safety pins, bobby pins, hair ties
    • Sewing kit
    • Water bottles